USC self-imposes hoops ban

Check this out, UCLA fans…


I don’t know how this will affect UCLA particularly, however, there are some recruiting restrictions – including losing a scholarship – that will certainly hurt the Trojans.

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  • Bruingold82

    Save the football team at all costs.

    Cmon really? No postseason play…. can’t lose something thats not there in the beginning.

    Loss of 1 Scholarship? Does that mean Lil Romeo is going to have to start paying his own way?

  • bruwin5931

    Not surprising that the sanctions are only for the basketball program. It makes me wonder if the NCAA might be closing their investigation soon. Usually a university will impose sanctions on itself due to fear of an NCAA ruling.

  • KarlMorgan82

    These sanctions are ridiculous. The ban on postseason play this year is a joke! Losing only 1 scholarship? That’s it?!? Howland routinely does not use all of his scholarships anyway. One scholarship is not enough. Floyd paid to have the best player in the country to come to his school and that’s only worth one scholarship? That’s THE textbook definition of cheating. There was no mystery or anything subtle about it. It’s not like it involved ambiguous outside influences or intangible benefits (it was a stack of freaking money), and there was no question over whether the school was directly to blame because the coach himself did it.

    I hope the NCAA can see through this lame half-assed attempt to self-impose sanctions and brings down the hammer on a nobody basketball program because clearly they do not have the guts to sanction one of the top football programs in the country.

  • Charlie Bucket

    OJ II received chicken feed compared to Mr Reggie.

    how is it that Garrett has nothing to say about the cheating footballers??

    how about vacating all of Mr Reggie’s wins? how wild is it that him and his family were actually paid more during his Southern Cal days than most NFL rookies make in their first seasons playing as legal professionals??

  • Jonny

    Don’t be snippy, Bruingold82, USC has made the tourney 3 years in a row, but the sanction also includes the Pac 10 Tourney which can/will have Pac 10 repercussions. While the penalties can obviously be more severe, did you honestly think SC would do it to themselves? This is an attempt to ward off NCAA-levied restrictions before they occur, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this is just a pittance.

  • williscop

    Just be patient, rumor has it that the NCAA is going to come down so hard on the USC football program that they (NCAA) are prepared to suspend all operations of baseball at Cal State Fullerton. They will hold up a kid (i.e. Brian Price) from playing a sport if they feel there might possibly somewhat potentially be a question regarding the clearinghouse, but when there are solid facts of impropriety at USC they have done nothing. Now, I root for USC when they are playing anyone other than UCLA, but my goodness it’s so out in the open that when more than one star running back is seen driving around in unbelieveably expensive vehicles and living a lavish lifestyle while still a student at USC and nothing is questioned? The source of frustration needs to be with the NCAA or shall we call it NUSCAA, because the NCAA is completely impotent when it comes to sanctions and USC. I’m a huge CSUF baseball fan and I’ll be disappointed they will not be able to go to Omaha this year because of what they’ve done to cause the black eye on USC football.

  • What?

    Williscop, what is the connection between CSUF and USC?

  • BruinFaithful

    LMFAO, you have got to be kidding me. This is like a murderer self imposing probation for his crime.

    Mike Garrett’s quote is a f’n joke. How self righteous of him to go out and seek justice at all costs. This is a pittance compared to what the FB program has done and it goes WAY beyond Bushgate. Where is his crusade for the wrongs of the FB team? Mike, please, who are you fooling? You win at all costs, slime ball.

  • Mikey Likes It!

    This is little more than telling a child to go in his room and spank himself! USC is the poster boy for NCAA rules violations. When is the NCAA and the PAC 10 going to start enforcing the rules by imposing severe and far reaching penalties for violation?

    The Reggie Bush matter is FAR MORE SERIOUS.He is more guilty than BOTH O.J.’s. This has been out in the open for 3 years now and still no action. ABC news did a major investigative report on this issue prompting even more thorough investigations by both the NCAA and Pac 10 and STILL no sanctions and penalties. This has become a joke!


    You gotta love sanctimonious hypocrites, whether they are SC or ucla fans.

    Agreed, the SC thing is one big hypocrisy, much like the days when Sam Gilbert was illegally feeding All-Americans to John Wooden so they could call John the “wizard.” (Note: since that “advantage” ceased ucla has won one, that is one, championship in 35-years).

    But let’s not torch sacred cows even though the truth hurts.

    The fact is that college athletes are not like other students and are not true amateurs, as much as we wish to perpetuate this lie. For starters, they get a 4-year free ride, which translates to about $150,000 at a private school such as SC is.

    And the NCAA is a joke, often penalizing schools for giving out free t-shirts! The question is where does one draw the line between the absurd “infractions” and the real ones. Admittedly, the Bush situation is serious, but the NCAA has been hamstrung because when Bush turned pro it lost its mandatory “discovery process” procedures, and is waiting to see if Bush will one day be required to submit to a possible truth-revealing deposition.

    And as much as the bruin nation has been waiting anxiously for this to result in possible serious SC football sanctions, the smart money is saying it won’t happen.


  • Oxy

    it costs 50 grand a year to be a student at usc depending on where you live… so it actually adds up to more like $200,000 for a four year education. when you take into account the cars, clothes, electronic equipment, and traveling money players get also then it looks like they are getting ALOT more than 150,000 dollars in 4 years.

  • RobM

    What a joke. The only thing missing from Mike Garrett’s statement would be to end it:

    “And I would like to spend my remaining days searching for the real killer.”

  • Mario DiLeo

    Yet another Sam Gilbert reference from Lawyer John. You’re so predictable…Gilbert passed away on 11/22/87 which renders him irrelevant to the conversation of the U$C basketball program circa 2007-2008. Take a hint, Be Real…

  • williscop

    I was being sarcastic. In other words, the NCAA will not penalize USC and will take out their sanctions on someone else. CSUF runs a quality program and I was implying they would suffer because of USC’s misgivings.

  • uscfd


    How many times has an SC fan posted a comment here only to get the “this is a ucla board. Why are you here? Blah, blah, blah”?

    Now you start a thread about SC just to pile on? Dohn would never have done this.
    Real classy – and hypocritical.

    Every time ucla basketball loses, let’s take a shot at SC to feel better about ourselves.

  • BruinFaithful

    BE REAL:

    Since you have now added historian to your well documented status as a Spin Doctor and attorney, let me give you a refresher course on the topic.

    1.) John Wooden was already winning multiple NC’s and conference championships, before Sam Gilbert was ever connected to UCLA in ANY way.

    2.) John Wooden had already proven to be able to win NC’s with much smaller and less athletic athletes, before the cavalry arrived.

    3.) These athletes had already decided to come to UCLA based on John Wooden’s acumen as a coach and UCLA’s winning tradition. Sam Gilbert had NOTHING to do with that.

    4.) Sam Gilbert also had a WELL documented history of “supporting” SUC Football.

    As a scum bag attorney, I would expect you to with-hold material facts. However, as somebody with the name BE REAL and old enough for this NOT to be a history lesson, I would expect otherwise. I guess you have proven your moniker to be a misnomer, time and time again. So who’s really the hypocrite pal?