• hopeful bruin

    Unfortunately true. The BB team has lost so much and Jrue holiday really hurt the team by declaring himself for the draft so late that he sunk the team this season. We have no point guard or one that can play at this level.

  • Alexander

    UCLA helps secure a commit last weekend:


  • Bay Bruin

    Oh no! Gold! Alexander totally scooped you! When are you going to start looking into things we don’t care about – it’ll help the blog immensely.

  • TruBruin

    The 2008 recruiting class which was #1 in the nation took 2 major hits Holiday going 1 and done and Morgan is a complete bust. Thats the top point guard and the #4 center not contributing to the team. Anderson is looking like he aint all that either. Next year’s class is looking pretty thin at the point as well. 1 and done is the worst thing to happen to college basketball EVER!
    Either go pro or make them stay for 3 years minimum like college baseball

  • Tico

    This reporter has it all wrong. UCLA is actually the 11th best team in the Pac-10.

  • Anonymous

    TruBruin, you’re absolutely right. It won’t happen, but I think the only chance we have AT ALL of salvaging this season is to start our lineup:
    PG – Lee
    SG – Roll
    SF/PF – Lane
    PF – Nelson
    C – Gordon
    When Honeycutt is ready (and not when he returns, but when he’s had some practice to get up to speed), replace Lane with him.
    From there, the backcourt needs to focus ENTIRELY on not turning the ball over and feeding the post. Feed the post. Feed the post. Feed the damn post! Good things happen when DG gets the ball down low. Even by simply driving in and not turning it over, our guards open up another one on the perimeter for a wide-open 3.
    Every sane person knew that we’d face growing pains this year, but I don’t think anyone predicted this.

    It’s a sad, sad time. But we’ll emerge over the next couple of years. Face it, no underclassmen on this roster are going to leave for the NBA after this year (and probably none after next year either). We’ll have a veteran team in a couple years.
    In the meantime, we have 1 week to gear up and throw something new at a slightly overrrated Kansas team (who should still beat us by 40+ points) Maybe we can scare them like we did Butler.

  • Mike H class of 90

    IMO the problem wasn’t Jrue leaving early. Most people seemed to think he was a one and done before he got here…why wasn’t that need addressed before he left? It’s nice to go into the season believing that Anderson is the real deal, but where is the backup if he goes down? Where is the backup when he is off the court? Where is the backup if he doesn’t produce the way you would like? We don’t have anyone signed for this year and no offers out for a PG for next year at this point. We need to be a little more ahead of the recruiting game…

  • tim warren

    To Bay Bruin—

    I think Alexander is saying that the official visit to U$C was over the weekend. The verbal commit was back on Sep 02, according to Scout.

  • Anon

    While I like the idea of Lee at PG, I think Lane would get torched defensively by most SFs (not that Drago is any better). We’ll have to hope Honeycutt can come back at close to full strength in time for most of the Pac 10 season.

    Lavin said something during the Portland game that is likely true: Howland will find a way to muck up the game and keep us in a lot of contests. That is really our best chance.

  • Tustin Dave

    Drew Gordon is no longer with the basketball team. He will transfer at the end of the quarter. Gordon was probably our best player so far this year. Yikes comes to mind!

  • so west Coast

    yea im all for mixing up the lineup. how can a team be good when it’s starting pg has more turnovers than he does assists, rebounds, or made field goals?

    why not throw in bobo and gordon for a strong inside presence and provide shotblocking abilities for quick guards that blow past our perimeter defense? keep mike roll and malcom lee at the guard positions and have reeves or lane fill in the SF spot.

    just a theory.

  • doug4ucla

    What the hell is going to happen next the UCLA Team bus will run over a fire hydrant and run in to a tree!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’d agree we are at the bottom. Sucks well have to put up with the BS when suc lays it on us. Can’t wait til next year. Worst part is I’ll watch every single game because I just can’t peel myself away.