Neuheisel phone conference quotes, Pt. 1

“We want to welcome Coach Kiffin to LA. Obviously the landscape has changed. That will create some great competitive situations in the future. We’ve competed with Coach Kiffin’s teams before and look forward to doing more in the future. We’re excited about where the recruiting is. With the landscape changing, there will be a lot of work to be done.”

On Coach Chow moving to USC:
“Obviously there’s been lots of talk about Coach Chow and his situation. I talked to Norm as he was en route back from the east coast. He assured me he wants to be at UCLA.”

On Coach Chow, Part 2:
“The profession is one where you certainly want a commitment. You want people who want to be there. I think Coach Chow feels that about UCLA. I don’t think it, it’s exhibited. That being said, no one would ever be angry at somebody that if they got a blockbuster deal and felt like they couldn’t turn it down. All I know is what Norm Chow told me, that he is committed to UCLA.”

On what he’s told Coach Chow:
“I’ve told him that it’s important that he share that with the important people, which are our recruits. He assured me he’d get on the phone and get that done.”

On the speed of the decision:
“Coach Chow knows enough about college football and the signing period to know this is a critical time. Hopefully it will not play out much longer. But I want to honor his opportunity to make a living, do the best he possibly can for himself. I also have a program that’s sacred and deserves a commitment.”

On Coach Chow talking to USC:
“Coach Chow has not said that. His reps have said that. Coach Chow has said he wants to be at UCLA.”

On when he spoke to Norm Chow:
“Two hours ago.”

On the money being thrown around:
“That would be speculative, there’s numbers being thrown out there that are certainly large.”

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  • Anonymous

    Alabama’s kicker is USC’s new coach?

  • j000

    why doesnt ucla give NC extension to keep him around?

  • spedjones

    I read this as “Norm stays if we can pay him enough”

  • Anonymous

    Coach Tiffin…….hahahahahahahahaha

  • Anonymous

    Well based on what I’m reading from this call, in sounds to me like obviously as we all know Norm Chow to USC is not a done deal. Hence, at the moment Neuheisel thinks AT THE MOMENT, Norm wants to be at UCLA. But this doesn’t look good and seems like most likely Norm is gonna follow the cash.

    I’m interested to see who Rick has lined up for the next OC of this offense.

  • Anonymous

    This was the funniest thing I have read online in so long. I love you Jon but I am dying. I actually have tears at how funny that came out. I certainly hope on the third go round we aren’t still committed to Lane’s teams.

  • Anonymous

    Coach’s name at SC is easy to remember.

    Coach Massengill

  • Johnny Angel

    Hi Jon,

    Let’s get back to Bruins football, b-ball, etc.

    The current stupidity being depicted at unlimited stupidity cameos belongs somewhere else.

    Thanks for reading.

  • CJH

    NC is a very good coach, but our O has a lot to desire. hope he stays, so he can right the ship and beat SUC.