Hey guys,

Thanks for your patience today as I drove back from the Bay Area. I know it was a crazy day, and I’m sorry I didn’t have the access as normal.

That said…tomorrow will be huge. I have some big conversations lined up and I’ll be delivering throughout the day. I’ll even try to reach Uko’s coach for Spedjones. No promises, man.

How about a midday chat to go over Pete Carroll’s departure and the ramifications for UCLA recruiting?

Also, I got a phone call from Norm Chow, and he basically has no comment at the moment – his exact words: “I got nothing to comment on. Whatever is whatever. Obviously it’s causing quite a stir, but what else are you gonna say?”

I’m sure he will entertain any intriguing offers that might come, but in the end, I expect him to stay.

Thanks guys

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  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon, haha, pretty entertaining =P

  • Anonymous

    Jon, I think Uko’s coach has blocked your #. Maybe you should use a new cell phone # or find a pay phone somewhere. You’ll have better luck.

  • Slippery Pete

    Daily News has you DRIVING up and back from the bay area for a basketball weekend??? I know the dead tree media is short on days, but have your editors hit up Demand an A group!

  • MichaelRyerson

    tough room.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure East_Bay_Bruin would have liked to meet you but he was too busy trolling on Inside USC.

  • Anonymous

    usc brings in a head coach Norm Chow likes and we lose our OC to the trojans.

  • Anonymous

    So Norm Chow called to say that he had no comment–Wow.