Moving parts: Scout changes up its rankings

The latest rankings came out today, and there was some major movement with some UCLA commits and targets.

* Malcolm Jones is now the No. 3 running back from No. 6.
* Owamagbe Odighizuwa is now the No. 8 defensive end from 11.
* Jordan Zumwalt jumped 11 spots to the No. 9 MLB.
* Jordon James moved to the No. 11 running back.
* Dietrich Riley fell to the No. 16 safety.

There was more movement, so here’s the updated list: UCLA Recruits

  • Anonymous

    James “slipped” to 11 from 14.


    How do you slip upwards?

  • Anonymous

    How do you slip upwards? Ask Lame Kiffin.

  • dolphyfan1

    Tevin also moved to a 4-star recruit

  • cliq

    is this like a video game?
    pretty sure they are what they are.

  • Fan4Life

    Barr listed as OLB.

  • H8T SuC

    i hope RN lands Zumwalt..and Owa

  • Anonymous

    i like numbers.

  • UB’s sense of shame

    numbers confuse VB, they make him sleepy.