Quotables: Jerime Anderson

On Reeves Nelson moving into the starting lineup”
“I’ve played with reeves for a long time, and he plays with a lot of heart. He’s going to play hard. That’s one thing we really need on this team, guys who are going to go out and play hard. He’ll step up. People have. Once you have more opportunities, you step up.”

On taking ‘positives’ out of losing:
“I’ve always said it’s not about having hope. We go out expecting to win every game. That’s what our focus has to be. We have to come out and worry about winning.”

On being a better team with the zone defense:
“We’re really capable of that, especially with some of the size we have in size. We’re really long. Zone will be alright. I don’t think it will be that difficult for us. A few times we had matchup zones. It’s kind of basic basketball. It’s not too difficult to catch on.”