Norm Chow Opens Up, Pt. 1

Opening statement:
“I’m awfully excited about what’s going on here. I feel badly, I know there were requests for me to return calls, and it wasn’t the time. After some consideration, we’re awfully glad that we decided to stay.”

When did Lane Kiffin make an attempt to call you?
“Lane made several attempts. We were out of town. It was kind of interesting because we had gone off to see some very dear friends in Marco Island, Fla., and it was a situation where the gal we were with wasn’t feeling too hot. We spent some time in the hospital. Lane did try to call, and there were some calls made to my son.”

Why consider the job?
“It’s USC. Lane has always been – I’ve known him for a long time. You can’t help, youre flattered when people call. In the end we realized where we wanted to be as a family, and we’re awfully excited.”

Did you make the decision over the last 24 hours?
“I don’t tknow if it was 24 hours – there was some thought to it, sure.”