Hearing Chow gone from multiple sources

Multiple sources have confirmed Norm Chow is negotiating a contract to leave UCLA to become the offensive coordinator for USC.

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  • dolphyfan1


  • 9UCLA5

    Isn’t that fantastic.

  • notafan


    What an all-time back stab…and to go to a school about to be sanctioned

  • Anonymous

    wow. i guess there goes his reputation as a man of high character and integrity.

  • samohopar

    Good. I just hope Rick can pull in someone that knows how to use our personnel.

  • Bruingold82

    Guys, don’t give Trojans the satisfaction. We honestly did not see that much from him in his 2 years as a Bruin. I was hoping he could fix that next year. OC at UCLA is a pretty good job with all the talent (and lack of sanctions) on the team.

    Who would you guys like to be on the short list for our new OC?

  • Spencer

    It’s hard not to give Norm Chow a failing grade for his first two years at UCLA.

  • uclaike

    Wow, what a crazy couple of hours. Honestly, I don’t know that this Neuheisel – Chow marriage was made to last, and I don’t know that it’ll work with Kiffin either. It’ll be interesting to see how this all shakes out in terms of recruiting, although at the end of the day I suspect there will be minimal impacts.

    I don’t think RN needs to rush out to get an OC to salvage any recruiting, because ultimately he’s an offensive coach and his coordinator would effectively implementing his system.

  • uclaone1

    Norm Chow….Old guy who used to have it…but doesn’t anymore…Sour Grapes maybe…but did he do well in the pros?…Fired….his two years at Ucla……Nothing….wants to be a head coach?….yet goes back to sc in a lateral move….good riddance…

  • LEY

    Good! He actually held back the offense and it always seemed like he was playing not to lose!!! We have weapons for next year, Thigpen, Carroll, Jordan James, etc… I just hope Rick can get someone who can open it up!!!

  • Anonymous

    he blew anyway. good riddance

  • Anonymous

    look at the players norm was working with. There was only so much he could do with what he had.

  • Spencer

    I guess things weren’t that good between CRN and Norm Chow.

  • dodgers55555


  • Anonymous

    Ya, not that worried, we really didn’t do anything under him.

    How about Mike Leach 😉

  • Confused

    Jon, would you mind clarifying?

    You said he’s both “gone” and “negotiating.”

    Does this mean a) they’re generally in agreement that he’s going to USC and are just hammering out the details, or b) that he is deciding whether or not he’s interested in the job?

  • 9UCLA5

    The offense is 2 years old and now we have to start over with a new OC?

    This doesn’t make me very happy.

  • samohopar

    Mike Leach would be nice, but too much personality to get along with Rick. Oh and there is that whole locking players in closet’s thing that will hurt recruiting.

  • Anonymous

    Makes you wonder how hard Chow was working for UCLA…so basically USC is completely staffed by backstabbers. That’s the message I’d be getting out on the recruiting trail.

  • Anonymous

    The thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat!


  • brewnz

    Don’t fool yourselves Toejams. Lame is the latest in the line of Hackett, Robofat, Smith, Tollner and other rejects who were filler before and after runs of excellence. This fool will run your program into the ground. He and Chow don’t like each other, so expect some of what we saw with UCLA’s offense this year.

    I think the players would like to see a more open offensive attack anyway. A lot of griping (some of it public) about ‘lack of trust’ and unwillingness to play freshmen.

  • anon

    is this another one of your very reliable sources that also confirmed del rio to sc? let me guess, your source also told you howland was going to be a toejam next right?

  • brewnz

    Chow=Manchurian Candidate?

  • abc

    we have got to change the whole playbook now.

  • Anonymous

    Norm chom wow!! Really…… Ok!!!

  • spedjones

    Good. Finally got that Nigga off my boy RC’s back!

  • VAbruin

    dodgers55555, Rick’s son? I was hoping that we could go after Snoop Dogg as OC, but he’s usually stalking around with the USC football team. If Pete Carroll takes him to Seattle, I’m sure you’ll have to find some other classy celebrity…


    My only concern would be this years recruits. I have confidence in CRN’s abilities on offense.

  • bruinaccountant

    What about getting Bob Toledo as our OC??????

  • gilligan

    I am a big time USC fan and I come here in peace.
    I must admit that I am surprised that Kiffin was hired as the USC HC but shocked that Chow is coming back to USC. Does anyone know why Chow is leaving UCLA on the serious side? The only two reasons why he would go back to USC is (1) the money must be pretty good and (2) to try to stick it to PC and try to win a title. I’ve read that there was some type of rift between Neuheisel but I didn’t think it was big enough for him to work with Kiffin b/c as some of you stated earlier these two guys were in each other’s throat.

  • Anonymous

    Homer Smith, baby!

  • Big Woof!

    Many of my thoughts have already been said by others, but in summary: 1) suc succeeded be in picking a guy we can hate much more than petey, 2) Asshole is a polite way to describe him, 3) do not be surprised at anything that comes out of his mouth, much of it untruths, 4) Yes he’s got some great assistants, let’s hope those sanctions do come down, and soon, and 5) I’m not sure we should cry over losing Chow – he never did quite blend with our system and team, and now coach RN (who I’m sure is still overjoyed over these whole proceedings) will be able to pick an OC more compatible with what he wants to do. “Lame” is good, but up north here we also like to call him “Lance,” the name given to him by an admittedly senile Al Davis (see no. 2 above).

  • We’ve been talking all year about conflict between CRN and Chow… how is a marriage of Kiffen and Chow, who already have a shaky past, supposed to work?

    I didn’t want him to leave, but his track record with us (and even his last stint) is less than exemplary. Hopefully, this is a blessing in disguise, and I think we still have basically the same recruit momentum from yesterday to today.

    Is it too wishful to think CRN could get his old boss Billick to be an OC again? We all know he can convince like no one’s business…

  • 9UCLA5

    Those same tires on NC’s mercedes will just get stolen in South Central where the classy USC is located.

  • brewnz

    He left Westwood for the hallowed sewage of South Central L.A.

  • Bruin ’05

    Maybe we can bring back Tom Cable and reproduce the offense production of 2005 with Drew Olson and MJD.

  • Blue Bruin

    I don’t think Chow added much during his two season, though, granted, he didn’t have much to work with, either. However, I lost patience in him after the Oregon State game this year. UCLA was inside the 10 yard line with goal to go and ran three times. Chow said something utterly ridiculous after the game like “the coverage dictated we run.” Well, if it’s 3rd and goal on the eight yard line, I don’t care if there’s the nose tackle on the line and everyone else back in coverage, you pass the damn ball! With most other college teams running a spread offense or some type of option attack, it seems like UCLA’s playbook is stuck circa 1979. Neuheisal is fit to mentor the quarterbacks and preside over the offense. So, to Chow I say a grand “good riddance!”

  • Scooped Again

    Say Ciao to Chow Bruin fans

  • brewnz

    gilligan…I’m certain it’s a bit of both. More money and some friction with Rick. I know that there was a serious issue coming to head around Kevin Prince vs Richard Brehaut as QB. I wasn’t certain how it would turn out, but there was going to be a winner and a loser in that battle (not necessarily the players).

    Screw the sanctions, btw. If they happen, that’s $C’s problem. Win on the field.

  • BigTime

    Guy’s, Chow isn’t gone officially so relax. IF he leaves, which I sincerely doubt, it’d be atrocious. Lets see how this plays out, just relax.


  • VAbruin

    Bruin ’05, having Cable back would be interesting though the players would have to wear their helmets all the time in case of erratic punching…

  • rejn

    I posted this on BRO

    This move by Chow shows what he’s all about as well. I don’t think his heart was ever at UCLA. It was a quick fix to get back to LA. And the fact that he’s leaving now, during the height of recruiting season to go back to a dysfunctional situation doesn’t really show me too much about the guy. There’s other quality Offensive Coordinators and Rick will make a great hire. Chow should be ashamed of himself, at the same time, birds of feather flock together. Chow deserves everthing that he’s going to get. And what will he say when they get sanctioned, the SC president fires Garrett, the new AD fires Kiffin, and the new coach brings in his OC? Maybe not the brightest bulbs in the bunch.

  • bushwhite






  • brewnz

    Bruin ’05, I’d be all for bringing Cable back. Unfortunately, that won’t work with Bob Palcic here.

    Norm is a Toejam, unfortunately. I don’t think he gave UCLA his best effort and it’s probably best he goes where he wants to be.

  • brewnz

    whitebush, I can’t wait to see the crap you guys roll out on the field next year. Getting Pete was like lightning in a bottle…if you think Lame can replicate, you’re delusional.

    Monte’s defense was impressive in the bowl game, btw…

  • Gone or Not?

    Mr Gold your headline is not consistent with your story. Is he gone? Or negotiating?

  • Anonymous

    Gilligan —– USC has an easier time paying coaches than UCLA. That puts UCLA at a disadvantage all else being equal. I was hoping this wasn’t going to happen, but it did. Good luck to Norm Chow even though I wish that he stayed.

    I root for UCLA and USC.

  • Bruin ’05

    Ha… That’s funny VAbruin. Didn’t give that much thought.

    Jon, is this the year when the Tennessee Titans buy-out for Chow ends and we have to actually “pay” him?

  • Anonymous

    according to Marc Dellins….Norm Chow leaving ucla is “incorrect”

  • brewnz

    Yeah, I noticed people calling out African Americans…NOT

    Throwing the race-card in. I thought all Toejams were Republican, you reject! You rag on Westwood, but expect nobody to point out the obvious?

  • rejn

    Did UCLA anything on offense, with Chow, that really makes us feel like the lose is going to be that bad? What did Chow do at UCLA? Did he really do anything that another coordinator couldn’t do? And how much money did he make for doing what?

    I think it’s probably be good if he stayed just because he’s already there, but nothing gained, nothing lost.

    I love what Al Borges did when Toledo was our coach. I’m sure Rick will find the right guy and bring on an Offensive Coordinator who he loves to work with instead of an OC that has the great resume but not the drive, heart, commitment, or passion that he may have once had. Plus, how much of a recruiter was Chow. Wasn’t the deal that he would be too involved with recruiting? Dead weigth in that regard.

    Chow is not God. However, the folks across town pretend to be god like will welcome Chow back and treat as if he’s everything. He’s not. And maybe he’s not what he used to be.

  • CAJason80

    Also, Shelley Smith (who started this entire Chow to USC meme) just backed off her assertion, instead now saying “USC is trying to finalize a deal with Norm Chow” on ESPNNews just a few minutes ago. So we’ll see, I guess.

  • Ryan

    Chow always wanted Barkley. Now’s his chance.

  • mike chat

    Was 47 of them named Scott Wolfe?

  • dolphyfan1

    you guys think it’s bad here, knoxville is on fire

  • Ryan

    I have a feeling Brehaut will have every opportunity to snatch the starting spot now.

  • For all of you that believe Chow is leaving, I would really like to point your attention to the more sensible and multi-source reporting done at Bruin Nation. Particularly this article:


    From the UCLA’s Sports Information Director (regarding Chow leaving to SC):

    As far as we know, it is an incorrect report.

  • Steve

    Chow is a has been. Much better than him out there. Go back to SCUM land. Put a fork in. SC is done.


    To the SUC going to the race card. Compare the cost of a UCLA education to that of an inferior SUC education and tell me who the little rich kids are.

  • Anonymous

    Now maybe Brehaut will get a chance . Chow kissed up Prince and basically abandoned Brehaut , who has more natural skills and potential than Prince has

  • Spencer
  • brewnz

    Sounds like $ucsters celebrating too early. Whatever…it’s a money grab for Norm, apparently. If he goes, best of luck to him partnering with that idiot Lame. I’m certain Tennessee will be HOPING for a home-and-home with $UC.

    UCLA will need to consider a more dynamic offense if Norm is indeed gone. Rick can still make this into a positive situation.

    $UC, on the other hand, absolutely needs him with that motley crew they’ve put together.

  • Anonymous

    I think Chow and Jack Del Rio will make a great team.

    Oh yeah the Jack one wasn’t correct either.

    BTW if the athletic department would never let a student leave to go to another Pac-10 school, I think there is something very wrong if they released a coach so they could get the same position at a rival school.

  • Anonymous

    la times says its not a done deal!!

  • BDB

    This may be a good thing if Chow leaves. If he leaves, this proves he was never a Bruin anyway. Chow is an older OC that is on the downward side of his career – and effectiveness. Why do you think he was fired at Tennessee? Having seen every game since Chow came here, the offense was very predictable and lacked innovation. Chow never allowed this young, talented group to achieve their full potential. With CRN an offensive minded HC, there was clearly a ‘Clog’ at the top with Chow. Brining in a young, talented, innovative OC to complement CRN will be a breath of fresh air – and something we need! I see this as positive.

  • spedjones

    how old (collectively) is SC’s new coaching staff? I hope the excitement doesn’t kill them.

    BTW, Jon’s silence here is really disappointing. Why do I have to get my UCLA news on Wolf’s site?

  • bushwhite

    yep, your right, losing on of the best OC in college
    football history is a positive.

    Could it be that , since no one wants to go to westwood high and NC had no talent to work with, he was limited in what he could do?

    Why do you think he threw the closest thing possible into his car and squealed his tires to get to USC??>


    damn UCLA sucks

  • brewnz

    Hey Whitebush (as in “old lady”), reports are now surfacing that NORM is STAYING. YOU GUYS SUCK, just like LAME!

  • brewnz

    Further reports are surfacing that Norm Chow was working with Ashton Kucher for a segment on PUNK’D!


    Where are you seeing he is staying? I am just seeing that he is not for sure leaving. There is a big difference.

    Jon I hate it when people rip on you, but seriously don’t you have any input?

  • brewnz

    On the serious side for both Bruins and Trojans (except Whitebush), have you EVER been through a crazier period than the last two months??? This is almost surreal

    When it’s all over (after recruiting), we should all have a beer together and settle our differences….for one night lol.

  • G

    Funny how just yesterday there was such a buzz about the future of UCLA football, and all of a sudden this board is filled with sour grapes. Norm Chow did not suddenly forget how to coach. There was still a serious lack of talent and he never got a chance to run the offense that he can still run. That talent continues to come in, so this is a major loss. I hope our AD can make a splash too.

  • Anonymous

    Westwood high? Yes, UCLA is totally like a crappy high school, while SUC is the biggest, best university in the world….HAHAHAHAHA, SUC is trash from top to bottom. UCLA is one of the top universities in the world while SUC is a junkyard below even most community colleges. If Chow wants to go to SUC, it’s obvious why, he’ll ink some sort of 5+ years for 1.5+ million/year and hope that all hell breaks loose at SUC, bide his time until he’s fired and takes his last big pay-day into retirement.

  • jamesjmcenulty

    Both sides are so premature. Norm hasn’t left and may stay. All of a sudden SC fans are gloating and Bruins are saying “Norm wasn’t all that good.” Will Bruins still say he is “not that good” when he stays? Will SC say they don’t care after all if he stays at UCLA? Pretty silly from both sides. It is Norm’s chance to take SC to the cleaners, he probably doesn’t like working with either Rick or Lane and frankly who would, or maybe Norm isn’t all that easy to work with. But he knows he can play one school against the other. I am a Trojan, btw, and hope he comes back. But who knows if USC will pony up “NFL dollars” or if they should.


    Per BN: UPDATE II (N): Apparently Robert Kuwada on Bruin Report Online’s premium board is reporting that Chow will stay. No confirmation yet. GO BRUINS.

  • williscop

    If Chow were to leave, look for Nolan Cromwell’s name to come up.

    On a side note to prospective UCLA…read this. You speak, albeit uneducated, about those at UCLA being racially prejudiced against African Americans. I ask you this, who has caused more trouble for business owners and law obiding citizens around USC? Those from Beverly Hills that drive the expensive cars or those that burned and looted the areas around USC following the riots and the gang bangers that follow USC and cause the good people in the area to live in constant fear and wont allow their children to play in the yard even during the day? If you’re looking for blame, you need not look beyond your own nose.

    By the way, I drive a Chevy.

  • brewnz

    a little too rational there, james.

    However, I think you’ve captured the situation perfectly. Except, I think this is nothing more than an in-your-face session in light of Pete Carroll’s departure.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think people turned on Chow as much as people are shocked, if he leaves, at a lateral move to a putrid place like SUC, which is going to get hammered into the ground soon, to work with trash like Lame Kiffin, no matter how much money is involved. Sometimes, your own mental health and well being are more important than a fatter paycheck.

  • Jason

    Norm Chows mormon go to BYU!!! either way Chows amazing, and SC is back on top. Ucla will never catch up, they are the clippers to the lakers. Fight On Trojans!! Go stormin Mormon Normy!!

  • john gold sucks

    john you are great at misleading your readers with false headlines to make this web site get hits. i have to give it to you, you are clever but your sources and journalism are elementary at best. first del rio signed with sc now chow. i understand this is a free site – that might be why the info here incorrect and basically referrences other sites for stories your fat ass is to lazy to write 🙂

  • Jay

    It cracks me up to hear fans (UCLA, TN, USC Haters in general) call Kiffin, CHow, back stabbers, low charater, etc… What’s the difference between them and Urban Meyer leaving Utah, Kelly leaving Cincy this year, or any coach leaving a program for another job? Pete leaving USC for the Seahawks, it is business, please grow up.

  • Chow will be gone..And he was at SC before stepping down to UCLA and joining the Ric horse & pony show.. But It is a shame that UCLA cannot get a goot Football coach..You guys need another AD… Its not like UCLA has not the talent…They just lack in Coaching..

    Good day to be a Trojan… Wnat some KOOL-AID……


    Norm is starting a restaurant.

    U$Cums please note one thing about character and class…Lane just showed his, so did pete…

  • Anonymous