A word from Cassius Marsh

After hearing about Oaks Christian’s Cassius Marsh in last night’s game chat and reading all about his possible UCLA interest on multiple message boards, I went to the source.
Me: Hey Cash, are you still considering UCLA now?
Him: “Nope.”

That should end the speculation.

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  • Oaks Christian Student

    I happen to know that he is still considering UCLA but is trying to keep the heat down until after this weekend’s game.

  • DoubleBruin

    Jon, do you also write the restaurant reviews in LA Weekly? If so, you hit the nail in the head with Mantee. I love their food.


  • Anonymous

    I wonder if a recruit has ever decided to change his mind on a commitment due to someone close to the situation leaking information that was not meant to be put out into the public? Do YOU know of any incidents like this JON GOLD?

  • DoubleBruin

    Anon, if anyone decides to change his mind on a commitment due to a “leak” on a board like this, it means that he never really had made up his mind to begin with.

  • Are you kidding me? You’re giving me way too much credit.

  • Anonymous

    Brian Dohn type reporting Gold! Thanks for the update!

  • mike chat

    That question leaves it wide open. He might have been having a Double double at the time and was considering how great it tastes. You have to ask the proper question and you will get a proper answer. Are you or will you ever consider dropping LSU and sign with UCLA before signing day? would have been the proper question.

  • dolphyfan1

    this kid was kind of a douche anyway

  • Fan4Life

    Call me an optimist, but it seems like we still have a chance with Marsh. “Nope” just doesn’t sound definite enough.

  • Jim Carrey

    So you’re saying that I have a chance . . .

  • Anonymous

    Anyone remember these other DT’s who shunned the Bruins- Kaelin Jakes/Travis Johnson? Didn’t think so…They did nothing at their respective college choices!

  • Anonymous

    That’s because only the good players go to UCLA. Just look at our record and all the championships in the past decade!

  • Anonymous

    Well Travis Johnson was selected first team all ACC and was drafted into the NFL 16th overall. Also you have to remember him taunting Trent Green while he was still unconscious after knocking him out with his knee.

  • Jill Painter

    This Unlikely Scenario Just In
    Just think, IF Brian Price really does get drafted by San Diego and IF Travis Johnson stayed with the team, Price and Johnson could play together on the same defensive line. Unlikely, yes, but never say never.