• Nick

    To quote the late great Rick Neuheisel, “The monopoly is over!”

  • Anonymous

    And yet Chow wont say this himself. Hmmm.

  • DoubleBruin

    I love RN’s comment that their recruits are fair game just like our coaches have been fair game.

  • Nelson

    No news here, same info was provided last night by Neuheisel.

  • Encinitas Bruin

    Read Patrick’s piece. I sure hope that the quote “just spoke to Norm Chow and he told me he’s staying at UCLA” isn’t extrapolated from last night’s presser when CRN said “Norm Chow told me he WANTS to be at UCLA,” and that this is fresh info, i.e. a conversation between NC and CRN this morning. If it’s fresh, then it’s game over for SC’s grand strategy. Which means, Kiffin – Chow = deplorable hire.

    Oh, this is fun (if it’s true).

  • Anonymous

    He sounds more certain than last night, but there’s still a definite gray area there.

  • lbcbruin

    I listened to the interview, Neuheisel at his best. He even tried to Norm on the phone at one point, but he had left the his office. CRN said “I just spoke with Norm 5 minutes ago and he said he’s staying here”

    Sounds pretty solid, lets hope its tru.


  • Ley

    And yet RN has two USC recruits coming in this weekend…..We cant be happier that Lame Kiffin has to call his own Plays…He is all yours now USC!!!!! Sanctions coming and all.

  • Ethel

    Story says he “spoke to Chow 10 minutes ago”.

  • PasadenaBruin07

    If you learn to read the report, it states that CRN just spoke with Norm Chow 10 minutes before going on the Dan Patrick show and Chow confirmed he is staying at UCLA.

    Why would Rick say this so certainly if he did not fully believe Chow?

  • Anonymous

    Um, you DID notice the quote “I spoke to Norm Chow 10 minutes ago and he said he’s staying at UCLA,” Neuheisel said.

    “Ten minutes ago” should be a clue it’s fresh, relevant info.

  • brewnz

    This sounds like a classic “Ready-FIRE-Aim” move by the Trojans. Alumni groups shouldn’t lead a coaching search, and the new head coach should DEFINITELY have an idea of what is going on. Kiffin didn’t seem to eager to give the playcalling duties to anyone other than himself.

    Like I said, USC doesn’t deserve this buffoon. He will squeeze out a couple of good seasons with Carroll’s vets, but when it’s his show, the Trojans will be back at Ted Tollner-level performance. I think I buy into the thought process that Lame is there to take the bullets from sanctions and then be replaced once the school is past them.

  • SBBruin

    If true, this is HUGE for UCLA. Not only because Norm is one of the top OCs of all time, but because it demonstrates to recruits, fans, and the press that Norm’s loyalty to UCLA and CRN is greater than all of the money that the SCumbags were willing to throw at him.

  • brewnz

    I’m assuming those who are poo-pooing this post did not listen to the interview. Chow’s extension is in the works and Garrett/Alumni are left with egg on their faces. They shouldn’t have leaked anything unless they knew he was coming. Now, the public is left with ‘Norm stayed at UCLA for less money’…how will that look to recruits?


    Mark my words, its not over until the Fat Lady sings. Chow will end up at USC. It is an open secret that we have tons of successful alumni boosters who are lining up 5-deep outside Heritage Hall to open up their fat wallets $$$ in order to bring Norm Chow back “home”, just like we brought “Kiff” back “home”.

    I only hope that UCLA students do not riot like UT students when the moving truck shows up in Wastewood to move Chow back home to old ‘SC. I can see many more National Championships on the Horizon thanks to Garrett, Kiff and our Boosters.

    By the way, you guys can have Ken Norton Jr. back. I don’t think he fits into Monte’s plans.

    Coaching Dream Team: Kiff-Monte-Orgeron-Chow!



    Rick has proven that he takes “liberties” with the rules and the truth. He is just saying what he needs to say in order to keep the recruits. Mark my words, Chow is coming back “home”.


  • Anonymous

    to me, this doesn’t change a thing. CRN is playing damage control … as i see it, NC is still considering since he hasn’t outright rejected any offer, and may still go for more money.

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    Anonymous 9:45 am said:
    “He sounds more certain than last night, but there’s still a definite gray area there.”

    True, and good analysis. However, in light of Neuheisel’s statement that they spoke 10 mins ago, probably only b/c contract extension details are being worked out to keep Chow at UCLA.

    To all the Chow-hating posters: I, too, was frustrated at times with his play-calling and seeming lack of creativity. Chow has proven himself a great OC when given better talent to work with. The 2008 offensive line was one of the worst in school history, and 2009’s improved all the way to mediocre. Our 2008 and 2009 QBs were a JC transfer thrown to the wolves by the crappy OL, and a redshirt freshman, respectively. The OL will improve, through experience and better recruits, and the offensive skill positions will improve as well, all giving Chow more to work with.

    This whole SC drama was a blessing in disguise. It forced UCLA to lock up Chow for at least 3 more years.

  • Encinitas Bruin

    I’m a journalist by training, so you need to verify. I’ll fully relax when NC makes a statement to the press. It does look good, though.

    Here’s an interesting take on the past 48 hours as this OC thing has played out: http://www.sportsbybrooks.com/chow-balks-after-kiffin-claimed-hed-called-plays-27618

    The first thing you learn in business negotiation is to speak deliberately and carefully, or not at all. By shooting his mouth off in his press conf and saying he wanted to call the offensive plays, Kiffin basically burned any bridge that Pat Haden had to wooing NC over to the Death Star.

    Why would a 64-year-old guy, who has NOTHING to prove in life, go eat crow and work for some brash kid with a losing head-coaching record, and who purportedly undermined him when they were both on Carroll’s staff in the 00’s?

    No, it would not have been the end of the world if NC had left. But it’s big that he’s staying, for many reasons, not the least of which is that SC can’t gloat to recruits about stealing him away.

  • Anon

    BE REAL: Newflash, Norton is following Pom Pom to Seattle.

  • so west Coast

    Be Real, you are one “funny” dude…

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    ESPN now reporting Chow’s agent says Chow staying at UCLA:

    “Offensive coordinator Norm Chow will remain with UCLA next season and will not join Lane Kiffin at USC, his agent tells ESPN.

    Chow, who worked with Kiffin under Pete Carroll at USC, was mentioned as a possible offensive coordinator for the Trojans when Kiffin succeeded Carroll.

    But Chow’s agent, Don Yee, tells ESPN that talks went no further than one brief contact with USC about the position.”

    Do I hear a fat lady singing? Would that be some SC troll’s wife? Or is that how he refers to his boyfriend?

  • Carl Landry’s Teeth

    I miss “multiple sources.”

  • 9UCLA5
  • brewnz

    I don’t think all the money in the world (hyperbolic statement) would make Chow willing to be undermined by that punk Lame Kitten. He’s already made it clear in TWO interviews (press conference and radio) that he wants to and plans to call the offensive plays. This would be a marriage made in Haydes for Norm.

    If anything, USC helped Norm to negotiate and gain his contract extension. UCLA can’t afford the PR hit (unless it costs $1.5MM/year)

  • 9UCLA5

    Sleepy, everyone has a price, and USC and all our powerful and successful USC FB Boosters will find Chow’s price and bring him back home. Your mom has not sung yet.


  • Norm Chow

    I’m stayin’.

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    ESPN is now reporting that BE REAL has been revealed to be a zit-faced 14-year-old whose Mumsy and Popsy are SC bandwagon fans. His use of “your mom” as a form of insult tipped off ESPN’s reporters that he was a prepubescent little kid.

    BE REAL could not be reached at his parents’ double-wide trailer for comment, apparently because his dialup internet access tied up their only phone line.

  • bruinbiochem06

    Sleepy LaBeef,

    that was hilarious! LMAO!!!