OFFICIAL: Mike Leach is NOT under consideration IF Chow leaves

I have just been emphatically told by a UCLA official that former Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach would NOT be under consideration for a position at UCLA should the need arise. Should being the operative word.

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  • Scott Wolfe

    I’m a total douchebag!

  • RodneyGuillory

    Tell it to Wolfie, Jon. Wolfie is still waiting for Del Rio’s contract to be messenger-ed by horse!

  • Nut Kickin’ Black Belt

    Jon – if your desk is anywhere near Wolfe’s, go kick him in his nuts. HARD. Then again.

  • Anonymous1

    The SCumbags and their alums are working together to scare off UCLA recruits. Norm Chow has not been contacted by Sc, and Mike Leach is not coming to UCLA.

    SHAME ON YOU SCumbags!!!! I hope you guys don’t kiss your children with your serpent-tongued mouths.


    This L.A. coaching situation is drawing more attention to the SC and ucla blogs than I have ever seen. On one posting there were over 100-comments!

    I am surprised at how nonchalant most ucla posters are about Chow’s possible departure. He did inherit a difficult situation, what with a junior college quarterback and a redshirt freshman quarterback with very little experience prior to 2009.

    As your quarterback goes, so goes your team. Chow had great ones at BYU and SC. The guy needs a good QB to do his magic. And his play-calling during SC’s great run showed great instincts for each particular situation. That kind of talent you cannot teach.

  • UH OH

    Kiffin press conference delayed. This looks like they are buying time for Chow since I’m sure that will be the #1 question.

  • Al Borges

    I will be more than happy to leave my current job if asked!

    I will keep my phone on me at all times, please call me Ricky!!!


    Can you cite one of the NUMEROUS sources?

  • Revol_Bruin

    OCR reported that Chow’s agent has NOT even talked to SUC.

    What’s good news for UCLA is that Lame Kiffin is a horrible coach who will cause a lot of turmoil and havoc at $C. We should be happy that $C hired that arrogant clown!

  • Anonymous

    I’d strongly urge all of you to check out Michael Rosenberg’s column on Beautiful!!

  • spedjones

    atta boy, my nigga!

  • Pete Carroll

    Wow, I leave and now look at the mess in South Central (I can use that reference now since I gladly don’t work there anymore). Lame Kiffin can’t coach and the University of Southern California is now doing its last desperate measures to confuse recruits about UCLA. Pretty sleazy if you ask me, but hey, Lame learned from the best! Me!

    p.s. the co-eds up here are not as pretty as those in southern Cal.

    take care all!
    Pete Carroll


    This is from Riley’s Facebook. Is the OU Safety referring to CRN?

    Tony Jefferson D riley was there when i jus had a lil blak jacket on u tard. They gave it too uss cuz it was lik45 degrees so camillio morales go elswhere with ur stuff, ur prolly gay with nue as ur default? Who duz that. Idiot

  • VB’s Office Plant

    Classic comment Tustin Dave

    The UBTA is in full meltdown mode

  • Semi-Pro

    Anytime you have to preface a statement with “I’m not trying to sound racist, but…” you’re probably better off just not saying anything.



    Is is not a race thing it is an age thing. I have a 19 year old and it is how he send texts and posts on facebook. While not a fan of Jefferson for obvious reasons I doubt he speaks like that.

  • brewnz

    VB, are you saying the majority of American youth are ignorant? That’s a big statement. Also, you DO understand the facebook/twitter/text lingo Millenial shorthand, right?

    This Chow deal sounds more like the work of checkbook Alumni from U$C than Kiffin. These guys hate each other…how are they supposed to get along? IIRC, Norm was asked (before Kiffin) what would it take to get him back to U$C and he said “NFL money”. Checkbook alums are just following up on his comment.

    If they asked after Lame was hired, he’d probably answer “NFL money and a lobotomy”…

  • seattlebruin

    On Chow
    By Scott Wolf on January 13, 2010 2:21 PM | Permalink | Comments (8) | ShareThis
    Everyone should probably relax a little bit regarding the Norm Chow situation. He is flying back to L.A. right now from Florida while Lane Kiffin is flying in from Tennessee. They have not even spoken to each other yet, so even though USC wants Chow, whether there can be a comfortable pairing needs to be discussed.
    Something might happen tonight. Or tomorrow. But right now, not a lot of action. It will need to be wrapped up in the next day, however, because no one wants to be left dangling.

  • Anonymous

    So, if Chow does leave, who can we possibly get to come in and take over his job?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    The real UB says,

    VB has a bachelor’s degree and is in a master’s program. The real true story.

    (Nice try, Rich! How is the Travelocity Room Liquidation Business these days?)

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)


    Chow just confirmed that he is leaving UCLA to go on a Mormon Mission with ‘X’ Man.

  • Anonymous


    Neuheisel was just seen sitting on his porch in a rocking chair, rocking back and forth while shouting “FRANKS AND BEANS!”

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Oh, so you admit you know nothing about VB? LMAO

    Yep, VB, “Elder Norm” on the black name badge hanging from the pocket of his short-sleeved white shirt. Bike over to 7-11 for some Hawaiian Punch when they get thirsty!

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Elder X: “Big Gulp, Norm?”

    Elder N: “No, Super Big Gulp, X”

  • doug4ucla

    Can anybody believe this CRAP…….you could not make it up…… not make judgements until the dust clears and then move on…..

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