Submit questions for Inside UCLA Podcast w/ Jon Gold & Ben Olson

Moving into our fourth week of the Inside UCLA Podcast with me and Ben Olson, we’re going to add a new wrinkle. At some point, we’ll try live call-ins.

For now, we’d love for you to submit questions from which we’ll choose to answer on the air.

Can’t guarantee we can get to every one, but have at it.

Jon and Ben

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    Let me be the first poster to congratulate the ucla football team for making a bowl game. But do you think the bruins’ players really want to practice for two more weeks?

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely! These guys are going to the district and will be excited for the chance to get better. Does SUC really want to go to the Emerald Bowl? Two programs going in different directions.

  • lbcbruin

    What kind of game do you expect to see against Temple?

  • Fan4Life

    Question for Ben. Did the Adidas shoes contribute to your foot injury? What do you make of player complaints about the comfort or lack thereof of Adidas shoes?

  • GeeDee

    Ben said thet he think we can beat Texas next year. So my question to Ben is do he think we UCLA can go 11-2 next season because i think so

  • UCLA ’64

    First, let me congratulate both Jon and Ben on this podcast. I’ve enjoyed listening to it a lot. You two guys play off each other in an fun and informative way.

    This is more of a suggestion for a football discussion topic during the off-season: With hostess-gate ballooning at Tennessee and the endless investigations with no action taken against USC, could you guys have a general discussion about NCAA violations. How serious is the NCAA when teams are accused of wrong-doing? Does the NCAA go the whole nine yards to investigate violations or does it take a wink and a nod approach? Maybe, Jon could ask blog members for more general questions about NCAA investigations. I’m wondering about this topic because I always hear about investigations but never learn about the outcomes.

  • Joe B.Ruin

    Questions for Ben…

    How is QB preparation different now then before CRN? QB’s have a better chance to succeed now? A few examples please.

    What are you doing these days post football?


    Do you feel the basketball program should be more fan friendly like the football program? football program seems to take time for their fans, basketball players seem indifferent.

    It seems Ben Howland is getting a pass this year, but why? This is not his 2nd or 3rd year, and all programs have to deal with one and done players. Am I missing something, I thought UCLA had very solid recruiting classes over recent years? Why should it seem like a rebuilding process like the football team.

    Ben is doing great, and I think this is good for his image. Fans were frustrated with him over the years, and I actually thought Ben would turn bitter…which is clearly not the case.