• PasadenaBruin07

    And Dietrich Riley will be coming for the second weekend in a row and this one is “unofficial” because last weekend was official….UCLA is still in the mix for him!

  • lavsmousse

    Epenesa, Heimuli and to a lesser degree, Barr, are the ones we really need.

  • Bruingold82

    Ricky Heimuli is huge….

    Everyone else is already committed or not a big target from what I can tell. A bit disappointing. I really hope there’s some last minute adds.

    I mean, we already have a GREAT class, but I’m hoping for some last minute studs like last year. Too much to ask?

    At least I hope the guys all mesh really well and start that chemistry.

  • samohopar

    I guess baxter decided not to come for a visit ? I just don’t understand how anybody can be excited about Lane Kiffin.

  • samohopar

    woops i meant grimble

  • E


    What about Bronson Green?

    Any chance we get Brice Schwab to visit?

  • spedjones

    I think it’s great to have JJ and MJ there to get in Heimuli and Barr’s ears. Anthony Jefferson sounds like he’s likely in as well.

  • spedjones

    and I don’t think Grimble was going to take an official anyway. He may still drop in, but it sounds like he’s all SUC still.

  • Dee Vine Justice

    I assume the recruits will be at Pauley for Saturday’s game against the trOJans. How cool would it be for Head Coach Rick Neuheisel to come out at half-time and introduce his coordinators? The recruits would probably enjoy seeing the OC whom Mike Garrett considers the best OC in the land and SC QB Barkley dreams of having as a coach. I would probably cheer loud enough to blow the roof off Pauley and save UCLA least a few dollars on the renovation.

  • BruinFaithful

    Dietrich Riley is a visit whore. I wouldn’t read too much into him visiting. To quote Glenn Gary Glenn Ross, “He likes to talk to salesman”.

  • Pistalian

    This really doesn’t qualify as BREAKING NEWS.

  • Anonymous

    Wesley Flowers again?

  • hdtvc

    The 90’s were all about the Bruins. The 00’s were all about the Trojans. The ’10s look like they’re going to be about the Bruins again. The recruits that figure this out will benefit the most.

    On Feb 19-21 USC is going in front of the Infractions Committee of the NCAA. The NCAA will tell them their punishment. When that happens, USC won’t let the recruits out of their commitment. It will be lockdown. No options. No bowl games. What blue-chip recruit wants to get caught up in that?

  • Fan4Life

    Yates is intriguing. He is a teammate of McDonald and Flowers at Edison. Listed as a 6’3″ 230lb DE prospect. After a brief search on the internet, he competed in the State Wrestling tournament last year at 215. Also ran track, taking part in the 4×100 team that ran an unremarkable 47plus. Not great or good, but he is 215. Then there is this scouting report from MaxPreps.

    On Film–He is extremely physical and quick. Super strong, he doesn’t seem to have many problems with high school blockers. He is an aggressive and quick-to-the-ball type of backer who shows the ability to shed blocks quickly and find the ball. All he does is attack and stays low when doing it. He can also change directions quickly. A powerhouse with very good feet. Stats–He recorded over 80 tackles, 13 caused tackles, and 5 fumble recoveries in ’08. Other Sports–He was 42 and 6 and finished 6th in state in wrestling. Grades–His GPA is 3.0. Benches 405 and has a 30″ VJ.

    One wonders why such a kid has so few offers especially since he plays at a school that became CIF champs and has a pedigree of sending kids to D1 schools.

  • booty11

    Heck of a class fellas! Nothing like possibly breaking the top 20 this year!

    Hey hdtvc- I can see how you think the 10’s will be about your bruins again. Beat a mighty Temple team to get to 7 wins, lost 28-7 to a USC team with a horrible offensive coordinator. Ohh and your recruiting class once again doesn’t come close to matching the Trojans! Yaa and I’m sure the NCAA is gonna ban SC from bowl games to moron.

    You and all these dumb bruin fans think some tide is turning in the city. It’s not. The monopoly is gonna last for a long time losers!

  • Spencer


    I’m glad you brought that up. UCLA’s recruiting class was #5, USC’s was #9. In the real world fifth is better than ninth.


  • Encinitas Bruin

    Ladies and gentlemen, in the coming days infuriated and frustrated Trojan fans will be trying to get under your skin, including all those who were ready to gloat IN ALL CAPS on Jon’s blog about “stealing Chow away from us.” Just ignore them and they will go away.

    USC getting Kiffin without Chow is like the South getting Jefferson Davis without Robert E. Lee.


    In case you didn’t already read it, Owa dropped SUC. It is down to US and the Oregon schools.

  • jaytphillips

    Kinda like the infuriated and frustrated Bruin fans that spit BS on Wolf’s blog all day?

    I don’t know how any of you could be excited about Chow’s return to Westwood. I think that offense is in for another awkward year. Norm hasn’t delivered since he left USC, and the best offense I ever saw was at the hands of Kiffin.

    As far as sanctions, it amazes me how you all cheer for the possibility of them being leveled on the Trojans. How sad, when you need another program to be punished to have any chance at competing with them. I still don’t see it. At most, wins will be vacated and a couple of scholy’s pulled.

    I used to actually respect the Bruins. USC’s a dirty program, right. This coming from a program lead by Neuheisel.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at recent years, we sure love 3 star defensive players from Fresno

  • East_Bay_Bruin

    Jon, can you bring up the concept of Scholarship Agreements (SAs) with the SC recruits you talk to during the course of your interviews and if they or their parents have considered this option since it binds the school but not the recruit? Why would a kid who is looking at that situation with USC not do that? If Kiffen objects…it would really make you go “hmmmm….” unless you are mentally challenged. Ask Neuheisel what he thinks of the SA concept.

  • Anonymous

    “USC getting Kiffin without Chow is like the South getting Jefferson Davis without Robert E. Lee.”

    Well put, Encinitas.

  • Anonymous

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Encinitas Bruin.

    He will try and act like he has class and doesn’t go trolling on Inside USC for attention.



    Still waiting for one of the $UC “anonymous” posters to tell me ANYTHING KIFFIN has done of notice. He’s 12-21 as a head coach. Oh yeah, here’s something – Neuheisel cleaned his clock in Knoxville last year.

  • Anonymous

    jayt, are you even able to comprehend your own stupidity? In one post, you manage to make a fool of yourself four times:

    1) Criticize Bruin fans who spit BS on Wolf’s blog all day, while you are on Gold’s blog as an SC fan spitting BS! That’s like OJ criticizing wife murderers.

    2) You don’t know how anybody could be excited to have Chow return to Westwood. Really? Does his resume mean nothing? Didn’t $UC just try to hire him? Didn’t $UC fans just spend the beginning of the week jizzing in their pants about the return of Chow? Didn’t Matt Barkley say that playing for Chow would be a dream come true?

    3) You think it is sad that “when you need another program to be punished to have a chance at competing with them,” ignoring that punishing a school for blatantly CHEATING actually levels the playing field to where it should be, sans CHEATING. Do you not think it is sad that $UC has to CHEAT to get a competetive edge? Do you not think that it is sad taht $UC basketball had to CHEAT in order to compete with UCLA, but still failed miserably?

    4) You somehow think that Neuheisel’s past has anything to do with whether or not $UC has been running a dirty program. That doesn’t even make sense. In any event, if you insist on bringing Neuheisel into the discussion of $UC’s dirt, I’m pretty sure Bruin fans would have no problem comparing Neuheisel’s tenure at UCLA to Carroll & Kiffin’s time at $UC. Heck, Kiffin & Co. got busted for shenanigans on their first day!

  • Anonymous


    Go back to your link and look closely at the number of total recruits and the number of Top 100 recruits of both USC and UCLA.

    Think about it… there you go.

  • Anonymous

    Dietrich Riley is more likely to go to USC with Monte Kiffin now a coach.

    All they have to do is show him a printout of Eric Berry’s draft stock.

  • BearBryant3

    Well if I’m a offensive player I want to go to UCLA, if I’m a defensive player then USC is my school. I wouldn’t care if USC got on probation because they have one of the top 3 defensive coordinators period in football. He would give me the best chance to go to the pros.

  • Anonymous

    Are we doing the dirty program comparison again?

    Maybe we should call John Wooden in for this one.

  • Anonymous

    When Chow is on his way to USC, he’s golden.
    When Chow decides to stay at UCLA, he’s garbage.
    Whatever gets you through the day, Trojans.

  • Anonymous

    Eric Berry was a first-round lock long before the Kiffins ever step foot in Knoxville. Just sayin.

  • Bruingold82

    Anonymous @ 9:33 AM:

    Very well said. My thoughts exactly. To my knowledge, Neuheisel has not had 1 single violation since he has been here, even minor, correct?

    Love the OJ criticizing wife murderers comment.

  • BruinFaithful


    Actually, Rahim Moore had much better numbers than Eric Berry. What’s your point?

  • Anonymous


    Truth is truth. Chow didn’t deliver with the Titans. And, he hasn’t delivered in Westwood so far. Perhaps the Master has lost his mojo? No BS there.

    If USC is guilty, they will be punished. If the school had a hand in violations, they will be hammered. The basketball program is paying the price. It’s unfortunate they must pay for someone else’s mistakes. I hope the University sues for legal fees, fines, etc.

    So, basically, Neuheisel is cool because he ran dirty programs, but doesn’t run them any longer? He’s matured now. How about letting Kiffin do the same?

    Just my thoughts.

  • BruinFaithful

    SUC Anons:

    Why do SUCsters ALWAYS want to bring up John Wooden? John Wooden DID NOTHING wrong. Why don’t you look at history before spewing garbage. John Wooden was ALREADY winning championships with undersized players, before any connection to Sam Gilbert was made. Way before he had become a UCLA Booster. Players wanted to come to Westwood to play for the Greatest Coach in NCAA BB history, at America’s best venue. Alleged gifts from Sam to UCLA players were after they were already on campus and UCLA was sanctioned.

    Have you EVER read John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success? Did Sam Gilbert also help him write that? Freaken morons. John Wooden’s greatness stands alone. Nothing can taint that.

    Funny how you Condoms ALWAYS make the Sam Gilbert connection with UCLA BB, but NEVER with SUC FB. It has been WELL documented that Sam Gilbert was also a HUGE “supporter” of SUC FB. Why NO mention?

    And talk about living in the past, you really want to rehash anything that may have happened 40 YEARS AGO? WAKE UP!!!! Focus on cleaning your OWN house. I see you have done a great job by hiring a disciple of CHEATEY PETEY, who has as much respect for the NCAA rule book as him. You have a meeting with the NCAA in February to prepare for. Don’t you think the NCAA is going to see that SUC has done NOTHING to fix it’s wrongs? Don’t you think that the NCAA will frown on the hiring of a proven cheater like LAME and see it as a snub?

    Furthermore, we as Bruins do take GREAT joy in finally being vindicated for something we have known all along, that SUC has won by being a dirty low down cheating program. Just like Mark McGwire’s cheating and lying was NO revelation to us. Oh SNAP, isn’t he also a CONDOM????

    CHEAT ON!!!!

  • East_Bay_Bruin

    PAST ISSUES?!?!? Fricken hilarious. Past issues would be CRN at CU his first head coaching job YEARS ago. The most eggregious (and strange) was calling a player on his cell while sitting in a car outside the kids house during the no face-to-face contact period. He has atoned for his sins. Kitten? His violations are current and ongoing including the hostesses with the mostesses. And Coach Oregano calling UT recruits THIS week…and Kitten LYING about it THIS WEEK. Past issues! LOL….now I see why you are anonymous.

  • Anonymous

    Neuweasel’s violations or bRuin NCAA titles. Who has more?

  • Anonymous

    OJ Simpson vs. John Wooden

  • booty11


    Haha your such a tool. Like anonymous said look at the top 100 recruits and 5 start recruits. I am glad you brought in a huge recruiting class with like 25 recruits last year. Most good football programs don’t bring in that many kids cause they don’t just offer everyone they meet.

    Ohh and if u look at that same website what place are you in this year? Ohh # 23. Heck of a class.

    Ohh one more thing. ESPNU 150 has us with 9, and you with 3 top 150 kids. Even with all the coaching stuff were still blowing away Slick Rick!

    Monopoly On!

  • brewnz

    You guys certainly have the cash it takes to draw top talent, yet you’ve consistenly underachieved and even failed to win the Pac 10 (with it’s lesser recruits) this year. And THAT was under the late great Caesar Carroll. Now you have Lame Klueless who is supposed to get the most out of your talent. The only thing Lane Violation will succeed in is landing more sanctions along with recruits. But your team will be wading in the same pool as everyone else from hence forward.
    Just hope they don’t become cfb’s version of the Raiders (highly-paid players, lowest of results)


    BREWNZ- For your commentary I’d buy you a beer if I could! Great stuff!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well, John Wooden look wiry but OJ has the size advantage…

  • jaybru777

    John Wooden is a legend. Why are there Suc condoms commenting on Ucla anyways. We stand alone in Basket ball and soon to be Football. Suc is feeling the pressure of CRN. We will dominate football this decade…Go Bruins.

  • Anonymous

    @ Booty11

    Only a loser would post as the one $uc quarterback who choked harder in big games then cheaty carroll choking on (his butt boy) barkleys nutt sack.

    Bite on!