UCLA Football Schedule Changed

UCLA’s football schedule has been drastically rearranged, as the Bruins get a huge jump in television exposure.

The biggest game on the non-conference schedule, the date at Texas, has been moved from Sept. 18 to Sept. 25, and will now be shown on ABC.

New 2010 UCLA Football Schedule (Tentative)
Sept. 4 at Kansas State
Sept. 11 Stanford on ESPN or ESPN2, TBD
Sept. 18 Houston
Sept. 25 at Texas on ABC, 5:00 pm PT
Oct. 2 Washington State
Oct. 9 at California
Oct. 16 BYE
Oct. 21 at Oregon (Thurs.) on ESPN, 6:00 pm PT
Oct. 30 Arizona
Nov. 6 Oregon State
Nov. 13 at Washington
Nov. 20 BYE
Nov. 26 at Arizona State (Fri.), TV and Time TBD
Dec. 4 USC
Pac-10 institutions will play three Thursday night games, all of which will be televised by ESPN. In addition, two Pac-10 games have been moved to the Friday after Thanksgiving to fill television opportunities.

Also, here’s the old schedule:

at Kansas St Wildcats Sep 4
Houston Cougars Sep 11
at Texas Longhorns Sep 18
Washington State Cougars Oct 2
at California Bears Oct 9
Stanford Cardinal Oct 16
at Oregon Ducks Oct 23
Arizona Wildcats Oct 30
Oregon State Beavers Nov 6
at Washington Huskies Nov 13
at Arizona State Sun Devils Nov 21
USC Trojans Dec 4

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  • PowderKegBlue

    Starting off in Kansas will be tough, but at least we get 3 games to get our legs before having to play Texas. The two bye weeks appear to be in good places to keep the wear and tear down, and if WSU is awful again next year that will be a nice easy game after going to Texas.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    That is going to be one mean, all-day Austin tailgate before a 5pm PDT kickoff against the Shorthorns which will be at 7pm Texas time.

    Donald Duck on a Thursday night ESPN game in Eugene? Yikes…but no guts no glory. At least that game comes off a bye week and we get 9 days before the home game against the Mildcats.

    $C back to the last game of the season? Alright with that.

    All in all, not bad.

  • CAJason80

    Just glad that the Thurs night game isn’t a home game for us. I can’t imagine they could ever schedule a weeknight game during a working week in Pasadena. That would be a total disaster.

    I’m not sure what to think of the modified schedule – I kinda’ had a feeling the Texas game would be moved to the 25th and picked up by ABC, but I think our early season schedule may look slightly easier now. Stanford should be down a bit next year without Gerhart so that game may be a slightly easier game than it was this year. All three of our opening games are now winnable. You have to hope we go in to that first bye at 4-2 or better.

  • spedjones

    Is it just me after watching that lousy Houston team play the other day, or is our OOC schedule not quite as tough as people are making it? Granted we’ll get wacked by UT, and but if UCLA is going to be a nationally-ranked program, we have to beat the K States and Houston’s of the world.


    When Sanctions hit my beloved USC Football, the date the last game of the season won’t matter.

    I sincerely wish these were the days of the Sam Gilbert/John Wooden era where the NCAA chose to “look the other way” while Gilbert hand-delivered Alcindor, Walton, et. al. to Wooden along with plenty of cash and co-eds.

    Now, everything is under the microscope of the Internets and dirtly laundry is exposed. How I long for the days of yesterday.


  • Anonymous

    How I long for BE REAL to BE GONE.

  • Tustin Dave

    Be Real:

    The NCAA looks the other way when boosters send cash and athletes to PC, Timmy, the baseball coach, etc.

    Based on the way the referees change the rules in mid-play, I think that cash must be going to them too!

    Sadly, these are just like the good old days at $C because they are the good old days!

  • ChanHo Park

    I’ve never heard of NCAA and I’m not suc booster. I don’t care about suc’s baseball team. I just want my money back from Krueter

  • Hey B-

    You say that as if the McKay and Robinson eras were pristine and flawless…

    You wanna harp on the past? OK. Just remember, $c’s most famous football player: OJ Simpson. UCLA’s: Jackie Robinson.

  • theuclan


    now the neighborhood wont be safe as the players will revert back to armed robbery instead of playing football.

  • Anonymous

    ESPN is televising three Pac-10 Thursday night games?? Don’t they realize the Pac-10 is on the West Coast????

  • INawe

    HAHA what douche is still impersonating as BE REAL (no blue box next to his name)??? what a loser!!! stupid $C TROLLS!!!

  • Tim Floyd

    Hey guys! Wassup? I’ve been on the road for this NBA gig, heard anything going on at USC? Will the USC b-ball team win the PAC-10 Tourney then on to the big dance?

  • cv

    The SC game never moved. So there will be no fans at the game at ASU, day after thanksgiving?


    BE REAL above is an imposter. Most on this blog know my dribbling drivel from the imposters.