Howland ON:

On taking responsibility:
“I’ve made mistakes, and ultimately I’m responsible for where we are right now. The key for us to dig our way back out is for us to really play hard and play good defense – zone or man, whatever the scheme is. Really try to be tough.”

On Jerime Anderson:
“He was sore after the ASU game, to the point where he didn’t even do the walk-through. Our trainer had been icing and icing it. Then on Saturday he was able to play, and had some soreness afterward. But it’s kind of wait and see.”

On Anderson’s rebounding:
“The one big thing for Jerime, between the Arizona state game and Arizona game is he had six rebounds and really did a great job for us on the glass. He didn’t have any on Saturday. We need to get more rebounds out of him and Mike Roll. We have to have a concerted team effort.”

On Cal:
“Any way you look at it, Cal’s a very difficult matchup. Their seniors are really good – Randle is an NBA player. I remember watching the Aaron Brooks kid, and this kid has an NBA game. Christopher is going to be right there, too.”

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