Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

1) What does our OL look like next year if XSR does his mission? – UCLAVES
Baca, Hasiak, Maiava, Williams, Harris

2) Do you think that Kevin Prince should be benched for the meaningless bowl game in favor of Karl Kraft? Let him heal and get ready for next year. How upset are the coaches that Kevin Prince has not learned how to slide feet first? Thank you. – Hung Lee ’81
No, Prince should start if he’s healthy. He’s their best quarterback. The coaches are not mad, they just need to stress it more often.

3) I was wondering if you knew what days they were going to be practicing thru their departure for DC? I was wondering if the bowl practices were going to be open to the public to spectate or not? – Albert
Practicing through the 22nd, and I’m sorry because I know this was asked a few days ago and needed a more immediate answer, but no, not open to the public.

4) Hi Jon, have you been following the academic scandal at Florida State at all? Have you heard rumors of any similar situations at the Southland schools? Thanks – Anonymous
No, I have not, and no, I have not.

5) I noticed a couple of 4 Star unsigned JC DT’s. Any reason UCLA isn’t going after them? – UCLAVES
Going the JC route is tough because of academics, and for a young team building for 2010 and 2011 and beyond, JC players are temporary fixes.

6) Can we start a petition asking CBH to bench Dragovic? – Anonymous

Give him a few more games before releasing the hounds. He showed some signs of life against NMSU.

7) Does Neuheisel take recruits in the helicopter or would that be a recruiting violation? – silverlakebruin
I have not heard of him doing that, nor would I expect him to for any reason.

8) Which elite PGs is CBH targeting for the class 2011? According to scout.com and rival.com, none of the top 2011 PGs have UCLA on their lists. Does that concern CBH, especially if we don’t land McCallum for 2010. – anonymous
They’re looking hard at Nick Johnson, Josiah Turner and Deville Smith.

9) When does the UCLA FB team travel to DC, and how much of their DC time is taken up with bowl-related tours, dinners, and events? – John Amussen
Team travels on Christmas day for a special banquet that night, then practices on the 26th and 27th, with a walkthrough on the 28th. Much of the trip is going to be devoted to various events.

10) Dragovic is obviously not part of the team’s long-term success, and Anderson doesn’t appear ready to play PG at the UCLA level. Would Coach Howland consider a lineup that puts the best five guys on the floor and helps to build the team for next year? Something like: Lee, Roll, Honeycutt, Nelson, and Morgan? – Anonymous
Howland is not ready to throw in the cards just yet. The whole Pac-10 is down this year. He has to believe that – RIGHT NOW – Drago gives them more than Morgan, who is constantly out of position and just looks lost sometimes. Before he only plays for the future, he wants to see if the team can start to gel a little bit before the Pac-10 season.

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  • Anonymous

    Karl Kraft?
    can fans at least get players names right? whether it’s accidently, or some kind of dig at a player, don’t screw it up. just get the name right.
    the roster’s available online and you can just cut and paste the name if you’re unsure.

  • Captain Irony

    Charlie Bucket, Nordeezy and WHAT’S YOUR DEAL were all trolling on Inside USC today.

  • j_doe

    It is probably a blessing that we don’t have any top recruits coming in. Maybe we will have guys on the team long enough to see their junior season.