A note about Fred Thompson

Some have grumbled about Fred Thompson cancelling his official visit, but I’ve just been told that is not true.
Thompson has been climbing up the recruiting charts recently, and he has offers from several Pac-10 schools.
Here’s his profile: Thompson

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  • Jake da “Snake”

    Now that carroll is gone how difficult will it be for Rick to start working his magic on Trojan recrits? Also one more thing,is there any way Howland allows a more uptiempo game,this youngsters really cant seem to run his offense, and it seems this kids can run and gun,why not let kids run up and down the gym,sometimes you must adjust your game plan according to your personal. He already did, can we say 2-3 zone…

  • Republican National Committee

    We wondered what happen to Fred after he fell off the radar screen last Spring!