Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

1) Jon With the 17 commits that we currently have an names floating around everywhere on who could potentially commit could you see Coach Neu oversigning and asking players to greyshirt like many SEC schools do? If that is in fact the case who could you see greyshirting? – Dflinn
Yes, I think they’ll ask at least a few. I’ve heard John Young and Eric Kendricks are likely candidates.

2) By the Pac-10 tourney, what do you see as the starting 5? Lee at PG still, or will Anderson play his way back in? And what about Honeycutt? – Matt A
Lee/Roll/HCutt/Drago/Nelson with Lane getting more and more minutes.

3) What do you project next year’s line up as? – Matt A
If the recruits are healthy and as advertised, and I think it’s been proved that is not a guarantee – Anderson/Lee/Hcutt/Nelson/Smith with Lane and Moser getting major minutes.

4) Jon, I told you that really was D. Riley last night. What are you hearing about Milton Knox transferring out…? Can we land Zumwalt, Riley, Uko and Owa….? Thanks. – Mr. Perez
Knox told me yesterday he wasn’t going anywhere. Could be playing it close to the vest, but I believe him. CAN? – Zumwalt, Yes; Riley, Yes; Uko, No; Owa, Yes.

5) Is the monopoly over? – Anonymous
I’m pretty sure UCLA just bought Philadelphia and is working on a trade for North Carolina, and they already have hotels on Kentucky, Illinois and Indiana and three of the four railroads. USC has a big bank account and Park Place and Boardwalk, but they just landed on Indiana.

6) Purely Hypothetical Jon. If USC placed a call to Neuheisel (yes yes, it would never happen), would he even listen? – Anonymous
How much $ we talking? In this profession, anyone would go anywhere for enough $.

7) Do you think the basketball team will improve over the remainder of the season? Apart from the early departures, what is plaguing this team? – legalsean
Yes, they’ll improve. Youth is plaguing the team, as well as a lack of confidence.

8) Jon, the basketball team has been pretty disappointing over the past couple of seasons, and this year’s team has been pretty much a disaster. Do you sense any pressure on Howland to turn things around (start winning or else), and do you think UCLA will ever return to being one of the best basketball schools in the nation? The deep pockets around Westwood have to be pretty disgusted at this point with how things look. What’s your take? – Mister E
My God man! THREE STRAIGHT FINAL FOURS! A very good team last year that achieved all it could! This is ONE YEAR! CALM DOWN! That’s my take.

9) USC’s coaching search seems to be making little progress. Not that I am complaining, but it seems strange that there has not been more interest in the position. Could it be that candidates are really worried about the NCAA investigation, or could candidates be a bit intimidated about replacing Pete Carroll? – Bruwin5931
Yes. Both.

10) Considering the situation at USC, do you realistically see any of their committed players switching to UCLA (or any uncomitted players leaning towards us)? Although some recruits says this does not affect their decision, it must be difficult to establish a relationship with a new coach in a short period of time. – Bruwin5931
I would be surprised if any committed players flipped to UCLA, but those still up for grabs are now wavering more.

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  • Anonymous

    Anon4:02 – Also, your mama told you could get into UCLA. Get you a$s back to Wolf’s site. I heard the hostess from UT is going to transfer to SUC and do what she does best. SUC ON! Oh wait, that’s your mama.

  • Kitten

    Anon 4:02, – Also, I was told by everyone on Wolfdik’s blog that Norm Chow was going to come to USC and that it was done deal, and all that was left was for the ink to dry on the $1.5 Million contract. 🙁

    No Chow? No Davis? No NC’s? No Sanctions?

  • Bruintx

    I dont remember a Philadelphia in Monopoly… but that was still a clever reply Jon.

  • Could it be?