Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

1) Has this basketball season reached the point or is there still room to fall? – Anonymous
I actually think the team is going to start improving pretty soon. They should close out the non-conference schedule at 5-7, and the Pac-10 is WIDE open this year. Seriously, I don’t think anyone has any clue how UCLA stacks up to the rest of them. Don’t forget, adding Tyler Honeycutt takes a lot of pressure off.

2) What’s behind J.Dean “deciding to end” his FB career? Not surprised about the other 3 guys, who didn’t play but this guy is a junior who started the last 2 games at RG; wouldn’t he have a shot at the two-deep next year at C/G? Is he gone for the Whatchamacallit Bowl? – BruinfromBellevue
I think it was a mutual decision between Neuheisel and Dean that because Dean wouldn’t be in the mix next year – don’t forget, he’s really fourth or fifth on the depth chart, with a couple more coming in – maybe it was time for him to move on. He would not have been in the two-deep.

3) Is TE Jeff Miller going to the Bowl Game? What about the other 3 Redshirt Juniors? They may not have seen the field much on Saturdays, but have been part of the program for 4 years. Hope they get to go to the Bowl Game as a consolation prize/reward for their service. – Hung Lee ’81
Yes, everyone is traveling with the team.

4) What do you think the WR rotation will look like next year?
Rosario, Embree, Smith, Carroll, Presley, Marvray

5) What are your personal thoughts on the Pauley renovation plan? – Anonymous
A long time coming.

6) Are there any players on the scout team that look like they will be starters next season? – BruinBurd
Josh Smith, definitely. A couple more I’d expect to get in the rotation – Joseph Fauria, being the most likely.

7) If you could have only one Heimuli or Uko and why (let’s hope we get both)? – Resource Guy
I like Heimuli a little more. Explodes off the ball and initiates contact. Heimuli is closer, too, from everything I’ve heard.

8) Do the football players literally “go over the wall” or is it a figure of speech? – Anonymous

9) Did the players get disciplined for going over “The Wall.” – Anonymous
A little extra running, but not much.

10) What are your personal thoughts on the over-the-wall thing? – Anonymous
My Thoughts

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  • McKnight
  • Huitzilopochtli

    What an idiot

  • pr

    New usernames for the blog:

    Scott Schenter
    Santa Monica businessman
    baby mama’s boss

  • Anonymous

    So they do literally go over a wall or no.. or both.

  • lavsmousse

    FWIW, Kenny Stills and Tony Jefferson both just committed to Oklahoma.

  • Captain Irony

    Charlie Bucket has returned to Inside USC for a second time today to troll, he’s brought yoda with him.

  • Captain Irony

    WHAT’S YOUR DEAL? is back trolling on Inside USC and brought peatstinks.

  • Scott Schenter

    Oh no, this looks bad. I hope this doesn’t ruin my chance of becoming Joe’s agent.

  • Reformed Droog

    Let’s be fair…

    The article says that “[t]he NCAA prohibits student-athletes from accepting benefits from marketing representatives or agents or ‘extra benefits’ based on their athletic ability.”

    Maybe this extra benefit was not due to his athletic ability. Maybe his brain is just so good you’d swear he went to college?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, are you in South Bend?