Neuheisel ON:

On the early practices in preparation for Temple:
“We’ll have maybe three more days like this, and then we’ll get into the Temple plan. We just wanted to get back out here and play football and have some fun. We did. There’s certainly all kinds of rust, but that’s OK. We have time to get it off us.”

On Washington, D.C.:
“Having lived in Baltimore and part of that beltway area, having visited Georgetown and Washington, D.C., many times, I can tell you our kids are in for a treat. It’s one of the great cities not just in our country but in the world. There’s so much history and so much pride, when you see the monuments and the great things to see.”

On the distraction such a bowl location provides:
“It’s OK for it to partially be a distraction. The first goal is to go and try to win, the second goal is for it to be a reward. I think we can accomplish both. It’s important that we know how to turn on the concentration when we’re here, then we find time to have fun.”

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