My latest intel

* I’ve spoken to several people and 1000 different theories are being floated. Calls to Chow and Neuheisel have not been answered, nor have texts. No one has heard directly from either in hours.

* The last word I got is that USC has given up on having anything about Chow at the press conference later today.

* At this point, if the numbers are true – anywhere from a million to a million-five – UCLA can’t and downright shouldn’t match the offer. $1.5 million for a college offensive coordinator, whose two UCLA offenses have finished 111th and 88th in the country? Come on.

* Here’s my deal: Chow has a year left on his contract. A guy in Chow’s shoes deserves more job security. Chris Peterson’s name gets brought up at SC? More job security. Del Rio? More job security. Harbaugh? More job security. If this all ends up with Chow getting a raise and some more security, I think he stays.

Where does that leave us now? Well, as of 11:48, Norm Chow is UCLA’s offensive coordinator. By 12:48, he could be USC’s. It all depends on the offers.

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  • BearBryant3

    USC is talking to Norm Chow and salary figures being discussed are between $1-1.5 million per season. Good pick up for UCLA if they can get Leach to come, there going to have to pay him at least 1 million+. According to ESPN Mike Leach and Skip Holtz contacted by South Florida for Head Coaching Job. Both Interested.

  • East_Bay_Bruin

    I would not want Leach for NUMEROUS reasons:

    1) NCAA/lawsuit cloud….U$C is comfortable…ummm…happy(?) when they run afoul of the rules but not UCLA…must be their endless supply of “get out of jail free” cards.

    2) He’s a head coach with a head coach ego. The fit would be terrible.

    3) He’s seen as a loose canon. Don’t need that baggage.

    4) Good old boy who probably doesn’t value academics at all.

  • Crazy couple of days… regardless, when the smoke clears, UCLA is better of, $c is worse off than they were one week ago.

  • Matt

    Very good points and my thoughts exactly.

  • Anon

    ::whose two UCLA offenses have finished 111th and 88th in the country? Come on.

    But think of the trend. In only 4 more years, we’ll be number 1!

  • Pistalian

    Not a huge Mike Leach fan, but to say he doesn’t value academics is wrong. Under his watch Texas Tech had the eighth best graduation rate (79%).

  • spedjones

    Leach would be great. He’d only be here a year or two, but so what? How much longer will Norm be coaching? As for academics, Leach has a law degree from Pepperdine – is that a “good ‘ol boy” school? Finally, while he’s got a lawsuit to deal with (as the plaintiff), there’s no NCAA cloud over him that I’m aware of.

  • uscfd

    “when the smoke clears, UCLA is better of, $c is worse off than they were one week ago.”

    How is ucla better off than they were a week ago?

    The only things to change for ucla is that you may be losing your OC. How is that better?

  • sandiegobruinfan

    If that intel re $1 mil to $1.5 mil/year is true, Norm is gone…presuming he gets full control of the SC offense and he’s resolved any previous spat with Kiffin. Most people are very forgiving with that type of coin tossed their way.

    So the next question…who would become the next OC if Chow leaves? CRN for the time being until they find one which is very hard to do at this time of the year before National Signing Day? I can’t see CRN deviating from a pro-style system…whoever the replacement may be.

  • Warren

    If Leach would be an OC under Neuheisel and bring his crazy version of the spread, that would be great. He is a nutbar (pirates, anyone?), but other than this Adam James problem, have there been a lot of NCAA issues?

    I don’t know that he would be willing to be an OC again after being the head guy, but you could tell that the fans at Tech loved him.

  • Boston Bruin

    Anon idea that in 4 years we’d be #1 would be true of a simple SAT arithmetic progression, but if it was a statistical percentage we’d be 15.

    But in 4 years Mr. Chow will proably be retired, even if at SC with his fellow AARP member Monte Kiffin.

  • WTF

    Why would Leach accept a demotion to be OC? Aren’t there still HC positions available somewhere? Can we upgrade our electrical room so players will be comfortable when they get in his doghouse?


    thanks for the timely updates Jon… I’m loving your straight talk analysis too. Keep up the good work!

  • We might be better off because IF Chow leaves, some people would not be sad… I think the main reason people don’t want him to go to $c is to save face, not because he will revolutionize things. He has not done that at UCLA. Maybe he would, in time, but ask Vince Young about that…

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d like him to get that chance, to turn our offense around, but the sky will not fall because of it. An OC with a more, shall we say, ‘flavorful call palette’ couldn’t make our offense worse.

    Regardless, $c has embarrassed themselves with their 3rd choice, we have gained momentum on them, and anytime things are bad for them, they’re good for us.

  • Revol_Bruin

    The Orange County Register is reporting that as of 10 a.m., Wednesday, USC has not contacted Chow’s agent and that $C and Chow are NOT in talks.

    Can we start burying this rumor?

    I think it’s more important (and more fun) to talk about $C’s grave error in hiring Kiffin…Lame will undoubtedly cause problems for SUC in the long run and, despite the fact that he is bringing poppy and EO, he is not a good coach.

  • Mr Perez

    According to a poster on Bro, the deal is 1.5 million pending the acceptence of Chow after meeting with Lame Kitten over the control of the offense……. I hope it is not so, not for what he brought to the table offensively but for what he was doing for us recruiting wise. Not to mention this would look very bad for us in the eyes of the current players and the recruits. JMO

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    For Chow to go elsewhere for more money is one thing. For him to leave and join his employer’s rival school would be sleazy and weak.

    Chow has proven he’s a great OC when his team has great talent, and a great offensive line. However, his two years at UCLA show he’s not a savior who can make a great offense out of average-at-best talent, especially with a crappy OL. I would guess part of his decision to go, if he does, would be due to frustration over our poor offensive/OL talent, and jumping at the chance to coach superior players once again.

    The fact that he’s considering jumping might tend to indicate a less-than-harmonious relationship with Neuheisel.

    To the extent there’s any thought along the lines of, “Oh, goody, that mean old Pete Carroll is gone, now it’s safe for me to go back to USC” in his mind, again, real weak sauce.

    If he goes, he goes. No use crying over it. Probably helps SC more than it hurts UCLA. Having said all that, my guess is he stays at UCLA.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    I don’t think current players or most recruits look bad upon UCLA if Chow leaves to accept a $1mil + /year payday from SC. If it happens, everyone take a deep breath, presume CRN will hold the recruiting fort until NSD, and then take the time to find an OC who is intimately familiar with a pro-style system (forget the trendy spread offenses)and is okay with the benefits (& constraints) of coaching at UCLA.

    As for SC, I agree with a few posters above…I think Chow only has a few years left in the gas tank and Monte will help son Lane get settled but I don’t see Monte liking the LA lifestyle for more than a couple of years before he goes to a semi-retired NFL consultant gig.

  • gilligan

    I’ve also read news bits that claim that USC and Chow are in talks for a deal approximately $1M to $1.5M per year.
    As a USC fan, it will be great to have Chow back as the OC but at the same time I don’t think it will be a major blow to UCLA. Neuheisel is an offensive coach and as a temporary fix he can act as the OC and take his time to hire the next OC. I don’t see the rush for UCLA to hire an OC b/c I doubt that UCLA will lose recruits for Chow’s departure. The situation is somewhat similar as Sark leaving USC last year and it really didn’t have any major impact on recruiting.

  • brewnz

    Lame has only one use for Chow and that is to keep their recruiting class. The more jack they throw at him, the shorter his stay will be. Forked-tongue Lame has NO intention of sharing the limelight with ego-centric Norm.

    Lame’s ultimate goal is to turn USC into the Union of Sanctioned Cheaters. I can’t believe Garrett gave the keys to the Ferrari to a spoiled, brattish punk.

    If they’re throwing that kind of money and Chow is thinking of retiring, I wouldn’t blame him for taking it. That said, if the decision were mine, I’d say no freaking way would I work for that nitwit. It’s not like $700K is poverty-level pay.

  • brewnz

    good post again gilligan. Really, UCLA’s needs are on defense and in that sense the Ogre/Monte hires probably hurt a lot more. OTOH, this is clearly an in-your-face move by USC in order to disrupt UCLA’s recruiting momentum while boosting SC’s. If the numbers thrown around are correct, SC may win this battle but Lame still needs to get it done on the field. I’m not convinced Lame is “better than Pete Carroll” as some mentally ill people have proclaimed.

  • doug4ucla

    WHY would things change, anybody USC wants they grease the PALMS….no real surprise…..and “NO loyalty” Norm wants to go let him go……

  • BearBryant3

    I believe Kiffin knows that the reason he got this job was because of the asst. coaches. I don’t think he cares because if they win a title there going to say USC and then there going to hand the trophy to Lane Kiffin. USC has lost a large part of their coaches over the years and it finally showed this year. USC didn’t have a strong offense or defense, over the years they were usually dominant on one of the ball. Look at UCLA, which defense didn’t look the same as the last few years and when it came to recruiting, Dewayne Walker is what brought them there. There high-end recruits were on the defense side, not the offense. UCLA is going to better on offense wheather chow stay or leaves. Just because of the recruiting this year and last year. I mean better by saying more consistant.