Neuheisel comments, Pt. 2

On speaking with players about the coaching situation:
“A couple of the quarterbacks came in and they were curious as to what was going on. I said Norm Chow has told me he wanted to be here. I’m assuming he will be. If not, there will be somebody else who comes in who will be highly qualifed. That’s just the nature of the beast. One thing about the profession is coaches are replaceable.”

On a possible list of replacements:
“When you’re in this situation as a head coach you always kind of have a list in the back of your mind. Things happen.”

On learning of USC’s possible interest in Chow:
“The first I heard of it was on the media, I think it was Shelley Smith. I was disappointed, but I think at some level there was some irresponsible reporting going on as well. When I got a chance to talk to Norm, he said that they had not talked.”

On having the situation sorted out before the recruiting weekend:
“I’m hopeful that it can be behind us certainly before then. Regardless, kids are going to know that UCLA football is something to be excited about.”

On what this adds to the rivalry:
“You’re right, there was no passion on that field this last year. That’s what we needed to do was throw a match on this thing. It’s a great rivalry. One that’s exciting for both sides.”

On possibly extending Chow’s contract:
“There are all sorts of things going on with negotiations. What’s important is that Norm is saying he wants to be at UCLA.”

On possibly extending Chow’s contract, Pt. 2:
“Obviously there can be movement in that regard. That’s for the people who sign the checks and make those decisions. With respect for me, I want to know that my assistant coaches want to be here.”

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  • Anonymous

    great work Jon on getting this to us so quickly. Thanks

  • j000

    AD Dan, please extend NC’s contract already, what are u waiting for?

  • BruinChick

    What a stressful freaking job. I’d hate to be CRN.

  • BruinChick

    If it’s about the cash we should just say adios to NC now. SC is the Yankees of college football. They buy whoever and whatever they want.

  • Anonymous

    Ultimately, USC will make Chow an offer he can’t refuse and that UCLA cannot compete with. The Trojans know it. The Bruins know it. And we must accept it.

  • bruinfan627

    Great job getting this up Jon. Thanks for your hard work.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Chow was “past his prime” according to many UCLA posters here when the Chow to USC rumor was reported. Now everyone is changing their tune I see.

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    Will Chow use this situation as an opportunity to negotiate a better/longer-term (he’s only guaranteed for 2010 now) deal with UCLA? Of course he will, and is doing so as we speak.

    Will he go to the highest bidder? (Admittedly based on no inside knowledge) I don’t think so. Chow knows we don’t have the resources to match SC’s offer. I think he’ll stay at UCLA if we come in with a reasonable offer, maybe in the 750k-850k/yr range, give or take, and extend it out 3 years. His past differences with Kiffin are well-documented. I also think Chow knows he’d look like a weasel if he went to SC solely for the money. OTOH, if UCLA doesn’t improve his deal, he’s gone.

    I predict Guerrero comes up with the money, enough to keep Chow happy, and he stays.

  • BigTime Bruin

    Chow is a great coach regardless of what ANYONE says on this blog. He is a huge asset at UCLA and is critical to our success. Anyone who says otherwise is protecting themselves from being hurt and disappointed which is natural.

    I anticipate with confidence Chow will be with us at Kansas, Texas, and on in our box at the Rosebowl for every game.


  • OCbruin93

    Nice work, Jon…thanks for staying close to this for us!

  • WTF

    Get Chow an extension!

  • dolphyfan1

    can we cut a couple sports to pay for chow’s extension

  • Sid

    While Norm Chow might be past his prime as a coach, his name and reputation alone still carries a lot of clout, especially when it comes to recruiting, which as we all know is the foundation for a successful program.

    Just being able to tell a recruit they will be coached by Norm Chow has a ton of impact.

  • cali

    NC is a goner. Like many have said we can’t compete with the $c money. The will pay him what ever he wants. I hope I’m wrong but we will soon find out.

  • WTF

    Dolphyfan1 – I say cut out Cal St Channel Islands = unlimited budget for football and basketball

  • PasadenaBruin07

    If it was about money, USC would have already thrown it at Chow and he would have quickly accepted. First, SUC has the cash to do it and second they wanted so badly to drop this bombshell in the Kiffin press conference because they could make it seem like a coup.

    I think NC gets a 3 year extension worth a few million dollars and then he sticks it to Kiffin and SUC. Then he will go on to an NFL job and make real big money.

  • Huitzilopochtli

    Hey Jon, just wanted to say thanks for getting us the info as quickly as possible. I was more than happy to read the original rough draft since it allowed you to post the info very quickly. Thanks!

  • CFB

    Interesting USC deleted Kiffin’s comments about calling plays from the transcript.

    Will you call plays?

    “…that would be my guess because that’s what I’ve always done. but as I said we’ve only hired two guys on my staff so we’ll look at all options…”

  • P Sanchez

    USC is not a money factory. It is monetarily much more constricted than Texas, Florida, Notre Dame, Alabama, Tennesse, Oklahoma, Penn State, LSU and about a dozen other programs that generate more football revenue. Yes, it is a private university and generates more $$ than UCLA, but Tommy Trojan is not made of gold and UCLA SUCKS fans should not continue to say it is so. Norm makes $690,000. Good money, but Tennessee paid him a million and that gravy train ends this year. He is just looking for job security. Can’t blame him for that. I will say this UCLA SUCKS fans: Slick Ricky sure knows how to lay down very cool quotes. The guy has the PR thing down to a science. He is much more polished than Camelot Carroll or his begotten son Lane Kiffin.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the vast majotiry of comments made on this site are by the under 30 crowd. So let me speak as an oldtimer. I don’t know NC, but I do know he has made a very successful living through his coaching career. Based on his deal in the pros alone he is likley set for life, and maybe his family is set for at least the next generation too. Money is not likely the deciding factor in a career decision made by a guy over 60. Of course, in sports and entertainment, money many times is a surogate for ego. So who knows…

  • CrouchingBruin

    I can’t see Coach Chow going over, no matter what the money. He’d basically be a figurehead there, with Lane Kiffen running the offense. USC would use Chow’s reputation to bring in recruits, but it would be Kiffen’s show in the end, and I can’t picture Chow putting himself in a situation where he’s not a major part of the game.

    Has Kiffen stated who he wants to see as his OC, or is Garrett trying to shove his own personal choice, and the choice of the well-heeled alums, down Kiffen’s throat?

  • RickBruin

    “so long”, you sound like a $C shill. the comments on this blog are not a legitimate poll.

  • Revol_Bruin

    “So Long Chow” is definitely a USC shill pretending to be a Bruin.

    I love it!! TO ALL THE U$C fans that were oh so sure that Chow was heading over to $C and that he could easily and quickly be bought: EAT CROW!!!