Quotables: Tyler Honeycutt

On starting off 3-6:
“It’s been real hard. I didn’t expect this at all when I came here. I knew we had a tough schedule, but I thought it’d be competitive, close games. It’s kind of helped us actually, kind of set us in our place. Let us know we’re not all that and still have room to improve.”

On losing their fifth straight game, to Mississippi State on Saturday:
“It didn’t hit the whole team until the last game. They’ve never been in a position like this. It’s new to them, too. In the beginning, we came off to a bad start, and right off the bat we put our heads down and it rubbed off on other people.”

On how he’s feeling:
“I’m still getting back into it. Obviously I’ve only had about three practices. Eventually it will come along. I can improve on a lot. Defense, on-ball defense. I’m not used to turning the ball over that much.”