I’ve had to keep this under wraps for a couple days, but Oaks Christian running back Malcolm Jones was named Gatorade National Football Player of the Year today.

Jones is currently sitting in his fourth-period Bible class at Oaks Christian as Minnesota Twins superstar catcher Joe Mauer surprises him with the news. There will be a press conference at 12:15.

Jones has rushed for 2,156 yards and 36 touchdowns on 198 carries and has tallied 136 tackles, three interceptions, two sacks and two fumble recoveries. The U.S. Army All-American also has two receiving scores and three defensive touchdowns.

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  • Bruingold82

    Congratulations Malcolm! Next year, you’ll have some great coaches to help you get even better.

  • bruincheerleader

    CONGRATS MR JONES!…his size and ability will be very welcomed into the BRUIN BACKFIELD FAMILY…now maybe RIVALS.COM will make him a 5-STAR…

  • Dr. Mario

    Thatta boy, Malcolm. You deserved it.

  • MaltBaa

    do they know that he did this against teams like dos pueblos and fillmore and oak park???

  • Semi-Pro

    He also did it playing only first halves and the occasional 3rd quarter because his team was up huge.

  • Anonymous

    congrats MJ!

    lol, the $c haters are coming out! i cant wait to see the response on signing day when woods signs with UCLA!

  • Anonymous

    Hey – if my No. 4-ranked team was going to the Emerald Bowl….and if I went to the U. of South Central, I’d troll the UCLA blog too.

  • DrewB

    This broke two days ago


    Hey Jon,

    any BFF text messages between you and Malcolm?

  • SD Trojan.01

    Malcolm, its time to jump ship NOW, before you sign the LOI to JCLA.

  • DrewB

    Whoops – didn’t see the whole “had to sit on this for a couple of days” thing. Any reason why you had to keep it under wraps?

  • bbruin

    Congrats Malcolm Jones!!!

    LMAO for rivals to give him a 5th star he will have to sign with the toejams.

    If Woods decommits and signs with UCLA he will magically become a 4 star again.

    This is the way of the world of college FB recruiting and $$$

  • Gatorade wanted to surprise Malcolm with Joe Mauer’s presentation. We were told about it on Tuesday and told to keep it under wraps.


    Any news from that 12:15 press conference?