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I’ve been told Stanley Hasiak is at UCLA with his status still unknown. He is taking classes as the situation gets sorted out.

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  • Anonymous

    Literally over a dozen different Bruins trolling over the weekend on Inside USC.

    So many people with so much time dedicated to hate.

  • Anonymous

    What motivates you to keep complaining about it here? Sports fans are among some of the most immature people out there. It’s annoying, but it has always been that way.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Good for Stan. Glad to hear he’s back. Hope this kid gets his life straightened out. Whether or not he plays football, he needs to get on with his education.

  • samohopar

    I bet his prospects went up exponentially when xman decided to go on his mission

  • Charlie Bucket

    ChuckerBucker here, reporting back from trolling on Southern Cal Blog: well fellow Bruins, it is now resembling dawn of the dead over there. trOJan eating trOJan….they are totally bashing chetey petey, begging Chow to come back, trashing Mike Garrett, Tim Floyd, OJ mayo, reggie bush, JoMac Fumble, and now of all people, Mark McGuire who has admitted being a drug doping cheater in baseball.

    so much for trOJan for life…one slip up and they trash you over there. the devastation is sad and tragic over there, but of course they had it coming and that’s what makes it oh so sugar sweeeeet!

    ok i am going back in now…cover me

  • Anonymous

    Charlie Bucket needs a life, but that was hilarious. Go get ’em Charlie!