The Wall

The UCLA players decided not to practice today. They didn’t tell anyone. Certainly not the coaches.
They jumped over the wall on the side of Spaulding Field and took off.
So, no practice update today.

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  • Anonymous

    Freakin Stupid!!!!!!

  • Sid

    I thought this shit was over with…

  • Anonymous

    Inmates running the asylum?

  • Anon

    The more things change . . .

  • djdan

    These are kids let ’em have some fun! Let’s not forget that we are prepping for a bottom-of-the-barrel bowl here, it’s not like this game has any implications whatsoever.

  • Anonymous

    A year with a 5 game losing streak. 6-6 overall record. 8th place in the Pac-10. No draft pick in 2009 NFL draft. And these kids pull this kind of crap??!!! Bunch of losers. I’m a Bruin alum but I do hope to see Temple kick these losers asses on 12/29.

    Bruin fans and faithfuls everywhere were excited that we made a bowl game this year mainly because it gives the coaches extra time and practices to evaluate the young players…um…sorry…I mean losers and get them ready for 2010.

    Very disappointed they would pull this crap. Obviously, they are satisfied with the season and felt that the monopoly in LA is over. Bruin football is back!!! F@#king losers!!!

  • Anonymous

    Legal Dictionary

    Main Entry: id·i·ot
    Pronunciation: ‘i-dE-&t
    Function: noun
    : a person with esp. profound mental retardation

  • Anonymous

    Back to tradition. Just like the teams before them. Good for those seniors who got screwed this year and last. A bowl tradition like all the bowls that Dorrell sent them to UNLIKE LAST YEAR. It’s only 1 practice.

  • Anonymous

    I agree, these are 19 year old to 22 year old kids. This has been a tradition since the UCLA Rose Bowl teams. Not many people know this, but Neuheisel participated in several walls during his tenure at UCLA. Comradely, getting ready for next year, and having some fun are what the bowl practices are all about.

  • Marko

    incredibly disappointing, thought this tradition was in the past. where are the team leaders? How about stopping a tradition that doesn’t reinforce success, and replace with new traditions associated with winners

  • rejn

    Not a good, smart, productive, and/or positive thing to do. I sure hope some stayed around to get personal attention. Those will be the winners that I hope Neuheisel builds the team around, and the real leaders of the team. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. There’s other ways to have fun.

  • Anonymous

    There’s a difference between going over the wall before the season starts and going over the wall during the season. No?

  • Reformed Droog


    And I’d ordered 200 cupcakes to be delivered to today’s practice…

  • rejn

    Yes, Neuheisel participated in such “fun.” But that was a different time when UCLA Football was a nationally ranked program, yearly. The state of the program can hardly be compared to when Rick was playing. UCLA football is still in a “rebuilding” mode and does not need this kind of garbage.

  • MaltBaa

    worst tradition in sports..

  • Anonymous

    Honestly, I don’t mind this practice if you’ve been putting a nice product on the field over the past few years….but quite the opposite has been the case….

    and you’re right, they are kids, which is why we have men leading them and ought to be disciplining them as well.

    Horrific decision…most likely made by the knuckleheaded SR’s!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    In a response to “they are kids….disciplining them as well”

    The UCLA ditch day tradition goes back about 30 years, said the Times. Grouchy Bob Toledo tried to kill it, Karl Dorrell restored it (why?) and now Neuheisel is stuck with it. At least, until he decrees that there will be no over-the-wall day in 2009. … ex-UCLA coach Terry Donahue said he believed it all started before the Bruins played OREGON STATE in Japan at the end of the 1980 season. … Donohue also pointed out that when he was a player at UCLA, Neuheisel was an “instigator” when it came to ditch day. “I guess what goes around comes around,” Donahue told the Times.

    Should we discipline all the past Rose Bowl teams and the team that played Oregon State in Japan?

  • Anonymous

    These kids get worked over and beat up ‘all year’ long. Who has been there before and knows what they are going through? Good seniors. Don’t let Neuheisel “rebuild” on top of your guys anymore. You came from winning teams unlike the ones he is producing. What do you have 15 bowl practices? Not necessary. How many do you get in season?…Oh 3? Okay. So for all of you who haven’t played the game and all you alums who “call” yourselves Bruins…QUIET! NOW!

  • Anonymous

    Traditions are terrific and yes it helps with team bonding etc….

    But missing practice should not be a part of a tradition unless you have a tradition of winning.

    How bout starting a tradition that will contribute to winning not undermine.

    For those who say it is just one practice… well, it was just one game… one season.

    The youngsters should have had more pride and the seniors should have shown more leadership.


  • Bill

    Loser behavior.

  • DFlinn

    If I’m not mistaken the team was scheduled to have 9 of 10 days of practice. I wouldn’t be surprised if Neu used this day as the one day off for the 10. Its not a big deal, there is plenty of time and if it builds the team’s togetherness as a group I could care less. These guys are in shape and they are learning to work together as a team. They know as a team the consequences and they know as a team that more running and harder practices will come when they do it. A few years back I was with the Molines and a bunch of other guys the day that they walled practice. They all had a laugh but they were all prepared to work twice as hard the next day. Its still college and its still a football GAME.

  • TruBruin

    Lame traditions = Tradition of mediocrity

  • BruinBurd

    Whether we think it’s lame or not, it’s a tradition and it should stay. Let them have fun for 1 day. That is the kind of thing that builds team chemistry.
    Lots of traditions are lame, but they are tradition, so it’s their job as Bruins to keep it going.
    We ought to be grateful for the season they gave us and hope they give us one more good moment in D.C.
    Go Bruins!

  • Anonymous

    Nice show of commitment. CRN gave the kids time off for finals and he didn’t make them practice in the rain. Now, how many practices have they missed? The luxury of playing in a bowl is extra practice and now they have missed nearly a week of practice that they could have used to prepare for the bowl game as well as improve for next year. Commitment to the program, fans, coaches, and the institution … buckle the chinstrap and play ball. Commitment of mind, body and soul. You can’t play football half-ass. That seems to be the case way too often for this program lately. Let’s hope they can redeem themselves from what should be considered a disappointing season and now this disappointing show of commitment.

    Go Bruins!

  • BidDBruin

    WoW, everybody’s so grown up around here!!!

    These kids worked hard and played hard every game!

    One day of practice will not turn this team into a BCS contender but one act of team bonding can go a long way!!!! I say give them some slack…

    Maybe BH’s players should jump over the bleachers?

  • Coach Thom

    Sorry. Can’t go with a tradition that encourages mediocre payers to skip a vital practice. How about starting a tradition where the 2 best players after a designated practice, one D and one O as voted by all the participating players, get to kick the butts of 1 D player and 1 O player that are obviously under-performing?

  • bruincheerleader

    everyone LIGHTEN-UP!…jeez they are only kids…let ’em live alittle…we are not playing for the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP for god’s sake!…

  • Hung Lee ’81

    Maybe they went back to Staples Center to watch the Clippers again tonight?

    Just a hunch, but I bet this was instigated by Logan Paulsen. He is my favorite Senior leader. Every game this year, whenever the offense was driving their 1 good drive per game, he always stepped up to the plate with a bonehead personal foul or holding penalty to kill the drive and momentum. Brilliant.

    This bowl is meaningless and the players are acting like it. Lets reward them with another Clipper game.

    Hung Lee ’81

  • Rich

    OK, I’m going to be the contrarian here, but everybody needs to relax.

    For all intents and purposes the season is OVER. This mediocre bowl game is a “reward” for a mediocre 6-6 season. The team has an NCAA elegible 15 practices to get ready for this one mediocre bowl game, not that they can use them all. Normally the team has, what, four practices to get ready for a team during the season? One more practice game isn’t going to this team into Alabama or Texas!

    If anything this might give the team a little more comaraderie, which WILL be helpful, both for this game and next season. Gimme a break!

  • bruinbiochem06

    One day of practice missed is not going to kill us! Besides, this might make our players bond in a sense.

    Go Bruin!!!

  • Trojicanes

    Jeez, all of your unauthentic “experts” in your mid-thirties who all up-in-arms riding your high-horses atop Mt. Pious sheathed in your glittering armor of sanctimosity sure crack me up. CRN will get the job done or he’ll be replaced by someone else who will put a winner on the field for Bruin fans. Either come to the games and support the team or shut up and get back to work.


    I can’t believe Hung Lee just called out Logan Paulsen! I am in love with that guy even though he has never done anything except kill drives by dropping third down passes or getting killer penalties. But his size is so great!!

    I agree with the people who say one practice will not make this team world beaters. Instead they have a great bonding experience that will last forever. The seniors say this is how we were able to be disappointing year in and year out and the youngsters will remember what it takes.

  • Uko’s Coach

    Hey Jon,

    Call me now that you have time…

  • Richard Brehaut

    Any chance on updating the blog with my “interesting” things from practice yesterday?

  • Hung Lee ’81

    Richard Brehaut @ 3:46 pm, please check LA Times for more complete and TIMELY UCLA Bruin coverage by Chris Foster. No offense to Jon Gold, love his work, but he’s still got the training wheels on his tricyle. When they are ready to come off, watch out.

    Per Chris Foster, LA TIMES:

    “UCLA quarterback Richard Brehaut quickly came up with three benefits in getting to handle the first-team offense while starter Kevin Prince rests his injured right shoulder.

    “Reps, reps, reps,” said Brehaut, a freshman. “All these extra practices, where I get to run the first team, are going to help me and get me ready for spring practice.”

    It has given Brehaut a chance to put a positive finish on a rocky season, even if Prince heals in time to play against Temple on Dec. 29.

    “The more snaps he gets, the more he seems comfortable,” Coach Rick Neuheisel said. “And the more he starts to understand the nature of the job.”

    Hung Lee ’81

  • Anonymous

    The problem with this ‘tradition’ isn’t so much the simple fact that the players ditched practice, or even that the seniors led it.
    The problem is that several of the seniors and TEAM CAPTAINS flat out lied to the press, to their fans and to themselves.
    Go back to spring practice when Carter, Paulsen and the rest spoke about how a 4-8 record was unacceptable and there wasn’t a tradition of winning established to justify it. Watch the interviews where they spoke out against it and said that it wouldn’t happen on their watch.
    Now look at them. 6-6, being the last team invited to a bowl, 8th friggin place in the Pac-10!!! — that’s not excellence, that’s not a tradition of winning.

    That is stupid, pathetic, and makes them liars and hippocrites. CRN better review his response and hand down punishment because this ‘tradition’ is the most disgusting thing about our program that we want so badly to project an image of greatness and win on the field.

  • Anonymous

    I am reminded of the old Kirk Gibson story from spring training in 1988. Kirk’s teammates pulled a prank on him by putting shoe black in his hat. He wasn’t happy and said now he knew why they were a bunch of losers in previous seasons. Of course the Dodger’s won the series that year.

    Where is UCLA football’s Kirk Gibson?

  • solomonbruin

    As a school administrator I had to deal with students who always wanted to do what previous classes did. This is known as tradition. Maybe these players can bring back the tradition that existed at UCLA when I was a student there – we were winners.As far as going over the wall I think that’s how Pete Carroll recruits his players(hoodlums).

  • Hung Lee ’81

    LA Times is resporting that sources close to the team identified the Ring Leader of this “Tradition” as Reggie “Big Mouth” Carter. Logan Paulsen had “no comment”. Karl Dorrell: the gift that keeps on giving.

    Reggie is the same thug that knocked over the referee in the USC game on his way to bark like a toothless dog at the USC players who had just beat him and forced his tail between his legs.

    Hung Lee ’81

  • doug4ucla

    When you are undefeated for the year you can do what you want….Jesus grow up PLEASE

  • Hung Lee ’81

    BTW im really a trojan troll whos trying to stir the pot since ive been banned at BRO. But me and my SUC buddies think were pretty funny..hehehehe

  • Hung Lee ’81

    one other note..i thought it would be funny if i used an asian name too…hehehehe

    Hung Lee ’81