BREAKING NEWS: I’m hearing Del Rio to SC w/ Jon Tenuta as DC

Just heard from a very reliable source that USC is seriously looking at Jack Del Rio as it’s head coach with former Notre Dame defensive coordinator Jon Tenuta as his defensive coordinator.
The source heard this from Tenuta himself.

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  • spedjones

    word is also that Norm’s a part of that package. True or not?

  • Pete Carroll

    Hey! That door didn’t finish hitting my *arse* before my former employer filled the open position!

    Anyway, so long suckers!

  • spedjones

    and if true, Jon, how quickly can Jack start recruiting? Is there a NCAA hurdle to jump through first?

  • Anonymous

    not too worried……although he was born in California and attended USC, hes been away from LA for a long time to have strong recruiting links in this area….for local kids, the guy is unknown; they just know he is a NFL coach. Plus, i dont think that in general NFL coaches make great college coaches…..NFL requires management skills whereas college requires recruiting skills, good relationship with kids, motivational, etc.

  • BruinBurd

    Was this before or after the NCAA announced it was going to bring the hammer down?
    Would he take the job if it included sanctions for a few years?

  • NCAA Committee On Infractions

    Hey Jack, we’ll see you, Mike, and Jon in Tempe in late February!

  • Bruingold82

    To Anon @ 4:27… the rumor is that Pete wants to take DeWayne Walker to Seattle. Thats a better job for him than the DC of USC.

    I’ve become a bit of a Jags fan since Del Rio drafted Maurice Jones Drew and Marcedes a few years ago. It would be easier to root for them if Del Rio wasnt there.

    I really think that hire doesnt scare me at all as a Bruin. We would have the best coach in LA and already have an inside track with all of the young kids out there.

    I say, do it SC!

  • Dr. Mario

    That would be great for UCLA. Del Rio is known as a hothead that players HATE to play for. He’s the antithesis of Pete Carroll.

  • williscop

    I think the key for USC’s recruiting this year is Norton. If he leaves or is not retained, there will be very little sembalance to the original committing class for this year and maybe even next year. It would be a good time for UCLA to find a position within the program for Norton and watch what that would do to SC.


    As long as Norm Chow remains a Bruin!

  • Anonymous

    Del Rio has two years left on his contract with Jacksonville at $6M per year.

    If he quits now, he leaves that money on the table. If he waits to get fired next week at his meeting with the GM and owner, he pockets the $12M.

    Now, what would you do?

    If it is Del Rio, nothing is going to be announced until next week.



    Norton is being hired as the Seahawks LB Coach.

  • CAJason80

    If Jon Tenuta becomes DC at USC, I will rejoice. His last two defenses at Notre Dame and Georgia Tech were abject failures.

  • I don’t get all these Chow rumors. Chow and Pete do not get along, right? Chow would not want to be with him, and Chow going to $c after he leaves is supposed to hurt Pete’s feelings? Why would starting over at a new school with the NCAA breathing down your neck improve things?

  • MaltBaa

    Walker left a pac10 DC position for a head coaching gig, why would he come back to another pac10 DC job? He isnt going to SC unless they offer him the HC job

  • Anonymous

    Jon Tenuta had great defenses at G-Tech. ND…not so much.

  • williscop

    If Norton ends up in Washington, I think that works too. He recruits well and as long as those ties leave SC, it will be a bonus for UCLA. Times have a way of changing ones feelings and I think he would entertain the idea of coming back if he weren’t one of the assistants going to Washington.

  • WTF

    I agree with UCLAVES. I think that bridge was burned thanks to Dorrell. Plus, I think Norton really wants to move up in the ladder, so anything short of being a DC on the college level probably doesn’t interest him.

  • Anonymous

    I’d rather have Norton as our DC then Bullough.

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, thank you for the update. As a USC fan I want to thank you for the bit of good news.
    I am not here to offend UCLA fans b/c that is not my style or intent. I have too much respect for UCLA.
    Jack Del Rio looks like a good hire with the potential to be a great hire ala Carroll. From my understanding he is a players type of coach and more than likely he will be bringing in Dirk Koetter as his OC and Kennedy Pola who is viewed as a great recruiter prior to his departure to the NFL.
    I am surprised that he is bringing in Jon Tenuta as his DC b/c I was crossing my fingers that he would be bringing Ed Orgeron as his DC.
    The one thing I would caution my UCLA fans is that whoever is hired as a coach he will have some pretty good talent especially at QB and can still savage the USC recruiting season. USC has the players to reach a BCS bowl game next year and the new coach will be seen as a miracle worker if he can reach that goal.

  • The Skipper

    @ Gilligan:

    Hey little buddy, did you mean “salvage the USC recruiting season” or did you really mean “savage the USC recruiting season?”

  • T4

    Where the Chow lands nobody knows, however if a school, any school offers him 800k to 1 mil for his services he won’t be landing back in Nueheisels lap. And the above inference that he would return to USC to prove it was he that made the difference in SC’s offense is not too far fetched.

  • Reformed Droog

    Anonymous said:
    Ed Orgeron is rumored to come back to USC, he’d been their best recruiter outside of you-know-who.
    January 11, 2010 4:46 PM

    USC had Lord Voldemort recruiting for them? I KNEW THOSE GUYS WERE EVIL!

  • Hey little buddy-

    Hoping for lighting to strike twice, i.e. taking a middle-of-the-road pro coach and turning him in to a recruiting machine despite no prior experience, is a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

    I am happy today, but I know that the heart of LA football will not be won easily. I just can’t wait to have another generation in which wearing $c gear is not fashionable anymore. I don’t want all those disenfranchised Raider fans to become Bruin fans per se, but I very much want a landscape free of Ketchup and Mustard stains…

  • Jacko

    Urban Meyer to Jaguars

  • Anonymous

    Jon Gold has better sources at USC than UCLA. Wow.

    Now why can’t we get INSIDE scoop like that for UCLA?

  • The hits just keep on coming… now Pete and $c might get sued for aiding and abetting a Rx pain killer habit.

  • MurrietaBruin
  • Mike H class of 90

    USC unfortunately isn’t going away next year unless there are NCAA sanctions…too much talent still over there. The problems will come down the road as the recruiting understandably dips. As much as the Bruin fans here seem to think 2011 will be our year, I think that will also be the year that USC hits the skids. I believe that USC may come out of this with a better coaching staff (I never thought Carroll was a great X and O guy) but won’t have the recruits – at least not to the level that Petey could bring them in. Hard to follow the best recruiter in the history of NCAA football.


    OK, Jack would give up $15M to take the $Cums Job. Chow, really, he’s lost a step…What did our offence rank the past 2 years? I’ll bet he’s going to retire. DeWayne would be the smartest pick, although the coaching staff that he attracted to NMS is iffy at best. My guess is $ARK would take the job…and would do well. I think the $Cums should go after MORA…that’d be funny;)


    (1) Aren’t these incessant, abusive, profane and nasty comments from the SUCLA cockroaches unbelievable!
    It only evidences that they are so envious of SC football that it makes them sick. Keep ’em coming worms because it only validates what a great thing SC has going, decade after decade.

    2. Barkley undoubtedly was talking about Carroll, and how it is only a surprise to the uninitiated i.e. everybody outside the players and coaches, that Carroll would bolt for a “sweetheart deal.” Come on, folks, he has been seeking this for years now, interviewing with pro teams practically every year.

    3. Carroll leaving has left me quite depressed. I even had a fight with my wife when she said she hoped it rained every day in Seattle while Carroll is there. But I will only recall how he brought class, enthusiasm, good looks, national championships, and a sense that college football was the greatest sport on earth to ol’ SC.




    Pete found out in late December, and resigned this week. Check out the story on Yahoo;_ylt=AnEzKOCRtZHaeduF73pX1O85nYcB?slug=ys-uscprobe01110&prov=yhoo&type=lgns

  • Mike H class of 90

    If Jack gets fired then he takes the job. If he doesn’t get fired, he hangs on to his NFL gig and hopes that 3-4 years from now the job is once again open, this time without sanctions in place.

  • Jack Del Rio

    No frickin’ way in hell I’m going to that cesspool in South Central. With the upcoming sanctions, I wouldn’t even be able to beat any Pop Warner team. By the way, I would be too busy screaming at the band to STFU.

    Take care all!

  • Anonymous

    ESPN.COM reports Del Rio is staying.