Norm Chow Opens Up, Pt. 6

How is your relationship with Lane Kiffin?
“He was a young coach, we both got to USC at the same time and I have great admiration. Our teams have played each other, we’ve spoken several times. There are no problems with Lane Kiffin.”

Why did you call Rick Neuheisel when you did?
“That’s the proper thing to do. Up until that time, I wasn’t necessarily talking to Rick Neuheisel because it was someone else saying something. That’s what you do. That’s the ethical thing to do.”

Did you talk to USC this morning?

Are you upset with the way it was handled?
“No, I don’t live this way. All I know is it’s an exciting time for UCLA football. I know it’s coach-speak, but it’s the truth.”

Is that ultimately why you decided to stay?

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you Norm and thank you Jon. Kudos to both of you.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Jon for what you there a part 3 as well?

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    Great work, Jon!

    I love it . . . No call with SUC today. Hey, Wolf, quit making sh!t up, will ya?

  • Randor

    Whoops, looks like SUC’s attempt to “get the band back together” has just gone from Van Halen to the Village People!

  • MaltBaa

    good job gold

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never met or spoken with Coach Chow but from what he said, regardless of his on-the-field results, that is one classy dude. Props to him for not letting money cloud what he wants for his family and his legacy.

  • PowderBlueBalls

    Coach Chow – I am glad you are staying, and I am excited to see what another year with you as OC can bring.

    Jon – Thank you for keeping up with all of this.

    Wolf – Have fun covering LK.

    Shelley Smith – You started all this sh*t with no true “sources”…you are almost worse than Wolf, except he is consistently garbage.

  • Jonathan

    Doesn’t really matter who the OC is when you don’t have the athletes. It would have been nice to have Chow because he could do good work with the talent at SC, but him staying at UCLA doesn’t hurt us. The offense has been inept under him for the past 2 years and will continue to do so with the lack of talent they bring in year after year. Hope your happy with another year of mediocrity. FIGHT ON!!!

  • Im really just upset kinda like Milly Vanilly wasn’t real…this was made up by Mike Garrett and Scott Wolfe and in the end UCLA wins and I am still stuck with LAME.

  • bruinbiochem06

    last 2 football recruiting classes top 10 according to scout. not too shabby.

    go bruins!!!

  • 9UCLA5

    Guys, its not just about Coach Chow, its about keeping a consistent coaching staff, regardless of who the staff member is.

    I’m looking forward to the spring and fall.

    Thanks again, Jon.

  • Anonymous

    Which recruits? Pete Carroll’s USC recruits or Orgeron’s Tennessee recruits?

    Hey if it is Matt Barkley’s dream to play for Norm Chow tell him to transfer to UCLA.

    Way to go Norm. Integrity counts…that is definitely not coach speak.

  • JustMe

    Nice to know we have quality coaches that do the right thing and not SCUmbag coaches like some other team.

  • Rob M

    Wait… after this 6 part post, can’t you see this is just part of a big ploy for NC to go back to $UC? Silly $UCkers… guess greed doesn’t fuel everyone’s ambitions.

    I do find it funny that given the opportunity to hire a coach who might make running a clean program a priority, $UC goes and hires Kiffin. Guess “cleanliness” isn’t high on the priority list. But you’d think they would hire a better cheater…

  • Tom

    If Norm Chow’s last name were Smith he would have been a head coach a long time ago. This man is the architect of the only non-BCS team to ever win a national title (1984 BYU). No other coach has created 3 Heisman-winning QB’s. This guy made careers for Steve Young, Ty Detmer, Jim McMahon, Philip Rivers, Carson Palmer, and Matt Leinart. His first year in the NFL he turned Vince Young into the Offensive Rookie of the Year.
    All the criticisms about his communication or leadership skills are unfair stereotypes due to his ethnicity.
    Lesser coaches with fewer accomplishments are routinely given head coaching positions over Chow, who has interviewed for HC jobs for the past 20 years.
    Look at Lane Kiffin – guy has done nothing his whole life, has hustled 3 different head coaching jobs, and he started out as Chow’s assistant. It’s ridiculous that Chow continues to face a glass ceiling, given all he’s accomplished.

    College football needs the Rooney Rule.