Post-practice update

* A pretty light day today, with a focus on individual work.

* Neuheisel called it a “polish” day, as the players are executing what they learned yesterday in the first day of installation.

* Kevin Prince had an effective practice, throwing a couple passes with perfect zip on them. I expect him to pkay against Temple.

* At this point in preparation, reps are still being divided, particularly at running back.

* I’m told UCLA is “close” to getting a major recruit in the next few days, a source said.

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  • cali

    Jon can you at least tell us what position this recruit possibly plays? Some type of hint???? Offense or Defense?

  • Anonymous

    I heard its Dylan Chynoweth from Utah. A running back.

    Also, UCLA is going hard after Daniel Godkin from Nevada.

  • Anonymous

    chynoweth and godkin. sure..

  • Anonymous

    I heard Chynoweth is going to u$c because mcknight is going to take his $uv to the NFL after the nut bowl.

    Apparently, god is already at u$c since ncaa is afraid to sanction u$c for all the infractions

  • spedjones

    That would be consistent with the rest of His story – always hanging with the less fortunate crew…in this case, the folks who can’t get into good schools and have to pay through the nose for their fig tech diploma.

  • Anonymous

    Just so you know – I said ‘god’ which is DOG backwards. Go put on that trojan condom you’re so proud of and jack off to your God. Loser

  • Anonymous

    Another light practice? Really? Does anybody even want to play this game? Are we going to wait until after Christmas to “actually” practice? Let’s not practice too much, we might upset our players if we make them work hard. And we all know how well hard work paid off this season.

  • Anonymous

    Gotta be either: George Uko, Hayes Pullard, Ricky Heimuli, Dietrich Riley, Anthony Barr, or Owamagbe Odighizuwa.

    C’mon Jon give us a hint… Where is he from? What position?

  • RickBruin

    RN needs to take them up to Rim of the World high school to practice if they get some cold/rain/snow/ice, to simulate D.C. weather….

    P.S. to the multiple personality anonymous:

    can you share your expertise concerning the McKnight situation and the eagerly anticipated Nut Bowl in the bay area…


    My guess is…Dietrich Riley! We’ve all read the latest on this site as well as BRO…I’ve got my fingers crossed, so how about the rest of you?! And, oh yeah- I’ve also asked Santa for Uko, O-zuwa, Hayes, Shirley,and Hiemuli (since the latest news indicates Kirifi’s looking elsewhere), et al.

  • Anonymous

    Sadly the latest news has Shirley looking elsewhere as well, sounds like a mutual parting of the ways.

    My guess is Pullard, sources have had him as a big UCLA lean for a while and his season just ended. Or maybe Barr decided he didn’t want to play for Brian Kelly.


    This is very delayed, but I have been granted another year!

    -Ben Olson

  • Ben’s High School Receiver

    Me too!!! Glad you are back, Ben. I have decided to leave Houston Texans and become the #1 WR at UCLA. It’ll be just be like H.S. Ben!!! It’s been 8 years since we hooked up!

    -Dave Anderson


    Why would we want Chynoweth?