Do you know the way from San Jose?

Jon Gold just called from the road (he’s driving back from the Bay Area) and said he has had some spotty internet access, which has kept him from posting on the blog today.

He promised he’ll have plenty of updates as soon as he gets back.

Thanks for your patience,
Gene Warnick
Sports editor

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  • WTF

    CBH didn’t save Jon a seat on the charter flight? That’s wrong, man! Tell Chris Roberts to stop taking up two seats!

  • WTF

    Chris Roberts would say

    “I should have saved you a seat, shouldn’t I?”

    “23 TO against a team like Stanford was just too many to overcome, wasn’t it?”

  • Anonymous

    Tell Jon that he’s already used the “spotty internet” access excuse not too long ago, along with the my internet card is broken and of course the trusty ol’ “my best friend is getting married” hes used several times.

  • WTF

    Well Jon, you did have alot of best friends getting married this year, didn’t you?

  • WTF

    I know the way from San Jose doesn’t take the whole day!!!

  • Pete Carroll

    So long, suckers!

  • how cute

    sounds like there’s a few here that have a little crush on jon

  • Anonymous

    gold was on the balcony of his hotel putting his laptop in different positions when he dropped it over the side of the balcony. the DN is too cheap to let him stay at *insert sponsor from commercial here*

  • Anonymous

    Come one people. Get a life! Really, there is no reason to criticize Jon over this. If you have nothing better to do than constantly check this board for comments regarding the collapse (yipee!) of troy, then I feel really bad for you…

    Now, I’m off to, Bruin Nation, Bruin Roar, etc. etc. etc. for the 5th time today to see if Coach Chow is leaving or if we got another recruit…

  • Anonymous

    John there is something called Wireless Broadband cards so you don’t have to worry about “spotty” internet access.

  • cliq


    considering DN is making him drive the 6 hours instead of a short, cheap 1 hour flight… i dont think they would provide a broadband card…