BREAKING NEWS: UCLA/Texas in doubt for 2010

Just got off the phone a source at Texas Tech, and he said that ESPN is trying to orchestrate a Texas-Texas Tech matchup on September 18, 2010.

Only problem? UCLA is supposed to play at Texas that day.

The source told me that ESPN is the driving force behind this, and nothing is final.

An email first to Texas suggested I contact Texas Tech.

I’ll follow this as it goes on.

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  • Anonymous

    That sucks for the Pac-10

  • Anonymous

    Cancel it!!! The schedule is already pretty brutal.

  • Anon

    Probably better off if we postpone a year or two or cancel that game on the schedule. Our football schedule is brutal next year.

  • cali

    That is way too early to schedule those two teams that early in the season. We can shock the world with a victory. Their QB will be gone and they have to break in a newbie. Good timing for us.

  • MurrietaBruin

    It would have been nice to potentially play the defending national championship. I for one would be disappointed since I was planning on attending. Also, I never count my Bruins out of any game. Maybe the rumored TCU game would go in its place?

  • bruinova

    I wouldn’t mind moving the game up to the first game of the season. Best chance for us to upset them at home.

  • relevance

    This negative attitude by some of you is a problem. If you want to be respected you have to do more than beat Oregon, USC and any Pac-10 team that may be ranked in the AP poll. Win out of conference to get respect.

    Besides, won’t Texas be breaking in a new quarterback? At least a strong showing vs. a powerhouse is better than beating up a nobody.

    In my opinion.

  • Stan

    This tells us what ESPN thinks about UCLA Football! Disappointed here. We were planning on making that trip to Austin and lets play the best!

  • BruinFaithful

    I totally agree with bruinova. You guys are acting like a bunch of panzies. Man up. Besides that, this is perfect, since Texas owes us a return trip in 2011 when we would be at home, with more experience, and with a greater chance to win.

    F ESPN, always trying to control shhhh. This is total BS. Texas needs to remember that they are under contract to play us. They need to be reminded that at this stage in the game, punking out would cause us undue harm and significant damages would be in order.

    GO BRUINS!!!!

  • pr

    I am in agreement with BruinFaithful “F ESPN” too. They bumped our rivalry game for the AZ/SUC matchup on ABC and now they want to pull this crap.


    Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
    —————– — — — — —–
    UCLA……………. 10 28 7 21 – 66
    Texas…………… 0 0 3 0 – 3

  • Randorson

    While it’s fun to get all worked up about this, it seems like, in the event that the Horns actually go to Lubbock on 9/18, we’ll probably move our bye week to 9/18 and play them on 9/25. FAU would probably have to move and settle for whatever date Texas can reschedule their beat-down.

    I’m sure UT is just a bit too distracted right now with Bama to really think about this too much.

  • samohopar

    F ESPN. I’ve not only been looking forward to this I think we have a shot at winning. UCLA BETTER NOT BUDGE ON THIS.

  • Blue1Gold

    DAMN IT!!! I was planning on going to that game. Never been to Austin and was hoping to re-unite with some friends who re-located out there…I agree with most of you. The PAC-10 schools should never be afraid to schedule non-con games with national powerhouses…It’s great for visibility/recruiting. It’s perfect timing for us to play them as indicated by other posters. We’ll be that much better by 2011 at home! Please…Let’s fight to keep this game on the schedule! GO BRUINS!!!

  • tim warren

    Re how the UCLA/U$C game was scheduled this year, I recall that Fox’s contract allows them to have that game at least once every five years, and they decided to exercise that right this year. When they did exercise the right, they chose to move it to Thanksgiving weekend. ABC still wanted to show an LA team the first weekend of December — the LA population base means an extra Nielsen ratings point at the national level. Unfortunately for us, U$C’s better record over the last several years meant they would be the team to move to that weekend.

  • solomonbruin

    September 18 is Yom Kippur;not a good day to play football.

  • BruinBurd

    I completely agree! This is the best time to strike Texas. We will have some continuity back and they got a totally green quarterback to break in, who has had absolutely no significant playing time yet.
    Regardless, there is no reason to be scared of ooc opponents. It will make the team/program better in the long run win or lose.

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