Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

1) I can’t see it if he’s not ready, but does Anthony Stover burn the Redshirt? And, do you think it will be a positive for Lane and Moser to get more playing time, now, in anticipation of being a bit more completitive during the conference season? In the long run, is Gordon leaving a positive for the program and will it make UCLA better from this day forward? – rejn
Better chemistry, yes, definitely. Better talent-wise? No. I think Gordon was becoming a fine player, as long as he harnessed his temper. I like Lane’s game, and Moser has shown flashes. Moser need in-game minutes, though, to begin to calm his nerves.

2) Mr. Gold, I have a two part question first I was wondering how Coach Walker’s departure impacted this team and will Coach Chow return next season? Thank you in advance. – Gilligan
A-Walker was a uniting force between the coaching change, and the players have great love and respect for him. But he deserved a head coaching gig. B) Yes.

3) Since redshirt freshman CB Aaron Hester played sparingly in two games this season (broken fibula, I believe), will he be able to get a medical redshirt? -LAPDBruin’84
He can petition. Here are the exact rules: http://en.allexperts.com/q/College-Football-2792/medical-red-shirt.htm

4) How many of the current basketball team members do you see as being able to play at the next level? I personally don’t see any really top level players on this team. – solomonbruin
The way they’re playing right now, none. Malcolm Lee shows flashes. Nelson is scrappy and could turn into a David Lee type. But right now, none.

5) Sheldon Price is tall but was he really our best option this last month? I mean the only potential i saw was to play 12 yards of receivers, give up 1-2 TD’s per game and tackle guys after they got First downs on 3rd and longs. – ET
Yes. Hester was never quite the same. Viney fell out of favor. Price was a project, but once he adds weight, he’ll improve.

6) Why burn Carroll and Thigpens redshirt years for a couple of plays at WR and a stinger on special teams? – ET
You’re asking the wrong guy. I agree.

7) Why do Pete Carroll and Rick Neuheisel seemingly dislike one another? They have no prior history, but since Neuheisel took the job at UCLA, it seems that the media has said they dislike one other. Even before the football ad came out, the two stated they have no relationship. It seems to me that both wanted to dislike one other from the very set of Neuheisel’s hiring. – Anonymous
Because it helps a rivalry to have a true villain. It only adds to the grandeur. Plus, as a former Bruin player, Neuheisel is conditioned to hate USC.

8) Kevin Prince never looks off receivers…Do you think that can be taught? If yes, why did he never do it this year? His numbers were average at best will it be a true open battle for QB? Cause i don’t think we win with Prince. Way too many mental mistakes!!! – Anonymous
The kid is a freshman. Remember that.

9) Did Jrue Holiday, like Drew Gordon, leave when he did because he didn’t like the system? Do our players enjoy playing for BH? Should there be concern that his now well-known style will scare away big time recruits? – The Blur
Recruits want to get to the NBA. Howland gets guys to the NBA. Some get there even earlier.

10) Whys UCLA’s “rebuilding year” so terribly painful? Why cant we rebuild like UNC does? Or rebuild like other top programs. I am afraid this terrible season will scare away top recruits even more. Your thoughts? – Greg
Just one of those years – injuries, lack of practice time, chemistry issues.

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  • ecjdoc1

    In response to question 3. I believe that Aaron Hester has already redshirted and not eliegible to have another unles he is hurt for most of a second season. Then, he might apply for a 6-year medical hardship waiver.

    However, this 5th year- medical hardship waiver might apply to Stan Hasiak’s circumstances.

  • solomonbruin

    There should be some way to verify posts to this blog. I did not write the question for number 4.


    solomonb- posts can be verified… just create an account and sign-in before you post. As long as you post with an anonomous name anyone else can do the same.