Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

1) Is D. Riley just pulling our chain? Do you think he is really considering UCLA? I know he was in the chat, but everything I’ve been reading says he has been a USC fan since childhood…? – PasadenaBruin07
I think he really likes UCLA, but in the end, will choose a bigger program. Just my feeling.

2) Do you think Zumwalt backed off his UCLA lean in your interview with him because he is a soft verbal to Stanford and will be visiting there this weekend, thus avoiding an awkward situation? It looks to me like UCLA is such a fit for him and his family… – PasadenaBruin07

3) What exactly goes on in an in-home visit? Is it done over a dinner, what is being discussed? How does this sways a recruit’s decision. – Mom
Everything is discussed, sometimes they eat, sometimes they don’t, sometimes the whole family is there, sometimes just one parent. It all sways a recruit’s decision.

4) What is your (very) early prediction on the Pac-10 standing for the 2010 season in football? – Matt A
Oregon, Cal, Oregon State, USC, UCLA, Arizona, Washington, Stanford, Arizona State, Washington State.

5) My own biases aside, I have seen way too many seemingly one-sided affairs just like last Saturday. Do you think the officials in the Pac-10 are biased, incompetent, or a combination of both? – Dean
I think home teams always get the benefits on all courts in every conference in America.

6) Any thoughts on George Uko and how his recruiting situation may pan out? – Spencer
I don’t think it’s looking good.

7) Also, do you know when Xavier Grimble will visit? – Spencer
It’s been cancelled. He’s firm with USC.

8) Carroll leaving has left me quite depressed. I even had a fight with my wife when she said she hoped it rained every day in Seattle while Carroll is there. But I will only recall how he brought class, enthusiasm, good looks, national championships, and a sense that college football was the greatest sport on earth to ol’ SC. Who will be new coach as ‘SC and will the new coach take Norm Chow to ‘SC? What have you heard? Thank you. – BE REAL
Uh, well, Lane Kiffin is there. So I guess you can be happy? And, um, no, Norm Chow is staying. Sorry?

9) Any updates on Barr or Pullard? What are our chances with Grimble? – Anonymous
Barr is leaning Notre Dame, Pullard is still looking good for UCLA, Grimble is solid USC.

10) One rumor was that Neueheisel was pushing for Mike Riley’s OSU recruits pretty hard back where Riley to USC was still a possibility. Did he make any progress? – Anonymous
The biggest is Owa, and he’s still up in the air.

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  • Anonymous

    Err, Jon, be careful with your wording in a UCLA blog. Regarding #1, saying a ‘bigger program’ is inviting trouble. Have they won more games recently and taken the title of most corrupt ‘school’ of all time? Yes. But I’d be careful calling them a ‘bigger program’. Just saying he’s going to go to SUC is sufficient.

    Other than that, nothing too surprising. The only enormous name I can envision surprising all of us on signing day is Owa. Hopefully we can land him. That would be huge.

  • samohopar

    Sucks to hear Barr is leaning ND, thought we had him.

  • spedjones

    Jon doesn’t work for UCLA. He can write whatever he wants. Barr will change his tune after his visit this weekend.

  • Mike H class of 90

    I think Oregon/OSU is the battle for the Rose Bowl again. WSU/ASU bring up the rear, but I think everyone else is even. If our offense can put it together (and I believe we can with just about everyone back along with the OC) then I believe we can take third in the conference this year. The injury situation will still be the major wildcard since we lack depth at many positions.

  • bruin hypocrite

    All you uclans are just the most simpering, whining, blithering bunch of idiots in all the land. The hypocisy is unnerving. The inferiority comnplex that each of you possess is insatiable. Just amazing, it’s obvious the newer generation of fans have , quoting Jim Healy , “gone the Leonard Tose route”. First of all to WTF, and VB, and all the other vile impudent twerps who troll the wolf site, get a life. there is more to life than college football you know? It is not life and death here folks. But the vitriol is not even funny or clever, it’s just jealous ramnlings and it is so obvious. Twist every fact, use every innuendo, first chow’s too old, 111th and 88th in the nation in offense the last two years, good riddance, and now oh what a coordinator. I know, I know, theyre young etc. Actually, they just don’t have the talent. And they never will. Now you’r ejumping for joy? You can have em, Lane calls plays and that was that. We’ll all see who’s doing the talking come December 3, and I suspect theyll be crickets chirping on this blog. Bad news equals silence here, good news is reason to gloat. Classless. Every year it’s the same, like your recruits say, “we want to get the bruins back on top” The problem is they have NEVER been on top in the first place, there is no “back” to go to. I rememeber your squeals when you got X and Carroll, and Pressley and what did they give you this year? That’s why Pete wanted Carroll on defense, and Preslly not as a TE, he was right. So the false optimism is what youve all got to go on, but when youre alone with your thoughts at night and the gameface is put away, you know you will lose again in December at our January home in Pasadena. And your still not Trojans. And one more thing, the continuous comments about the “ghetto” etc. are only really applicable to the people of los angeles who live near the campus, not the student body. The student body has more ethnic diversity than any college in the nation. Ane the kids aren’t ghetto, they are often well heeled kids from La Canada and the oc , and the west side, and everywhere else, so really why keep bashing the socioeconomic problems this city has, does it make you fell better about yourselves somehow? Putting others down? I don’t ususally sink to these levels but enough is really enough…

    January 14, 2010 3:05 PM

  • Anonymous

    Wow! Someone forgot to take their Valium today.

  • Anonymous

    bruin hypocrite must be mad that daddy’s hedge fund dipped a little bit today.

  • Anonymous

    That was awesome.

  • uclabrruin1989

    yeah, somebody is off of their meds.

    1. UCLA is a dramatically better school than usc and always has been.
    2. usc cheats in both football and basketball.
    3. Lane Kiffin is a moron and will lose despite all that cheating.
    suck it toejam

  • be careful what you wish for

    two numbers to celebrate chows saying at fugly, 111th and 88th !! congrats

  • Anonymous
  • Ray

    hey, bruin hypocrite:

    By your assertion, “your [sic] still not Trojans,” do you honestly think that we Bruin alumni EVER wanted to go to USC? Considering how easy it at least used to be to get into USC (before the school literally bought a better faculty in the 1990s), those of us who got into UCLA with our 4.0s obviously could have gone to almost any school we wanted. But why would we choose to go to a crappy academic school, in a frightening part of L.A., with a dinky, concrete, barely passable campus that is “often” populated by over-indulged, materialistic and entitled trust-funders from “La Canada and the OC”? No thanks.

    As a comedian once said about USC, “USC wants an academic program that its football team could be proud of.”

  • BruinChick

    Someone has waaaay too much time on their hands.

  • Obviously

    “Damn, bruin hypocrite is on the ball.”

    From the sound of that idiot bruin hypocrite loves being on balls, most likely sucking them too.

    USC = U Suck Cock


  • Watty

    Well now, another successful round of comments. LOL.

    bh – so you know, we don’t like VB either.

  • solomonbruin

    Bruin hypocrite,it was easy to see where you went to school by reading your lack of grammar and spelling skills.VB,take a break and get your life together.You are an embarrassment to all Bruins with your racist remarks;leave the lack of class to the SUC’s.

  • Watty

    Didn’t it come out that VB got denied by UCLA? Think someone said he’s anteater on this blog, could be wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I think you are overrating CAl quite a bit:

    I see next year as :

    Oregon State
    Cal/Stanford/UCLA/Washington/Arizona (i think they are all about even)
    Arizona State
    Washington State

  • pr

    Suc Hypocrite – WALK YOUR BIKE!

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Stanford third from the bottom? Let’s not start sucking each other off here at UCLA with USC hiring Kiffin. Several PAC coaches have already proven they can do more with less than Neuheisel so he’s still got a lot of work to do before he gets annointed with a UCLA ranking above teams that have proven to be far ahead of UCLA.

  • Anonymous

    Without Gerhardt, they’re not that good. He declared today.

  • Mike H class of 90

    Stanford was all about Gerhardt this year. Their #2 rushing option was their QB. Luck was pretty good but I don’t think their rushing game comes close to being as good next year (how could it?) and that will put a lot of pressure on Luck. The team will be as good as he is.

    As far as UCLA is concerned, we were one touchdown away from OSU AT OSU, one touchdown away from Stanford AT Stanford, in a tight game AT ‘SC till the end and a couple of crazy plays from being in it with Oregon, the Pac-10 champs. I don’t think it’s far fetched to think that these losses could be winnable games next year outside of the Oregon game. Not saying we would win them all, but…why not?

  • Anonymous

    I’m a grad student there now so I’ve watched them. You’re a fool if you right them off or think they’re going down without Touchdown Toby. I love UCLA, but they’re a joke compared to Stanford on the oline and Stanford has talent to fill in for TT. And none of that even mentions Luck. UCLA has a long freakin way to go and a lot of teams that I would put ahead of them until I see some signs of life.

  • Anonymous

    Mike H, you’re quite right about Stanford. And if I were a gambling man, I’d bet on them. Luck is everything Carroll (and the media, Mike Patrick in particular) saw in Barkley, but in the flesh. Ceteris paribus, that guy is going to annihilate teams as a junior. Maybe even as a sophomore.

    UCLA was close on the scoreboard. But did you really think they were actually close to scoring those points? And you want to talk about units falling off from this year? The UCLA defense. How can it live up with the loss of an absolute force on the line? We’ll see if Moore and Ayers can be the anchors so far from the ball. I personally think it all rests on the line.

    Call me cynical, call me a trader, denounce my Bruinicity. I don’t care. I watch it and I know what I see and I saw a pretty crappy team playing in the Rose Bowl week after week and I find it dubious to expect a *poof* type transformation. I hope they prove my expectations wrong

  • Mike H class of 90

    Luck was very good this year, but it will be different without being able to go play action with the Heisman runner-up. Without a running game, teams are really going to challenge him.

    As far as the Bruin D, they will defenitely step back but they were pretty good this year (only 1 team scored over 28 if I remember right) and at least the defensive backfield will be strong, allowing them to commit a safety, perhaps, to help out on the run. If the O steps up it should help them as well. D steps back a little, O steps up … I still think we’re in just about every game. Didn’t say there was going to be a remarkable transformation, but I don’t think there needs to be…just 7 more points buys us potentially 3 more wins over last season.