Inside UCLA Podcast 4 – Should the football team have gone over ‘the wall’?

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In today’s podcast, Jon Gold welcomes special guest and Daily News columnist Ramona Shelburne as they debate the UCLA tradition of players skipping a practice before a bowl game and “going over the wall,” as they did Tuesday before the EagleBank Bowl.

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  • Steve Ramirez

    What do u expect from an AG from Stanfurd

  • Steve Ramirez

    But seriously, I think Jon is right. This team needs those little moments to develop some chemistry. Right now they are the baby-step mode, and for the younger players this could help.

  • UCLA ’64

    If I’m recruiting a team, I’ll take Ramona. Forget about Jon. Please don’t tell me the only way a team can build chemistry is by ditching a practice. Why don’t these knuckleheads get a little creative and think of better ways to bond?

    How many reporters are talking about the “building chemistry” aspect of this dumb stunt? No matter what the players’ intent, they’ve made themselves look like little children who can’t handle the responsibilities of Division I college football. This has nothing to do with being 6-6 in the toilet bowl vs. being in a BCS bowl.

  • Joe B. Ruin

    After listening to your podcast, I agree with Ramona…sorry Jon.

    You seem to be taking the side of the 4th and 5th string guys, so they have some fun. But last I checked, things are mainly done for starters, and players should aspire to be starters. If you want to get noticed from playing time it’s on the practice field. I do agree with you that having some fun is necessary, but a little in practice, and most fun should be after practice…team going to meals together, or bowling.

    What is so memorable about missing practice, and to do what? sit there? wow. I think “jumping the wall” is a stupid so called tradition.

    This program has done nothing to deserve missing practice. Sure, have fun, but find another way.

    You said it yourself Jon, you were a “C”, so you did just enough to get by. However, “B” and “A” students did the little things on a consistent basis, for long term growth and development…they just don’t look at it as “one day”. This doesn’t make you a take yourself too seriously, it just means you want success and willing to work at day in and day out.

    Finally, UCLA is in no position to take this bowl game lightly…they were lucky to get one, so they can’t all of a sudden act like they should be at the Rose Bowl.

  • TruBruin

    Weak take Jon, we have heard you reflect on your playing days all be it from High School. I myself played 9 years of football from Pop Warner thru high school and 2 years of college. This “Tradition” would not have been accepted at any of these levels on teams I played on. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with improving the program or the teams chemistry at all. Name me 1 program across the country that has such a “tradition” let alone a winning program. We have been mired in mediocrity for over a decade, we have won nothing during that period! If we are to be taken seriously, and return to a top 20 program then it is important to start a “tradition” of winning first and foremost. Will you still feel this way when they reference how our 6-6, 8th place in the Pac-10 football team bailed out on practice one day in the name of “tradition” before the bowl game to a national audience?

  • Slippery Pete

    Ramona loved softball practice and that is great. However she never got hit by 320lb guys in her practices. If she did, I assume she would have a different take on practice.