Weather…or not?

It may have been snowing in the last several days, but it’s really not too cold in Washington, D.C. right now. UCLA is on the Eastern Senior High field practicing – just a few steps from RFK Stadium – and they seem fine.
Most of the players are in sweats, but a few brave ones – Nelson Rosario, Gavin Ketchum, Kevin Price, Kyle Bosworth to name a few – are in shorts.
Even Al Golden doesn’t think it will be an issue…
“It means nothing,” Golden said. “Absolutely nothing. I’m sure Rick will say the same thing. Even people say, ‘Well, it’s farther for them to travel.’ Hey, a lot of our kids have already seen Washington, D.C., and for them, the newness and excitement of it might be an advantage. Certainly the weather is not going to be an advantage for us.”

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  • onigiriman

    Today was (and tomorrow is forecast to be) an exceptionally warm day in DC. It hasn’t been this warm in about ten days. I expect it to be much colder at game time, where I’ll be sitting with my fellow alumni, bundled up in Bruin Blue. Go Bruins!

  • UCLA ’64

    Thanks for the report, Jon.

  • RickBruin

    when is the last time a college football team from Los Angeles that is actually going to play in very cold to potentially snowy weather.

    since RN coached at Colorado you would think he could get the Bruins prepped for this