Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

1) During the recruiting process, Howland must have known than Gordon was “fiery” or “emotional,” while Gordon must have known that Howland was no-nonsense and controlling. What made them think it would work, and why did it go so wrong? – Blue Bruin
Neither side is completely honest in the recruiting game. It’s a game – usually one person wins and one person loses. Very rarely is it 100 percent beneficial for both sides. In this case, they both lost.

2) I’ll stipulate that rankings aren’t everything, but Lazeric Jones is a one star recruit. What should we realistically expect from him? – Blue Bruin
And yet he’s also considered the top junior college point guard by many. I looks like a pretty good passer and on-ball defender, and he said that’s his biggest goal to improve last season. If anything, he provides important depth next year.

3) Does Norm Chow stay next year? If not, does he back to SC? – Anonymous
He’s said he’s staying. That’s all I know.

4) With the big o-line recruits we got last year, do you think there was any sense of complacency in regards to recruiting o-linemen this year? Any chance Hasiak comes back next year? – Bruin818
There are conflicting reports out of the Hasiak situation, with some saying he has to meet certain stipulations and some saying he is out of chances. That’ll play out soon. I don’t think there’s complacency, but they looked at other positions as more important.

5) With next year’s schedule and state of the Pac-10, do you foresee the football team to do any better than 7-6? – Anonymous
I’ve said 7-6 for months. More talent, tougher schedule.

6) What are your thoughts on UCLA picking up Ray McCallum? What are their chances? – Spencer
The McCallum camp is being pretty quiet, and I think it will take a lot for UCLA to get him.

7) Is UCLA recruiting any OL other than Yandall? I see a Crabb from Hawaii on a few websites. – UCLAVES
Crabb doesn’t have an offer and is already verbally committed to Colorado.

8) How many guards do you think UCLA will take for this recruiting class? – Spencer
They’d like three.

9) With Price leaving any chance Uko or Taula reconsider UCLA? – UCLAVES

10) It seems to me that Rick Neuheisel likes to play close to the vest in the first three quarters and then play more aggressively in the fourth quarter for the win. The talent is there, so do you think that he doesn’t trust his players enough? – WC116
They do tend to open it up a little bit more, particularly defensively. But I think that’s more a matter of how the game flows than anything.

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  • bbruin

    Looks like Big Stan has himself one more chance. If true good for him. OMG we will need him at OG.

  • samohopar

    ONe star = unknown not horrible


    This would be HUGE:

    Four-star defensive lineman Brandon Wills drops Tennessee
    ESPNU Top 150 defensive prospect Brandon Willis of Byrnes (Duncan, S.C.) has decommitted from the Vols and plans to announce between North Carolina and UCLA at next weekend’s U.S. Army All-American game.

  • Anonymous

    Willis would be huge but it sounds like he’s UNC bound. He already posted UNC class of ’14 on his facebook page. Oh well. Hope we get Hemuli.

  • Rieber Hall R.A.

    According to a family member, Hasiak returns to school on Friday and has worked out an agreement with the coaching staff. Hopefully he can keep his emotions in check and not even look back on the previous turn of events.