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After hearing from multiple sources that Norm Chow was negotiating with USC, I am now hearing that he is going to stay at UCLA. I’m getting this from people very, very close to the UCLA situation.
I have not heard from anyone at UCLA about the matter on the record, and you’ll be the first to know when I do.

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  • UCLArt

    Jon = the boy who cried wolf.


  • UCLArt

    The boy who cried wolf.

  • Anonymous

    Jon, your just as bad as wolf

  • Bruingold82

    Today is INSANE!!!!!

    I love our GODDAMN rivalry!!!!

    I still don’t know whats going on with Chow, but whatever happens it won’t punch a hole in my passion bucket!!

    Go Bruins!

  • rejn

    If Chow is staying, great. But if he is staying, then he needs to know from all of the Bruins that we DEMAND nothing but his best, his total commitment to UCLA, his passion to be the best at UCLA, and the fight to beat USC on and off the field – including the recruiting wars. This is ridiculous for a UCLA coach to be playing games like this and leading on that he might be interested in going back to our rivals – especially during this point in the recruiting process. Get on board, Norm and show us your stuff, not some of it, but give us 110% and make us proud Bruins. Be a Bruin, not a guy who’s using the title of a Bruin to get back to the enemy!!! It’s worth the effort, dammit!!!

  • Johnny Angel

    It didn’t make sense that Chow would leave at this time to be on the staff of Kiffin.

    I’m glad he is staying but I wonder if he will be able to switch to Brehaut. Prince is not the answer.

  • mike chat

    bullcrap Jon, Your multiple sources is Sottt Wolfe and you asked him twice.

  • Journalism FAIL

    I have a source very, very close to common sense who says that Jon Gold is a terrible reporter.

  • samohopar

    Is this good or bad? Chow better do something this coming season otherwise we’ll donate him to SC.

  • mg’slobotomist

    If you write the headlines then you really screwed the pooch this time.


    Jon, just a thought – you might want to take down the thread about Chow leaving for USC based on multiple sources.

    Just a thought

  • Joe B. Ruin

    Jon, stay on this puppy. CRN is our only true dog in this fight, keep on it..

  • brewnz

    Don’t shoot the messenger.

    Obviously a very fluid situation, but poetic justice for the toejams who came onto the Bruin site to crow (granted, Bruins have been doing a lot of that this week)

  • mickificki

    I think you need “sources” that are much much much much much closer to UCLA.

  • spedjones

    don’t hassle Jon for content in a very fluid situation. For posting a long article on BB, yes, but not on facts as they happen re Norm. Keep it up Jon.

  • BruinGold

    Rejn, you make me proud. Way to go. Agree 100%.

  • Jon are you going to scold your “multiple sources” for giving you BAD info? It makes you look just as bad as Shelly Smith when you jump the gun on stuff like this. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog since you came on board but situations like this undermine your credibility. Hopefully you’ll do a better job with confirming information next time around.

  • Daily News Employees Shouldn’t Post Here

    Stop trying to back up Jon’s huge mistake. The internet allows editing on the web site. Contact your Daily News online administrator instead of pulling a George W Bush and inserting fake comments.

  • BDB

    rejn, brewnz, spedjones – all great posts!

  • rejn

    Thanks, BruinGold!

  • bruins104

    to all u whiners out there, wake up! NO, YOU are the cause of bad reporting. give Jon a break, he’s trying his best to do his job. aren’t u the same ones hounding and pressuring him incessantly when he doesnt get breaking news fast enough for ur taste? now that he’s attempting to tip news from sources to appease u the readers (and he was not the only one reporting the same rumor), then y’all come hammering down hard on him. he may not get it right all the time with rumors and sources. and if he gets it right, i sure dont hear much credit given to him. as a die hard bruin fan i expect much more class from u than that. dont act and behave like a bunch of thankless imbeciles from the other school. Jon, keep up the good work. dont even bother with these fake and classless bruin fans

  • rejn

    and BDB

  • HomeBru

    These days, I only read this blog for the comments. Thanks guys

  • Class of 2001

    Jon, I swear this is a sincere question and not a snarky one. At the time you posted you hadn’t heard anything official from UCLA, Bruins Nation had posted two different emails they’d received from UCLA. Why the discrepancy? Is Bruins Nation getting something you aren’t, or do you not consider emails a genuine source?

  • Anonymous

    rejn: Chow “playing games” is probably a negotiating tool. Money talks. If you were Chow’s rep wouldn’t you listen to the offer? Remember, the Titans are no longer paying Chow this season, so you need to check what your client is worth.

  • rejn

    Anonymous – I will listen to CHARACTER any day of the week before I even think of money (ie the offer).

  • mike chat

    bruins104 said:
    to all u whiners out there, wake up! NO, YOU are the cause of bad reporting. give Jon a break, he’s trying his best to do his job. aren’t

    I have been giving Jon the benefit of the doubt and knowing he is a UCLA guy and everything, but this is ridiculous. Sctt Wolfe was his source for saying Chow was leaving and with the supid things Wolfe has been claiming the last few days, wouldn’t that give Jon Pause. Jon, your multiple source was Scott Wolfe only

  • brewnz

    24-hr news is very competitive, and people are searching for any info on this situation. If Jon can’t provide that, then people go elsewhere. This situation is all over the place and reporters can only present the information that’s available to satiate the fans’ needs. Other sites reporting nothing are drawing even more ire than the criticism here for Jon’s earlier post. The only way to get the info you want is to wait the next day for the actual article. Otherwise, take everything as it comes but understand that it may change at any moment.

  • Steve

    Sloppy, stupid journalism that is yellow, not blue. Chow is not the mein part of our success. There are other OC’s who are as good. Who gives a sh_t. Chow(not) Mein. LOL

  • bruinbiochem06


    please just focus on this Norm Chow situation and forget about our basketball game against SUC this weekend.

  • bruinbiochem06

    I think it is imperative that we do all we can to secure Norm Chow. If it means offering him much more money, we have to try to do it. Otherwise, it will have very detrimental short term and long term consequences. CRN may never recover from it. just my opinion.

  • cliq

    BD did not deal in rumor.