Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

1) Jon, can you verify if Chow is saying Ciao to CRN and the Bruins. – StorminNorman
Nope, can’t.

2) Scout.com and Rivals use a system of stars to rate recruits. What is the criteria for 5 stars, 4 stars, etc.? – anonymous
It’s a combination of camp performances, game film and in-person performances, future potential and immediate impact potential.

3) For official recruiting visits to UCLA, how are the individual player hosts selected? – Anonymous
I believe they volunteer, but that’s a great question. I’ll try to follow up.

4) Will Michael Roll be drafted into the NBA? – Anonymous
No, but he can be a very successful player overseas.

5) What ever happened to the basketball careers of former UCLA team members Ryan Wright (recruited in 2005) and Chase Stanback (recruited in 2007)? – Anonymous
Wright averages 16.5 minutes and a little more than three points per game for the Oklahoma Sooners, and Stanback nine points in 24 minutes for the UNLV Rebels.

6) What is your reaction to Lane Kiffin coming to USC? – Anonymous
In a word, shocking. Shocking and spontaneous. Shocking and spontaneous and catastrophic. Maybe that’s more than one word.

7) Where do you think George Uko commits? – Anonymous

8) What governs how much UCLA spends on its coaching staff? Are there regulations on the amount of money it can spend because it is a public institution (Title IX or something else) or is it just based on how much the President of the school allocates to the program? – Austin

9) What is the latest on Prince’s shoulder injury that took him out of the bowl game in the 4th quarter? – Anonymous
He should be fine for spring ball, and it’s the same injury that he had before the game.

10) If Chow were to leave at some time (now or later), is there an assistant that has been working closely with Chow that may potentially take over and keep the continuity of the system? Or would it be more likely that we’d look elsewhere for someone with probably a completely different offensive system? – Kevin
UCLA would look elsewhere I’m sure.

11) Can you give me a good joke? – Anonymous
I’ll try: A man and a friend are playing golf one day at their local golf course. One of the guys is about to chip onto the green when he sees a long funeral procession on the road next to the course. He stops in mid-swing, takes off his golf cap, closes his eyes, and bows down in prayer.
His friend says: “Wow, that is the most thoughtful and touching thing I have ever seen. You truly are a kind man.”
The man then replies: “Yeah, well we were married 35 years.”

12) If Norm Chow signs a ten year contract with UCLA but decides in 12 months that he wants to leave and go to a school with deep pockets, could he? – Brian Kelly

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    1. Kiffin’s hiring was “catastrophic?”– Mr. Gold is usually pretty even-handed, but I think the jury is out on this one. Let’s see what unfolds. The guy still has a stable of studs to work with.

    2. The golf joke was funny, very funny, laugh out loud funny. Thanks, I will use it and claim it as my own.

    3. You probably had to be there to appreciate it, but SC letting the clock run out toward the end of the game, and not taking a shot, was the first time I had seen that. Now that is sportsmanship to the nth degree.

    4. An unsettling sight was the ucla clan clearing out from the arena with the saddest most depressive expressions I have seen in a long time. It reminded me that despite what sports fan erroneously believe, we are all one, we are all the same– even SC-ucla folks.

    Good Night,


  • Anonymous

    SC letting the clock run out was sportsmanship? Marcus Johnson tried a tomahawk dunk with maybe 90 seconds left.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding funding for the UCLA program, from what I understand Jon’s is an incorrect answer. I believe the Athletic Department is self-funded, so all of the athletic programs are paid for with revenue with the two revenue-producing programs, football and basketball. If you look at the budget of the Athletic Department, it is designed to always break even on a yearly basis. Under normal circumstances, the Athletic Department takes no money from the school’s general fund. (To be more technical, UCLA does not have a President, it has a Chancellor instead – there is a President of the entire UC system, instead.)

    In effect, I believe the football program’s coaching budget is decided only by how much money the football program (and basketball program) generates, minus the money spent to fund administration and the other sports, Title IX and otherwise. So, if UCLA starts selling out the Rose Bowl every week and making a lot more money on merchandise, there will be a much larger amount of money to spend on athletic programs in general, and football in particular.

    Please, someone tell me if I’m wrong?

  • Coach Thom

    when does football season start?

  • Rob M

    re notes:

    #3. A more cynical person would take that as sarcasm. I will choose to be petty and say that you have never seen it before because a) SC rarely wins that way b) SC and sportsmanship are not really synonmous.

    #4. Yes, people are the same. Common LA fans. Common sports fans. There is lots of venom on both boards spewed by lurkers and trolls and idiot hometeam fans. By no way does SC have the monopoly on a-holes, I’ve met a few during my years at UCLA, BUT don’t be mistaken by thinking that they are all the same.

    People ask me if I think everyone that attended (or cheers for) USC is an a-hole. NO, of course that is not true. BUT… I like to think of it as:

    (# of d-bags) / school population = [%concentration of d-bags]

    Yes, every school has them (dbags), but IMHO, USC has a higher than average [% d-bags]. My proof: none, its all strictly anecdotal. We live in LA so we have a wide range of people who went to different universities. Of course, I know mostly UCLA folks and I think that the vast majority are the salt of the earth (low [% d-bags]). Yes, I have a friends that went to SC and they are great people. But they would be the first to tell you that they went to a school with A LOT of d-bags. Many of the Trojan alums I’ve met are cool enough, but I’ve met enough to know that there are certain qualities prevalent in SC alumni that make me dislike them. (selfish, arrogant, they act entitled) I know, its hardly scientific, but in my personal experience: quite true.

    If the worst that Trojan fans can come up against us “bRuins” is this year’s athletics, so be it. Our football team is getting better and our basketball team will be back. This might be misconstrued as preachy or holier-than-thou but, if SC was supposed to be as good a school as UCLA, where is the WORRY that SC athletics is tainted by scandal? Isn’t USC’s honor being questioned? It doesn’t seem to show in the other blog. If that is representative of SC fandom, then is it safe to assume they are more concerned with the hiring of a coach to continue winning (at whatever cost) more than ensuring that the wins, both past and future, are honorable? Is SC or its fans so sure they can OJ their way out of sanctions that they don’t worry about them? IF (still a big IF because of the do-nothing NCAA) they do get sanctioned, will SC’s football fans even be ashamed? Honestly, will they? Or will they still look at the Caroll/Bush years fondly?

    Although blogs weren’t as prevalent at the time, when the “handicap placard scandal” happened, UCLA athletics and alumni were mortified. And that wasn’t even any kind of cheating or recruitment/NCAA violation. That was just Toledo letting the players run wild. Then, we had to endure the Dorell era to cleanup the program. I think it does show the difference in being proud of your University with its Football/Basketball team as an extension of your school (UCLA) as opposed to just being proud of having a good Football team (USC).

  • Jewin

    Hey Rob M,

    That was one of the best posts this blog has seen in a long time.

  • Anonymous

    you were so good during the transition period, Jon. have you gotten complacent? we all commented about how we hoped you would get the job. now i am wondering if my faith in you was misplaced. now you are letting us down. you are letting down those who check the Inside UCLA blog at 8AM in the morning and don’t find any new posts until after 2PM in the afternoon even though you barely manage to post more than three times a day after your late starts. this blog used to the one-stop shop for UCLA athletics news. Inside UCLA has ceased to be the most updated and reliable source. when i visit this website, i cringe when i see rehashed stories and news lifted from other places like Bruin Report Online and Bruins Nation. i understand you have other pressing priorities in your life. we would appreciate, though, when you are actually doing your job that you put forth a gargantuan effort rather than the meager and uninspired work that we have been witness to recently. this blog has developed during the Brian Dohn era, a large and loyal legion of readers. it has been months since you have taken over this blog yet it seems as though its quality has declined. your growth has not matched the level of intensity of the UCLA Bruin fanbase. so, let’s get serious and give me my second half in-game updates rather than leave me hanging with 20 minutes left to go in the game.


    HOW THE HELL DO I REACH YOU TO ask a question that needs answers asap……………i know u already heard that Mcooper told jpainter fucla…your buddy scott surely filled u in? is this another one of his weak ass stories or is it true? I HAVE JUST ABOUT HAD ENOUGH OF THESE F N TROLLS!



  • bruwin5931

    I agree with Jewin: that was a great post Rob M.


    Just got back from Pauley and this is my report:

    About 300 loyal SC rooters in Section 308, and we were loud. ‘Southern California’ spellout, ‘We Are-SC’, ‘Just like football,’ and finally in our closing song, ‘u-c-l-a SUCKS.’

    Our band of 300 was louder throughout the game than SUCLA’s 10,000 or so. By the way, the stands had a lot of empty seats, I would guess 2,000 perhaps, so the SUCLA rats are scurrying from their sinking basketball ship, not to mention their football tugboat.

    And it was so sweet that SUCLA was out of the game after about 7-minutes, and never got back in it, that the fans were hitting the exit at the 10 minute mark. It was a fiasco of a game for SUCLA, but I have never witnessed a better SC performance at Pauley in all the years I have been going to that hellhole.

    And, by the way, K.O. rocks.


  • Anonymous

    Rob M,

    I hate to break it to you but every school has an equal amount “d-bags”

    For every LAWYER JOHN that spouts “bRuins” or “FUCLA” there’s a Charlie Bucket throwing out “trOJans” or “SUC.”

    Because someone’s courteous in front of you doesn’t mean he turns around and is an idiot to fans of another school. Just look at spedjones, he seems like an intelligent enough guy over here but look at the inane crap he posts over on Inside USC and he more than earns his “d-bag” badge.

    And just so you don’t have to go to Wolf’s site to see for yourself, BE REAL without a typekey is spedjones. Again.

  • Anonymous

    …and a typo ruins my point.

    I meant to say – because someone’s courteous in front of you doesn’t mean he won’t turn around and be an idiot to fans of another school.

  • anonomous

    I dont know what the hell youre talking about BE REAL, but i was at the game and didnt hear a thing from the SC fans. I didnt hear a single chant, i didnt hear you yelling on our possessions or free throws. So maybe you think you were being loud but down on the court (i was in the student section, so close enough) we didnt hear a thing. nice try though trying to construe the 12 USC fans that made the trek over to Paulley as somehow taking over the place


    No. 1 As I have said before, I am somewhat pointed about ucla on the SC blog, but when posting on the ucla blog I tone it down, as a matter of courtesy to bruins. And that second posting from the SC blog was not from me, but an imposter.

    No. 2 Funny about the comment from the ucla student. SC didn’t hear a sound out of the students all night. Not a sound! I saw the ucla cheerleaders trying to arouse the alumni, but their spirit fell on deaf ears. Meanwhile, the 300 SC clan in Section 308, and there were 300, were rocking.