Xavier Su’A-Filo going on mission

UCLA freshman left tackle Xavier Su’A-Filo will partake on his LDS mission, he said in a text message minutes ago. Su’a-Filo was a highly touted recruit out of high school and his exit leaves a gaping hole for the Bruins.
We’ve arranged to talk about the decision tomorrow.

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  • Anonymous

    OL just keeps getting weaker and weaker. Next year, with the loss of veteran leadership on D, tougher schedule, and weak OL = a long season again for the Bruins. Jones and James are going to be running for their lives. KP2010=KC2008? Let’s hope not.

  • RainMan

    Tough break for us next year, but tell him we’re thankful for his stellar work this year and that we look forward to his return.

  • Jon

    Gonna miss XSF. Here’s hoping Bob Palcic can work his magic with the line next season.

  • Bruinword

    Let’s hope he comes back after his mission. We will miss him in 2011. I was really hoping that year to be THE year.. but if we can get X-man for 3 more years in 2012, I will be happy. He really did an amazing job for us this year…

  • Bruingold82

    Thats a bummer. He has to do what he feels is right. Well our good OL class from last year didnt really do much for the long term of the program. Hopefully he comes back after he is done. In the meantime, Rick, Chow, and Palcic better get on the recruiting trail hard!!

  • Slippery Pete

    So if we have a tough year in the next two seasons he is as good as gone and going to be able to transfer without losing a year. Pressure is on the coaching staff. I look forward to some explanation as to his decision and why he is making it now.

  • worried fan

    just a horrific idea by Xavier. He can go on a mission anytime. (I know this because I am also LDS.) He is going to get slow and soft while he’s gone, and so will the bruins, i fear.

  • Marko

    makes the return of Hasiak even more critical

  • Anonymous

    Good Luck Xavier! Have a great mission and come back to us an even better man!

  • Reformed Droog

    You really are jinxing us, Jon…

  • Anonymous

    I doubt we will have XSF for three years after he returns from the mission. If he doesn’t miss a beat from two yrs layoff (2010-11, 2011-12), he’ll be gone after 1 year (2013 draft).

  • romeojam

    hey jon.. i know of a few instances where players transferred to another school after their LDS mission (one being your co-podcaster ben olson). any indication whether transferring after a mission is on XSF’s mind?

  • Anonymous

    Hope xavier enjoys riding his bike and deceiving people into believing a bunch of nonsense about magic spectacles, white salamanders, polygamy, and the inferiority of non-white people.

  • Reformed Droog

    Stay classy, Anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    sometimes the truth isn’t classy, its just the truth. Nothing I have said isn’t part of Mormon history. I just find it sad that someone would waste two years of their lives devoted to something that is so easily disproven.

  • BruinFaithful

    F’n GREAT, XSF is gone and now we have to be subjected to the bigotry of Morons like Anon. You’re a coward, why not reveal your true self for the bigot that you are?

    Why would you allow bigots to post on here Jon? This is EXACTLY why you should require ALL posters to register. Ban this idiot’s IP.

    You can easily blow holes in the history of any religion you DOUCHE, no need to beat on this kid for his and LDS is about a lot more than your stupid comments indicate, and no, I’m not LDS, but I do respect other people’s religious beliefs.

  • BruinBurd

    Religion is largely based on ‘faith’ not fact…so let him be. This is his choice. Anyone who bashes this kid on this blog is spineless, because they wouldn’t dare say it to his face. I guarantee it.

  • Atheist

    You’re right BruinFaithful, all religions are a sham, especially one that celebrates Jesus’ bithday not when he was born, but during the winter pagan holidays.

    It is sad that kids whose families were duped into the cult of Mormanism turn around to drag other people into that cabal.

  • Anonymous

    big love….

  • Anonymous

    “You can easily blow holes in the history of any religion you DOUCHE, no need to beat on this kid for his and LDS is about a lot more than your stupid comments indicate, and no, I’m not LDS, but I do respect other people’s religious beliefs.”

    You reconcile “I do respect other people’s religious beliefs” and “You can easily blow holes in the history of any religion” how?

    Despite its claims to represent Christ, Mormonism does teach doctrines contrary to His Word.

  • Anon

    I don’t have any problem with him going – he’s been pretty up front about the possibility since he was recuited, and he’s been solid contributor in the short time he’s been here. I hope he comes back.

    But this notion that people who criticize religious belief systems are somehow “bigoted” is pretty lame. This takes the new cult of victimhood to new levels. Think about this for a minute. XSF plans to spend the next year and a half knocking on people’s doors and telling (in so many words) that their belief systems are inferior and that they and their children will likely burn in hell if they don’t convert to his faith and way of thinking about the universe. I’m sure he’ll be polite and respectful as he says it, but that’s his message. Yet, those who have the temerity to say he and others saying that are “full of it” are somehow bigots. Go figure.


    All religions at their basis are the same: Love God with all your heart, mind and soul, and then love your neighbor.

    True, the rituals, dogma, and traditions of religons can be held up to ridicule.

    But in the end it does not matter: All go to the next life, whether they were good or bad, or whether they believe in it or not.

    God is bigger than we are, beyond our imagination, and is all loving all the time.


  • Anonymous

    I’m glad he was here for the year. It was better to have him for a year than not at all. I wish him well and hope he decides to return.

  • Juggling Integrity

    I realize that the mandate from the LDS church is that young members need to consider going on mission at 19.

    While it is difficult for a youngster to make this decision, they also make a decision a year earlier to accept a football athletic scholarship that pays for college education.

    That being the case, why do LDS parents allow their child to commit to a four year scholarship knowing that their own prediliction is to have him leave for 2 years for a spiritual commitment in the middle of that secular commitment?

    Integrity is part of all our lives — both the spiritual and secular. If Mormon students and their advisors (parents/spiritual mentors) lean towards the athlete to go on his LDS mission, why do they accept a scholarship that preempts their athletic commitment for two years?

    The whole concept of team (even in its washed out version in this era of big-time money generating D-1 college football) still exits for the 95% of athletes who appreciate the education extended to them (i.e. Jake Dean).

    We may not like the fact that college football is in essense minor-league professional football. Good or bad, it is the fact. If it weren’t why would coaches be paid multiple millions in compensation?

    Then working within thsat reality, west coast football coaches are at a disadvanatge when developing teams from among athletes ‘committed’ to team when recruited to play for four of five years (including the oft used red-shirt season).

    This reality for Div 1 west coast football coaches of having to contend with losing athletes to spiritual missions when developing a team within their system, are at a disadvanatge to coaches elsewhere recruiting athletes with spiritual convictions that will play out their college career.

  • Anon

    Uh, Mr. Juggling, we begged the guy to come here despite full disclosure that he might go on a mission. The gamble (hope?) is that he’ll come back afterwards. I tend to doubt that he will (has anybody ever done a study on this?), but there is no issue of integrity here.

  • Anonymous

    Just wondering…..Steve Young, a direct descedant of Brighton Young, did not go on his mission and instead went to pro football HOF.

    Danny Anige, did not go on his mission and played in MLB and NBA, winning championships.

    There was an article way back about how many QBs went on mission and return a former shell of themselves, inlcuding our own Ben Olson. Ben Olson had one of the strongest arms, not just a college level but NFL as well. Where is the justice or righteousness or fairness in that? Can God answer me?

    All religions should be respected but lets not kid ourselves. Religion is a huge BUSINESS! TAX FREE BUSINESS. Catholics church being the biggest and the most powerful COMPANY in the world.

    So anywways, good luck to XSF. I hope he does return to UCLA after his mission. He puts his God first, lets hope his God doesn’t abandon him like Ben Olson.

  • Reformed Droog

    There’s respectful disagreement and then there’s ignorant belligerence.

    I’m non-religious, so it’s not like I’ve got a dog in the fight, but you idiots spewing hate should grow up.

    Just because you managed to get the c@ck out of your mouth, doesn’t mean you should regurgitate that mess.

  • worried fan

    While it really stinks that XSF is leaving, i don’t think he would have signed at UCLA without (1) norm chow as OC (mormon guy), and (2) knowing that the coaching staff would support this decision.

    Now….Coach Chow will also tell you privately that while this is a good move for Xavier the young man, it isn’t such a great move for Xavier the football player. He isn’t gonna say that very loudly, though.