Q&A with Malcolm Jones

Malcolm Jones with Oaks Christian head coach Bill Redell


Check out Q&A after the jump:

Rumors are you cried a little bit when you found out?
“It was all emotion – I was so in shock. I thought to myself that I wasn’t going to win the award at all. When they told me, I couldn’t help but cry.”

How much do you think your off-the-field work had to do with winning the award?
“I think it’s more to do with me academically and what I do outside of school. I ref kids in basketball, and I study really hard, and I really want to excel in school.”

How eager are you to get to UCLA?
“I really wanted to go to a school where I can really make a name for myself, not just be the “next” star running back like at a USC. I want to prove to everyone that I can really help turn the program around, get them back on top.”

How much does UCLA making a bowl game mean to you?
“It says a lot for Coach Neuheisel. It’s only his second year, and it shows that UCLA is on the rise and coming back from their low point.”

Running back or linebacker?
(In less than a second) Running back.

Simple as that?
Yes. That’s it. Just running back.

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    WOW!!! What a tremendous honor! Way to go Malcolm! As long as our RB’s stay strong, committed to improvement, this is obviously the makings of a STABLE unlike we’ve ever seen at UCLA! GO BRUINS!!!

  • Coach Thom

    Hopefully Malcolm will bring in other top quality student-athletes. Who wouldn’t want to play at UCLA with him on your team? Coach Rick is definitely leading the way in getting our program back to the upper echelon.

  • UCLA ’64

    Congratulations to Malcolm. He does himself and his family proud. He seems like an outstanding young man both on and off the football field.

    Go Malcolm! Go Bruins!

  • BruinBurd

    Has UCLA ever had a player with such high school accolades as this?
    I hope 0-lineman everywhere see this kid and want to block for him!

  • spedjones

    This really is great. Malcolm is the kind of kid any program would love to have. That said, you can still see the perception difference between UCLA and USC in his interviews. Rather than be the next great RB at the powerhouse schools, he wants to come build a program. UCLA still has a long way to go before the monopoly is over.