Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

1) What are your thoughts on the Conan O’brien situation? – Anonymous
I love Conan, but I don’t blame Jay Leno for this. NBC is run by a bunch of idiots – Jeff Zucker, I’m looking at you – and they’re trying to salvage what they can out of the Leno relationship. As boring and bland as Leno is, he resonates with middle America better than anyone in late-night. Conan had to dumb down his show for months, and it kinda sucked, but I hope he realizes what he can be at 11:30. Hopefully at Fox.

2) Who is visiting this weekend? – DegiaVu
Malcolm Jones

Jordon James

Sealii Epenesa

Ricky Heimuli

Anthony Barr

Eric Kendricks

Shaquille Richardson

Anthony Jefferson

Paul Richardson

Tevin McDonald

John Young

Wesley Flowers

Rykeem Yates

Cassius Marsh

3) Update on milton knox? – DegiaVu
Told me two days ago he wasn’t going anywhere.

4) Any rumbling on any possible transfers? – DegiaVu
Not that I’ve heard of.

5) What is the possibility ucla finishes with a final 8 of owa, shirley, pullard, barr, riley, heimuli, zumwalt, thompson? – DegiaVu
That would be a dream finish for UCLA, and I think they can realistically get five of the eight.

6) DO you see this years signing day being as crazy as least years? – MaltBaa
I never know what to expect with recruiting.

7) When did this become the Trojan Q&A? – Anonymous
About the time Lane Kiffin was hired.

8) Do you see CRN pulling a rabbit(s) out of his hat on National Signing Day, like he did last year? – Anonymous
With everything going down within the conference, I wouldn’t be surprised.

9) with Lane Kiffin leaving Tennesee do you think e have a chance at any of their commits, I know Markeith Ambles, Jawaun James, and Brandon Willis had UCLA on their list, amy chance we steal one of those guys? – Aaron
Nah, I doubt it.

Jon, I am in the minority. I believe this Kiffin hire is excellent for USC because he can recruit with the best of them. He will continue to keep the top kids going to USC, which does not bode well for UCLA. Thoughts? – BruinJigs
He’s a fantastic recruiter, and he is assembling a team of fantastic recruiters. But he has not proven he can coach or run a clean program. So we’ll see.

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  • Daniel Sagerman

    Jon, when you said that you think we can get 5 of the 8, which 5 do you think are most likely going to choose UCLA? I must say that I have a weird feeling that Riley is going to pick USC and maybe he was at UCLA for 2 straight weekends to try and get some of the others to switch to USC.. What do you think?

  • Anonymous

    “But he has not proven he can coach or run a clean program.”

    Oh the irony. “Slick Rick” has over 50 ncaa violations to his name, put one program on probation, and currently has an 11-14 record at UCLA. Seems like when Rick isn’t cheating, he can’t win.

    Kiffin had 6 minor violations (on par with every other major program) and improved Tennessee’s record from 5-7 to 7-6 in one season.

  • Neuheisel’s Vegas Bookie

    Where is Ricky?

    He had money on the Bruins to cover the spread the other night… we have to talk.

  • Neuheisel’s Vegas Bookie

    Just kidding, he had his money on USC.

    Just like he did November 28, 2009.

  • Dex

    @ Anon –

    If you’re boasting on Kiffin improving Tenn. from 5-7 to 7-6, what’s your reaction to Neuheisel improving UCLA from 4-8 to 7-6? Let’s be realistic, Tennessee didn’t have nearly the talent gap with the rest of the conference that UCLA had when Neu took over.

  • Anonymous

    It’s taken Rick two years to get his team to 7-6. Kiffin did it in one year. Also, UCLA has finished in *8th place* in the Pac-10 two years in a row. Really nothing to boast about.

  • Anonymous

    conan is said to get a buyout of a lot of millions and a non-compete claus which means no 11:30 timeslot on fox… thats sucky!!!!!!!


    Anonymous at 6:04-

    You are right – and Lame would have been 8-5 had he beated UCLA – but he and the old man got outcoached at home.