• Anonymous

    First time listening to your Podcast. Next time, SHUT UP and let whomever you’re interviewing talk and STOP interrupting them and injecting your own opinion. We all have our own opinion and we’re listening for the inside persepective.

  • bay bruin

    First time reading your post. Next time, DON’T WRITE and let Jon do his thing and GET OFF your high horse. Jon owes you nothing and no one cares about your opinion.

  • samohopar

    Anonymous…wtf are you talking about? He wasn’t interviewing anybody, Ben is the co-host. So many imbeciles in this world.

  • la_bruin

    Why is it that all the chickensh-t posters go by the name “Anonymous”? Just my opinion. We all have our own opinion, y’know.

    And here’s another opinion: I love the podcast & you’re a douchebag that takes this podcast way too seriously.