• Hung Lee ’81

    A creampuff opponent like Temple is just what the Doctor ordered for UCLA. Nice way to end the season at 7-6.

    Jon Gold will post again tomorrow. He’s busy getting lockeroom interviews/quotes and writing tomorrow’s gamer.

    Hung Lee ’81

  • doug4ucla

    HEART and EMOTION they found it at half time…”no more to say”

  • Yama

    Cream puff opponent? We were down 21-7 at one point.

  • th

    where is the help at, nothing but miss tackle and reading assg. qb play is bad, why none of the
    young guys get in they all are going to leave.already started with the lt

  • RickBruin

    Temple was no pushover, with a coach UCLA seriously considered hiring.

    the win was a total team effort today