Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

1) Do you think Malcolm Lee will bolt for the NBA after this season? – wc116

2) What is our two-deep at d-tackle looking like next year? This includes committed recruits right now. – Ryan
Nothing is at all settled besides David Carter. I can’t even wager a guess at this point.

3) That said, when does the recruiting dead period end and do we have any good recruits lined up? – solomonbruinThe dead period ended Sunday and the coaches are back at it. UCLA is hoping to get 4-5 more big commits. Some are closer than others.

4) In a previous Q&A, you said CRN’s fourth year (’11) would be the first year to fairly assess whether his approach will reap dividends. Many schools give coaches only 3 to 5 years to produce. How can CRN best work with a potentially small window? – Tim Warren
Neuheisel already made strides toward that future goal by tabbing Kevin Prince as the team’s QB of the future. I believe he’ll live or die with that decision. If Prince is progressed to the point that the staff expects him to be, then UCLA will be fine, and as such, Neuheisel. If Prince does not improve drastically, the team will follow. To a lesser extent, playing guys such as Sheldon Price, Randall Carroll and Morrell Presley before they’re ready to be major playmakers, was a move toward the future.

5) How actively does Neuheisal recruit offensive linemen from the midwest (like Big 12 and Big 10 country). Do you think the o-linemen out there have any interest in UCLA? – Anonymous
To some extent, UCLA is aggressive: Of its 10 offers to offensive linemen, six are out-of-state (Henderson – Minn.; James – Geo.; Innes – Ariz.; Rowland – Ariz.; Wilson – Flor.; Williams – Flor.)
That’s a good sign nationally, but you’re right, UCLA needs to branch out to the Midwest, particularly for beefy linemen.

6) Since Brandon Willis has decommitted from Tennessee, what are our chances of landing him (I heard it’s between us and UNC)? Also, do you know who the leader is for Ricky Heimuli? Considering our need at DT, and Uko’s commitment to USC, I believe getting at least one (or hopefully both) is a major priority. – bruwin5931

Willis is going to North Carolina, or at least, so says his Facebook account. Heimuli is coveted by UCLA, and the staff is pushing hard for him. I’ve heard they’re doing well.

7) If it’s not too late, I do have another question: with USC imposing sanctions against itself, do you think the NCAA might be finishing it’s investigation? Usually a university will impose sanctions against itself when they are worried about punishments from the NCAA. And would this be enough to prevent further discipline from the NCAA? Considering the length of the investigation, and that no penalties were placed on the football program, I would hope that the NCAA does not go easy against USC. – bruwin5931
With the football situation lurking, I think SC tried to jump the gun on the sanctions to prove that they were being “proactive.” It’s a typical ploy.

8) Are there any real talks of moving Derrick Coleman to FB or is that just something we wish would happen? – Anonymous
I think they will at least explore the option.

9) How come your prediction for linebackers playing next year did not include anything on Bowens or Golper? I had heard Bowens showed a lot of promise and athleticism on the Scout team and the coaches were pleased with Golper’s consistent , if not flashy, performance at the Mike position. – Anonymous
Both very good on scout team and deserved a mention. It was my oversight.

10) Where do you think Hayes Pullard and Josh Shirley commit? – AnonymousPut it this way: I would be surprised if Pullard didn’t commit to UCLA. Not stunned, but…surprised. Shirley, not so much.

11) Where will Lache Seastrunk commit? – Anonymous
I get the feeling he’ll end up at Oregon.

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  • Reformed Droog


    While people are asking, might as well ask…

    Do you think that Jerime Anderson will go pro next year? Mike Moser? Spencer Soo?

    Also, do you think Kai Forbath will go 1st or 2nd in the NFL draft?

    And How will Coach Howland cope with every single one of this scholarship players declaring for the draft?

    Finally, are you tired of these f-ing stupid questions yet? (Because I know I am…)

  • Anonymous

    By Jon’s one word answer to #1, I think he is tired of these questions. So let me answer them for you Droog.

    Anderson – Yes in the Mexican league.
    Moser – I think he’ll stay and be All-American next yr
    Soo – I think he’s getting offers in Japan. Charles O’Bannon and JR Henderson are recruiting him hard.

    Forbath is be a first round pick in NFL Euro, if they even have a draft.

    Now, I’m f-ing tired!

    Seriously, if anyone thinks Lee should go pro after this yr is on crack. That’d be worse decision than Jrue leaving last year.

  • Spencer Soo and Matt Lee

    Can Jon tell Charles O’Bannon to stop calling us! We just want our dipomas from UCLA. We have no interest in playing in Japan. At least be aware of the time difference when he calls. Sick of these 3am calls! Stop!

  • Coach Howland

    Open trials at Men’s Gym this Sunday after the team returns from the bay area. 1/10/10 10am

  • BruinFan

    I’ll send all the bug guys I can to the “open trials”

  • cv

    Rick is making the same mistake that Dorrell made when he picked BO.