Su’a-Filo remains undecided

From Xavier Su’a-Filo, regarding his potential LDS mission:
“I’m concentrating on Temple right now. It’s just between me and my parents still, that’s basically it. Before I do anything, I’m going to talk to coach first, obviously.”

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  • Anon

    Sounds like he’s going to me


    Jon if he does go, who do you project our LT to be next year. If it is Baca what would our line look like?

  • Greg

    The kid really, really wants to go, but he doesn’t want to upset coaches and teammates by doing so. If he does go, Abele will probably replace him. It might be good to have him go as we try to recruit other LDS kids.

  • Anonymous

    Unlike many remarks where an athlete’s intentions are obvious, this is really neutral. He wants to avoid the question until after football is over and he can concentrate on making an informed decision. I’m often the skeptical one about people making ‘neutral’ statements, but this guy really seems like he hasn’t thought it through yet. Give him time.

    Of course it would hurt to lose XSF for the next two years. He’s obviously our most gifted o-lineman (as a true freshman!) and would easily make all-pac10 first team next year if he forgoes the mission.
    However, at the same time, O-line is not QB. A QB that leaves the game for 2 years loses so so so much. The position is incredibly complicated and requires constant, continuous attention and improvement. I’d be more concerned if Kevin Prince decides to go on a mission (I think he’s LDS). An offensive tackle, if he can maintain his health in those off-years, can come back and pick up again after a few months. In fact, having a mature, older offensive lineman often helps the team dramatically. He is physically and mentally more advanced and controlled. Look at BYU. The origin of their strong teams are their 23-25 year old offensive linemen.
    If XSF chooses to leave, and it’s definitely not a forgone conclusion, considering his starting and dominating role, I think he’ll return and be alright. A QB can’t do this and succeed, but an OT can.

  • Coach Thom

    Agree with Anonymous. In some ways, XSF taking his mission now would actually help our team by allowing us to recruit more talented O-linemen, especially if they are LDS. Once you get the production line rolling, there will always be new guys coming in, more mature guys coming back to replace the new guys when they go on their missions, etc etc. Having those older, more mentally and physically developed monsters on the line each year would be a great advantage for us.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s fine to allow student-athletes to take time off for religious missions. But I think it is unfair to allow them to transfer upon their return without restriction.

    If they transfer they should be required to sit an additional year if they return to FBS (DIV 1) and their original school should be allowed to restrict where they transfer (such as non PAC 10) just like a normal transfer scenario.

  • Anonymous

    Requiring a returning missionary, who has already sat out two years, to sit out another year is a ridiculous proposal. The NCAA has already barred other schools from contacting them during the two years they are on a mission. There is no purpose to an additional restriction.