Neuheisel ON:

On the matchup:
“It was good for our team to get a chance to meet Temple, get to meet the opponent, and realize how proud they are of their accomplishments. It was clear they’re a very prideful organization that is looking forward to this contest, as are we.”

On Kevin Prince’s rocky season:
“It’s been an unbelievably big-time learning experience as a freshman. To have all that happen to you in a freshman season is unique. He’ll grow from it by leaps and bounds. Hopefully he’s got a great game in him.”

On Temple’s turnaround:
“They were practicing when people would walk by and just nothing but catcalls. For them to be now at the other end of the spectrum, at 9-3 and eager to play a BCS team, and to have rearranged their bowl situation so that they get this opportunity, you know this is a matchup they’ve been looking for. You’ve better respect that person, just as a prize fighter better respect the person who’s called them out. It’s that kind of matchup.”

On UCLA’s seniors:
“Our seniors are every bit as important to us as their seniors are to them, and the guys I’m forever grateful for. They embraced me as the new coach – they could have made it difficult to get the transition going. They bought in, and bought in almost right away. In so doing, they made this route quicker. Hopefully they’ve paved the way for us to continue our climb back to where we want to be, which is in the nation’s top 20, then top 10 and all the way to the top.”

  • Stan

    For the programs sake, this Bruin offense should come out firing and put points on the board quickly and blow this team out on national tv. Plenty of recruits will be watching and I’d like to see UCLA bring it and let them know UCLA would be a qreat place to play. No conservative football, nothing close to the vest and not let Temple stay in the game. Get it over with quickly and keep pressing. Anything other than that will not leave an good impression on the direction Coach is taking this program.