Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

1) Jon you have really settled in and I really enjoy where this blog is headed. With the possible availability of some big time talent, do you think there will be pressure on some under performers already in the program to head elsewhere?? – Rico Bruin
Well, pressure might not be the right word. Certainly, if a top-flight class comes in, some of the older guys will get moved aside. Four eligible seniors for next year already “decided” to end their careers. Probably will happen again next year.

2) In basketball, does Howland appear frustrated about the team’s defensive effort and/or hedging on screens (or lack thereof)? I’m sure he accepts that Dragovic is going to be a liability on D, but it seems like he is missing that one guy (previously Luc) that was able to mask his other teammates’ deficiencies. – Jbruin
Great observation, and you’re totally right. Tyler Honeycutt can become a defensive stopper, but he’s young, coming off an injury and not there yet. And particularly on screens, when one guy is out of position, the domino effect starts, and pretty soon they’re all out of position.

3) If you read D. Riley’s facebook you can see a lot of comments on where his buddies think he should play. How big of a role do you think peers and classmates play in a players decision? -UCLAVES
It certainly makes an impact, but not as big as you think. It’s all about getting in a position to have success at the next level – if Riley is confident he can be a playmaker at USC, he’ll go. If he thinks he has a better shot at UCLA, he’ll go.

4) Will this year’s signing day be as exciting and surprising as last years? Or have we already seen the best we are going to get this year? – VB
What Neuheisel proved last year is that nothing is impossible. Literally nothing would shock me.

5) Will USC go 4-8 next year with their new coach? – VB
No, that’s ridiculous. They’ll go 0-12 and lose every game by 800 points. Come on, guys. That is still a talented team, and the staff they’re putting together will be great, I’m sure. No worse than 9-4.

6) Is Neuheisel savvy enough to capitalize on Pete’s departure in terms of grabbing recruits and energizing his current players? – VB
Neuheisel is one of the best in the country at this. I have no doubt he’s pouncing.

7) Do the coaches appear to be as concerned as we all are about the DT situation. Even with 2 stud DT recruits, next year would be rough as they grow and develop their game. – UCLAVES
Hell yeah they are. That’s why they’re pushing so hard to get an immediate impact defensive tackle.

8) Is Norm Chow working with the QB’s yet? How soon does QB102 start with Kevin Prince? – Javy
Spring ball.

9) Recently I heard there were comments made that there was a lot of negative recruiting going on with Owa in regards to crime in L.A.. Is that all it takes to sway a player? I mean you have Academics, the campus, the weather, women, academic support, nice facilities, expereince Pro-coaches @ UCLA so it seems comical the only thing rival schools can come up with is the crime rate in Los Angeles. – Dan
That’s ridiculous, and if it did sway him in any way whatsoever, I don’t even know what to say. Don’t go to Penn State! I hear there was a liquor store robbery once! NO!!

10) Did Neuheisel make his decision on Hasiak today? We should give him every chance to repent, in my opinion. – Dr. Mario
It’s not looking good, I’ve heard.

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  • Anonymous

    My only complaint about Jon’s worst-case-scenario prediction for USC going 9-4 is that it assumes no postseason ban.

  • Anonymous

    Good Prediction since USC plays 13 games next year you obviously feel they will be banned from a bowl appearance. Very clever I have to give you credit.

  • Post Season Ban a coming…

    Good prediction John, since you know that SC will be banned from postseason appearances you correctly show that SC will only play 13 games next year instead of 14. Very astute!

  • Chairman, NCAA Committee on Infractions

    Bruin fans – it won’t really matter what record the University of Southern California will have in the 2010 season. With the NCAA Committee on Infractions’ upcoming meeting on February 19-21 in Tempe, Arizona, serious sanctions will be placed upon said University.

    Speaking of the aforementioned sanctions, with the hire of coach Orgeron (aka “Ogre”)and his recent activities with the recruits of the University of Tennessee, the sanctions that will be imposed on USC shall be extremely serious.

    In closing, USC shall be under our very watchful eye for any “LAME” activity.

    Chairman, NCAA Committee on Infractions

  • BruinFaithful

    GREAT!!!! XSF, has been assigned to Tallahassee for his Mission and could be back for 2012 season. I would much rather prefer he had been sent abroad, than in FSUs backyard.

    Why do you always seem to miss on stuff like this Jon?

  • Anon

    I wouldn’t worry about XSF getting attracted to transfer to FSU. I’ve lived there before. FSU is Varsity Christian Fellowship territory and they have no tolerance for Mormons. He will have a tough time with all of the Southern Baptists and the evangelical followers of Franklin Graham (Billy’s son). Bowden was the ringleader of high school athletic groups that intimidated non-Christians and non-evangelicals. I doubt they have had many Mormon players on that team over the years, if any.