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I’ve got answers…

Fire away, and if there are enough questions by tomorrow, you’ll get the dish sooner than later. There are a few left over from last week that I’ll get to, also.

Thanks guys

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  • KingOfLA

    Not completely UCLA related, but you’ve mentioned a few times that you have a different perspective since you’re a former player. I think it’s great that you’re able to provide this, since it’s not that often you’re able to read the thoughts of somebody who’s been in those meetings, knows how to juggle the demands of playing for a big-time football program while staying afloat at a demanding academic university, etc. Where did you play your college ball, and how would you compare that experience to that of the players you cover?

  • Mrtravlear726

    In both 2008 and 2009 the UCLA bench crossed about 2/3 the way across the field to confront USC late in the game. If they really wanted a piece of the Trojans, why didn’t they cross all the way – or are they just sore losers?

  • half-life

    Is there any question that Brian Price should win the Pac 10 defensive player of the year award? He just finished the best season I’ve ever seen a DT have. Ever. Have you seen anyone who would even compete with him for the award?

  • Jonny

    @KingOfLA – gold answered this in his first Q&A, look it up in the archives

    to Jon – The Bruins finish this year where you and several other of us predicted: 6-6, which is two wins better than last year, and shows minimal improvement. With arguably a tougher schedule next year, how do you see us faring? Obviously, the Longhorns will be without McCoy, but they’re sure to be tougher than KState. Condensed version: How do you see the 2010 UCLA Football Bruins faring?

  • ucla76

    Are Howland and J. Morgan getting along? I wouldn’t blame Morgan for transferring. After all. losing minutes to the likes of James Keefe must be very frustrating.

  • Spencer

    Regarding the loss to Long Beach St., does Ben Howland think that that was a hold over/disappointment from the Butler loss?

    Also, what does Howland think about the defensive problems?

    (En lieu of Howland’s opinion, what do you think?)

  • rejn

    Somewhere it was mentioned that something happened in the Coliseum tunnel before the SC game. Do you know what happen? Did a fight almost break out before kickoff as well? As much detail as possible would be great, if you know what I mean. Thanks, Jon!

  • UCLA3

    Any chance you can post a list of the players that redshirted this year (including all freshmen/walk-ons/injured players). thanks

  • Anonymous

    Do you know the official and unofficial recruits visiting and/or atttending the USC game?

  • rejn

    Too early I’m sure, but…. Have you heard any reaction (fallout?) from the football recruits after the sc game? Did the outcome do anything to sway a recruits mind pro, or con, UCLA or USC? Any names/recruits or news to report?

  • rejn

    Saw on BRO where Cierre Wood and Shaq Evans could be thinking about transfering to UCLA. What have you heard, if anything? In general, do you think UCLA will get any reliable transfers after the season is over? Or, any Notre Dame recruits thinking twice and now considering UCLA given the firing of Charlie W.

  • Anonymous

    How much money did Neuheisel have on the game? That is the only justification for calling the timeout with :54 left on the clock and down by 14. He needed the ball back to kick a FG or score a TD to get under the 13 points.

  • Mike H class of 90

    I believe there are still three 5 star rated (Scout) PGs left undecided…any chance we will be or are talking with any of them or do we feel McCallum will commit?

    Brandon Knight – Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Josh Selby – Baltimore, MD
    Cory Joseph – Henderson, NV

  • bruin95grad

    Any chance the coaching staff reconsiders CU transfer Darrell Scott?

  • tim warren

    Any take on the recruiting of S Tony Jefferson? I’ve lost track, but has he really changed his commit from Stanford to UCLA and is he now favoring others, including U$C? Was he really disrespected by UCLA players as he said? Does UCLA still want him?

  • Anonymous

    Why is Drew Gordon transferring?

  • Anonymous

    Are other BB players thinking of transferring out? There is a rumor about some of the young guys being unhappy

  • Anonymous

    Rivals is reporting that Drew Gordon is no longer with the program. What’s up?

  • Spencer

    Now that Drew Gordon is no longer with the program, what’s the substitution pattern and how many minutes do you think players who play the 4 and 5 spots?


    In the coming year (or two) is the football team’s defense going to fall apart just as the offense starts to come together?

  • Spencer

    So, what do you think about the Drew Gordon transfer?


    With all of these top recruiting classes in basketball is it too much to ask for better results right now?… or are the bumps and bruises this year going to payoff in the coming years?

  • Anonymous

    Please give us the “Inside UCLA” info on the Drew Gordon, Ben Howland player-coach relationship. Why is Gordon not happy?

  • scooped again

    When are you planning on actually keeping up to date information about our basketball program that is completely falling apart? Nothing but a link for our most recent loss and getting scooped by the ENTIRE INTERNET regarding Gordon.

  • Ley

    What is the REAL reason Drew Gordon is transfering????

  • Steve

    So what’s a realistic finish in the Pac-10 for the Bruin basketball team now. I assume Gordon wouldn’t be playing anymore.

    When will we find out about a bowl game? After next Saturday?



  • Mike H class of 90

    Scout is reporting that 3 redshirt juniors are leaving the football program…is this to free up some scholarships or is there something else going on? Strange timing, by the way, given that there may still be a bowl game…

  • uclabrruin1989

    When is Jerime Anderson going to be able to guard anyone? Doesn’t this team’s lack of athleticism cry out for a zone D?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)


    Drew Grodon leaving the team is something you should be on to of as the beat writer. Doesn’t this information come off of the AP wire or something? For Rivals to get the information up must take some time. Or, they have certain relationships that text or twitter them when something like this happens.

  • Troubled Bruin

    Why does God seemingly hate UCLA?

  • Spencer

    What’s the timetable for Tyler Honeycutt’s return?

  • BruinBurd

    How will Drew Gordon transferring change the current recruiting situation?

  • BruinBurd

    Is Howland scouring the JUCO’s for players with some athleticism that can come in and make a difference?

    Why does all the teams seems so much more athletic and faster than UCLA? Who takes the blame for their conditioning?

  • Resource Guy

    Perhaps you can clear something up for me. From watching on TV it looked like UCLA was fired up after the last minute bomb and started walking out to the middle of the field. Was that a reaction to Pete’s idiocy or were the prophylactics taunting them? I have heard it both ways but I trust you to give the true story.

  • Spencer

    Do you have any thoughts on the rumors about Malcolm Lee going to the NBA or transferring at the end of this season?

  • BruinBurd

    Can you ask CBH if Bobo is going to get more PT now? Nelson seems short to take on full center roles, what about Lane? Does this increase his PT as well?

  • ??

    Just saw the Jake Dean and two others are leaving the football program. You got the scoop? Saw it on ucal.scout.com

  • Dean

    Was UCLA penalized for wearing their home jerseys at the Coliseum as the “away team”? This rule made so much press last year, was it since rescinded? Can other teams besides USC and UCLA do this as well?

  • Rags

    Wasn’t there supposed to be an NCAA Infractions Committee meeting in November? Is it true that they meet again in January. Finally, is it obvious that I need to hear some bad news going sc’s way?

  • la-ukla

    Do you know what kind of player Howland thought Jerime Anderson would be this season? I mean, even seeing him in limited play last season, I had no idea he would be such a poor PG this season. Do you think Howland knew what he’d be getting when he recruited Anderson (i.e., a sub-par PG)?

  • la-ukla

    I’ve already written this basketball season off. With Gordon leaving, the program in disarray, and god knows what else brewing underneath the surface. What can/should Howland do NOW to start building towards a much-improved 2010-11 season?

  • la-ukla

    Have you heard if the big-wigs are nervous about the basketball team’s poor showing this season affecting Pauley fundraising? Seems to me that a down economy and a down (VERY down) year are not a good combo for raising mucho dinero.

  • Ryan

    What is our situation going to be with the two-deep at d-tackle in 2010? Doesn’t look good to me…

  • MaltBaa

    is andrew abbot expected to recieve a scholarship next year?

  • MaltBaa

    are the basketball coaches dissapointed to see gordon leave? what are the conditions of his transfer?

  • Curious

    Are you aware whether Stanford pushes players out after four years if they are set to graduate timely? Arent players bs’d in recruiting to believe they will get five years to play four unless they are a screwup?

  • rejn

    I can’t see it if he’s not ready, but does Anthony Stover burn the Redshirt? And, do you think it will be a positive for Lane and Moser to get more playing time, now, in anticipation of being a bit more completitive during the conference season? In the long run, is Gordon leaving a positive for the program and will it make UCLA better from this day forward?

  • Michael

    Do you have any idea of whether or not the Gordon situation is indicative with continued problems of team chemistry?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, I have a two part question first I was wondering how Coach Walker’s departure impacted this team and will Coach Chow return next season? Thank you in advance.

  • Anonymous

    Do you agree with VB in that USC’s sideline is full of “NAPPY CRIMINALS?”

  • LAPDBruin’84

    Since redshirt freshman CB Aaron Hester played sparingly in two games this season (broken fibula, I believe), will he be able to get a medical redshirt?

  • solomonbruin

    How many of the current basketball team members do you see as being able to play at the next level? I personally don’t see any really top level players on this team.

  • Anonymous

    I think that T. Jefferson had made up his mind not to attend UCLA and was looking for an excuse to pull his commitment. His comments made him sound like a real jerk after flaunting USC gear in the face of the team.

    Good reddens and hope to see you across the middle.

  • ET


    Sheldon Price is tall but was he really our best option this last month? I mean the only potential i saw was to play 12 yards of receivers, give up 1-2 TD’s per game and tackle guys after they got First downs on 3rd and longs.

    Why burn Carroll and Thigpens redshirt years for a couple of plays at WR and a stinger on special teams?

  • Anonymous

    Why do Pete Carroll and Rick Neuheisel seemingly dislike one another? They have no prior history, but since Neuheisel took the job at UCLA, it seems that the media has said they dislike one other. Even before the football ad came out, the two stated they have no relationship. It seems to me that both wanted to dislike one other from the very set of Neuheisel’s hiring.

  • T


    Does coach have a man crush on Sheldon Price and Terrance Austin? I ask because both were 4th stringers at best. Thigpen should’ve been our reurn man and at WR Embree and Rosario, Pressely, Moutra and JJ all were better than Austin at WR.

    As for Sheldon he wasn’t/isn’t ready to be out there right now. He’s out there playing prevent when everyone else is in tight man. Terrible…do you agree?

  • Anonymous

    Kevin Prince never looks off receivers…Do you think that can be taught? If yes, why did he never do it this year? His numbers were average at best will it be a true open battle for QB? Cause i don’t think we win with Prince. Way too many mental mistakes!!!

  • Anonymous

    Kevin Prince never looks off receivers…Do you think that can be taught? If yes, why did he never do it this year? His numbers were average at best will it be a true open battle for QB? Cause i don’t think we win with Prince. Way too many mental mistakes!!!

  • The Blur

    Did Jrue Holiday, like Drew Gordon, leave when he did because he didn’t like the system? Do our players enjoy playing for BH? Should there be concern that his now well-known style will scare away big time recruits?

  • Nick

    Gordon was a great talent and I’m gonna miss him. This frees up a scholarship though right? So we now have 5 open scholarships next year (J.Smith and T.Lamb being 2 of that 5)???

  • Joe

    With Gordon’s departure opening up a scholarship spot, who do the Bruins NEED to land for next year besides PG Ray McCallum?

  • Greg

    Why is UCLA’s “rebuilding year” so terribly painful? Why cant we rebuild like UNC does? Or rebuild like other top programs. I am afraid this terrible season will scare away top recruits even more. Your thoughts?

  • Alex

    Where is Gordon going to transfer? I have heard Cal or Arizona. If he stays in the Pac 10, that could really hurt us. He’s gonna be a good player!

  • Aaron

    Am I the only one that thinks Bobo sucks? He’s slow, clumsy, lost, and really doesnt have very much offensive skill. Your thoughts on Morgan?

  • Thomas

    So how good is Tyler Honeycutt? I have never seen him play, is he gonna make an immediate impact? Any word on when he will be back?

  • Dan

    Have you heard any rumblings within the UCLA administrartion if the disrespect and classless act USC displayed on Sunday ignited the competitive spirit to go after it and change the culture at UCLA and catch up with USC?

  • Anonymous

    What are your thoughts on what the depth chart on offense will look like next year?

  • Spencer

    Would Malcolm Jones play safety if he plays defense next year?

  • Anonymous

    I never thought about this until I read your text exchange with Malcolm Jones regarding his POY recognition. Do you think beat reporters who have ongoing contact with recruits influence their decisions? Do recruits ask you for inside the program information or what your opinion is of the program, coaches, players, etc.?

  • Anonymous

    do you think nik abele will unseat mike harris for RT next year? If so, any mention of moving harris to guard?

  • Anonymous

    what are the chances of a darius savage position change to DT?

  • Anonymous

    I heard Norm Chow was showing interest in SJSU coaching position. Have you heard the same?

  • Matt Hagen

    What happened to men’s basketball trainer, Carrie Rubertino? I haven’t seen her on the bench this year.

  • ??

    Jon, do you have any US Men’s soccer team contacts, that are UCLA alums (Bocanegra, Feilhaber, Bornstein)? Can you ask them their thoughts about the world cup draw

  • spedjones

    Josh Shirley “gone” rumors real or similar to the stuff that came out about Jordan James in the weeks prior to his verbal?