For what it’s worth

If you’re interested, my take on this brutal day for UCLA sports…

What must feel like the day that would never end is finally coming to a close, and looking back at the wreckage, I only see few big scratches.

The UCLA football team isn’t broken or anything.

To get this out of the way: No, I don’t think the two academic situations are indicative of Rick Neuheisel losing control of this team. This is youth, plain and simple. With the help that the UCLA athletic department provides, I have to believe this is a matter of mixed priorities over anything else.

We’re talking about an 18 year old and a 20 year old, two kids clearly with a lot of talent, but without a lot of maturity. It takes much discipline to be a college student. Adding in football just compounds the issue. Some can’t handle it at times. In speaking to both Maiava and Presley multiple times, I don’t believe this will be more than an awful wake-up call. These are two bright young men. They’ll get back on their feet.

The Hasiak situation, now, is a mixed bag. He interacted with the media well, was thoughtful in interviews and, frankly, appeared to handle his business well. However, there was a nasty underbelly at times – fights during practice, rumors of dirty play – and it seems to have boiled over for Neuheisel and the staff.

I know it’s easy to feel like the sky is falling, but these issues happen all the time at major college programs. Young people simply do stupid things. They often don’t think of consequences days away, much less months or years.

Tomorrow’s another day.

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  • BruinFaithful

    Very well said and put Jon. We have survived much worse than this and this too shall come to pass. It’s just difficult for us Jon, because unlike those Condoms, we aren’t use to this. These are ALL really minor issues. Nobody commited a major crime. Thank God, nobody died. Two academically ineligible players, a head case, and what seems to be a very defensable assault charge. If Drago’s attorney’s account of the alleged victims testimony is accurate, it seems like he was the instigator.

    I would think the most serious situation is Hasiak.

    Jon, can you tell us exactly what the academic situation is. What caused the ineligibility? Is it incomplete work or bad grades?

    Also, is it my understanding that Hasiak has been dismissed from the team? If he was dismissed from the team, did he at least finish the Fall Quarter satisfactorily?


    ucla’s troubles are not my business and, quite frankly, I don’t care.


  • fmonkey

    @BE REAL
    This is a blog, which posts UCLA sports related information. The title of the entry was called “For what it’s worth”…obviously stating Jon’s opinion. Stop complaining and go to another blog.

  • Charlie Bucket

    “RodneyGuillory” and “fartnuggets00” have joined the Bruin trollers on Inside USC.

  • Anonymous

    bruin fruitcake is a tool…

  • ev

    You can excuse Presley with that thinking, but not Maiava. He is a redshirt sophomore, he sat out last year taking classes, he knows better. However it’s not just a couple of kids academically ineligible, that happens everywhere. It’s the kids going over the wall again after Rick clearly tried to kill off that horrible tradition. It’s the football team crossing over mid-field against USC trying to start a riot. Losing Hasiak is huge, he with X-man were the two starting points of a big rebuilding project for the O-line. It will take a good three years to build full depth and move permanently into the top portion of the Pac10. Now that rebuilding effort has to start all over again. You put everything together, and it makes you wonder if Rick’s reputation from UW and CU is true after all.

  • Cheat Carroll

    This is a perfect example of why I tell kids to come to our JC, um program.

    As long as they remember to bring their crayons to “busy time” we’ll take care of the bills. Now we have three players that insisted on breaking their crayons or forgetting them so that will provide teachable moments for us.

    We’ll start by not letting them participate in our daily “where’s the cash box” game and SUV scavenger hunt. Hopefully they’ll learn and do well in their Trade Tech classes this upcoming semester.

  • BruinBurd

    Does it appear that Hasiak will be given the opportunity to come back next year or is it a done deal?

  • Cheat Carroll

    I have been trolling over at Inside USC today.

    Self reporting will put another trojan out of work…

  • bruwin5931

    Thanks for your thoughts on these issues Jon. Like you said, things look bad right now, but our program will get through this.