The lingering effects

As the putrid smell of UCLA’s throttling at the hands of cross-town rival USC fades away, the Bruins seem to finally be getting frustrated and embarrassed with the state of the season.

In early season losses, the tone was, “Well, we’re young, and we’ll improve.”
Then it became, “We need to work on the fundamentals.”

Now it has become, “I am embarrassed.”

“I’m embarrassed for our team,” head coach Ben Howland said after the Bruins’ 67-46 loss to USC on Saturday. “I feel embarrassed for our program, for the former players and coaches. That’s all you can say about this effort today. It was embarrassing. That’s what I told the players after the game.
“And I’m responsible. Number one.”

Embarrassed for the team’s offensive effort, which included just 15-of-45 field goals and 3-of-20 3-pointers.

Embarrassed for the team’s defensive effort, which consistently resulted in easy penetrations to the basket and wide-open shots.

Embarrassed for the team’s effort, which included lackadaisical shot attempts and poor attitudes.

“I’m in charge of the program,” Howland said. “The buck stops here. It starts here. We were not well-enough prepared for this game. Nor did we understand how they were going to come out and jump us with defense.”

UCLA freshman forward Reeves Nelson said after the game that he did not think Howland deserved so much responsibility for the disappointing season, that the player’s bore some of the responsibility as well, “Maybe 60-40.”

Nelson was particularly frustrated by the apparent lack of effort as the game progressed, as a manageable deficit at halftime quickly became a blow-out.

“People who don’t play with heart and don’t play with balls don’t register with me,” Nelson said. “I’m not going to bad-mouth my teammates, obviously, but today was a gut-check and we got checked pretty hard, and that showed.”

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  • Anonymous

    Jon, who’s not playing with balls? Can you ball check everyone b4 the game?


    Just got back from Pauley and this is my report:

    About 300 loyal SC rooters in Section 308, and we were loud. ‘Southern California’ spellout, ‘We Are-SC’, ‘Just like football,’ and finally in our closing song, ‘u-c-l-a SUCKS.’

    Our band of 300 was louder throughout the game than SUCLA’s 10,000 or so. By the way, the stands had a lot of empty seats, I would guess 2,000 perhaps, so the SUCLA rats are scurrying from their sinking basketball ship, not to mention their football tugboat.

    And it was so sweet that SUCLA was out of the game after about 7-minutes, and never got back in it, that the fans were hitting the exit at the 10 minute mark. It was a fiasco of a game for SUCLA, but I have never witnessed a better SC performance at Pauley in all the years I have been going to that hellhole.

    And, by the way, K.O. rocks.



    Anon @ 12:04 pm, I will be more than happy to ballcheck all the basketball players b4 the game. It would be an honor, sir.


  • Anonymous

    Reeves telling it like it is. Not everyone has the skills or they may have an off night, but you can never deny the effort. Reeves to me has been the only player providing consistent effort and heart this season.

  • Well, we know there is talent on this team… Maybe it is my stalwart UCLA fandom, but I am still convinced we can go on a run, get hot, and at least finnish over .500… a sad goal, but still obtainable, I hope.

  • so west Coast

    Making lazy passes, taking ill-advised shots, and not making an effort in rebounding are killing us. And that’s IN addition to the fact that we lack leadership and a competent point guard. There’s no dribble penetration, which leads to taking contested jump shots and committing turnovers when trying to force passes. what’s ben howland doing these days? how about some in-game adjustments??? it used to be, “we’re not going to score a lot, but we’ll play great defense.” now it’s just.. we’re gonna be awful on both ends. What’s frustrating is….as a fan, I see their potential (notre dame and kansas games), but damn they sure know how to play some ugly basketball.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the spirit, the battle cry from now on is….We’re embarrassed/we’re embarrassing. This fits perfectly for a program which is supposed to be a basketball power. A “basketball school” should never have a season like this. UCLA is supposed to have all of these 5 star recruits on the team, even if they’re young this is absolutely embarrassing. WOW. At least football games are fun…oh wait…the stadium is half-empty all the time, and when USC plays in it it is half full of USC fans. What kind of school is this?

  • Coach Thom

    This is the season we had to have. Absolutely. Now, maybe Coach Ben will start recruiting unknown players who have some talent that can be nurtured over time plus the motivation to compete and win… players who will be around for at least 2 years. This ‘one-and-done’ crap has got to stop. What good is a team of freshmen year in and year out? The super-star ‘one-and-doners’ will destroy this school and its hallowed program. Bring us the unknowns who want to stay in school and build a championship team!!!!

  • Anonymous

    “BE REAL” without a typekey is actually Bruin fan “spedjones”

  • la-ukla

    I was at the game, but also too EMBARRASSED to post or read anything right afterwards. What kills me is it’s the same BS every game. The bad passes, the turnovers, the poor FT shooting, the lack of communication on the court, lack of O, lack of D…really, it’s a long list. But every single game? There is zero growth with this team and I seriously don’t know what to make of that. Is it on Howland? On the players? In the past, we could count on Howland’s teams to come roaring back after a bad loss like this; nowadays, I’m just waiting for the next blowout. No heart, no accountability, no learning curve, no lesson learning. I see talent, but why is it not translating to wins?

  • Anonymous

    Jon Gold is sounding a bit like he went to the Vic the Brick school of fanboy journalism . Apparently they’re not much on teaching objective journalism.

  • Anonymous

    I blame Kevin Love.

  • Proudbruin

    There is a big difference between Coach Howland and the players being embarrassed. I’m not sure the kids get it yet. It’s obvious many of them did not have any idea how much work is needed to compete at the high Div. 1 level. After they finish near the bottom of the Pac Ten and watch the Tournament(s) on TV,
    they might get the message and commit themselves to the work needed in the off-season. And that does not mean just pick-up games with pro players in the summer,
    but time in the weight room, running and working on their fundamentals, including shooting skills.

  • SNaRL

    I’ll tell you what kind of school this. THIS IS UCLA!!!!

    This is the WORLD Renowned UCLA. 32nd in the World, while FUSC is 112th.

    It is a school. And it is a school first. It will always be a school first. FUSC is just a football program, and that’s it!!! FUSC students are disgruntled and disgusted that they basically pay their tuition for football! And thus, they take out their anger on UCLA fan blogs. YOU CHEATING LOSERS!!!!

    Second, UCLA has won more NCAA championships then Sc every will!!!! UCLA has the most in the nation…

    Third, where were the FUSC fans in the last regular season games? The game against Arizona? The the commentators were shocked! The reported attendance was less than 50,000!!!! This is what they call THE BANDWAGON EFFECT…The LA fans saw that they weren’t contenders, so they didn’t buy any tickets!

    Same in the 1990s when Sc’s stadium was half empty and they would give away free tickets outside of my junior high school…

  • BruinInSeattle

    “Anonymous said:

    Jon Gold is sounding a bit like he went to the Vic the Brick school of fanboy journalism . Apparently they’re not much on teaching objective journalism.”

    dude…it’s a blog, not the New York Times. Figure out the difference on your own time.

  • Anonymous

    Can a reporter please ask Ben Howland the following question:

    After each loss this season, you take responsiblity, and mention some changes you want to make, but those changes rarely last more than a half of basketball (employing a zone, for example).

    Since you are responsible for this teams production, and the team is not producing, do you believe you have to make changes to make this team better, and if so, what specifics are you going to change to get the team moving in the right direction.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of like when you fart in the car right before you get out, only to come back a few hours later and get back in, only to have it still there, in all it’s glory.

  • Anonymous

    SNaRL said:

    “UCLA has won more NCAA championships then Sc every will!!!!”

    First of all it’s “than” and not “then”
    Second it’s “ever will” and not “every will”

    Now I want you to take a deep breath, collect your thoughts and try again.

  • Rick’s Bookie

    Bottom line: UCLA produces losers, whether it be basketball, football or school.

    Exhibit A: UB

  • Joe B.Ruin

    I love UCLA athletics, but I feel the bb program is for old farts, and going to these games is not for ordinary joe…and this is when they were winning too.

    sure, football team has stunk last 10 yrs, but at least they give a damn about their fans.

    The people that go to football games are true fans, people that go to the bb games go for status and sit on their hands…not like a true college experience. Like Billy Joel said, I would rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints…I wouldn’t say this applies to both programs of course, but I do think the bb team thinks they are above doing certain things.

  • Anonymous

    I mean our football stadium is like 30 miles away from our school. Face it UCLA can never be a football school and we just have to gobble up the crap Ben Howland is serving at the dilapidated Pauley Pavillion. We really muffed up the plan to remodel the building too. At least USC’s athletic department generated $80 million in revenue last year and doesn’t have to rely on tax dollars to assure contracts to coaches (quoting the red-faced Neuheisal on the public school thing on that one). We have to watch our games on regional Fox Sports and versus telecasts while USC is playing on national ABC TV and generating the largest audiences ESPN/ABC has ever seen for college football (ohio state last 2 years). Guerrero is an incompetant slob that kisses the chancellors feet to stay on the job. I mean SC has better buildings, revenue and teams, and their school ranking on US news is just one spot behind us now. THe desperation I think should start and it starts with a women’s softball national championship. GO UCLA! LET’S GET AN 8 CLAP GOING!

  • Anonymous

    Since 2000 USC = Athletics. UCLA = academics. Go ahead point to your “US News” report that takes into account alumni giving as a factor, or bend the rules regarding faculty (viturbi school of engineering) or take the higher SAT score for verbal and math on different tests and combine them when you submit your information, or talk to anyone in their right mind, SC is a joke academically, which is very funny considering the SC folks take so much pride in thier glorified private community collge.

    Go with what you got. Claim your empty new stadium, your 24 year old finally academically eligible players, your sanctioned program, your tradition, what ever you can claim to justify the small fortune you paid to party for 6 years.

    I’ll take the most applied to university in the US any day, you know why, because I can, and you never even had the chance…

  • Encinitas Bruin


    I’m confused: Weren’t you just saying the other day how much hate and anger there were on these blogs (Jon’s and Scott’s)? Slightly hypocritical, don’t you think?

    Congratulations, SC, for a great win.

  • Anonymous

    What new stadium?

    The Coliseum opened in 1923.

  • Anonymous

    Encenitas Bruin,

    If you see a LAWYER JOHN or BE REAL post without a typekey is a Bruin who also goes by the name spedjones. He’s just trying to instigate.


    Thanks old pal for pointing out the fraudulent BE REAL posts that undoubtedly come from a bruin with an axe to grind

    Nice to know someone has your back in this mean-spirited world

  • Boohoo Biff and Buffy

    Let’s recap. What a perfect last 28 days! First Joe McKnight is found driving a questionable SUV and, for some reason, isn’t allowed to play in the nut bowl, then USC plays in the nut bowl (Was that a BCS game?), then the courts rule against Reggie Bush’s request for private arbitration, then southern Cal admits to cheating in basketball and self-imposes sanctions desperately hoping to avoid worse from the NCAA, then Uncle Pete flees seemingly to get out of dodge before the sheriff arrives, then former southern Cal baseball star, Mark McGwire, admits to steroid use (cheating) during his record breaking season, then southern Cal signs Lame Kiffen who lost to Neuheisel and Chow last season and whose assistant at Tennessee immediately makes questionable contact with already signed Tenneesee players during an NCAA no contact period in an apparent attempt to get them to flip to southern Cal, then Joe McKnight announces he’s turning pro, then all the money in the world can’t buy Norm Chow, then Brice Schwab and Owmagbe Odighizuwa and several other “committed” southern Cal football recruits re-open. Extremely embarrassing and sad times at southern Cal. But, hey, SoCal’s cheating men’s basketball program beat the worst UCLA squad in 65 years and its women beat UCLA too, so things are really looking up for southern Cal. I’ll trade the two basketball losses for the joy of watching the dung hit the fan at $UC ANY day!!!! As I look out my window, the skies are stunning shades of blue and gold. Got any smart comebacks Toejam fan? I know, blame all of the above on Sam Gilbert. Why don’t you go play some quarters at the frat house and when you go home for the weekend to get money from the trust fund ask mummy and daddy if they can make it go away.

  • Ghost like Swayze

    Sam Gilbert is dead, it’s hard to blame him for any recent problems at USC.

    But regardless of whether or not he has a pulse, Gilbert does get credit for buying all those pretty championships for John Wooden.

  • UCLA78

    >>”Gilbert does get credit for buying all those pretty championships for John Wooden.”<< Wrong, Ghastly, er, Ghost. John Wooden had already won several championships and had the top players coming to the program BEFORE Sam Gilbert ever showed up. There's also NO evidence at ALL that John Wooden knew anything of Gilbert's activities until the end, and there's plenty of evidence that Gilbert was just as, ummm, "supportive" of $UC football as he was of UCLA Basketball. To say that John Wooden's UCLA championships are tainted or "dirty" is just ludicrous. But hey, why let the facts interfere with your delusion, right?

  • Anonymous

    Alright UCLA78,

    Let’s look at the Wooden years.

    1. Wooden won his first championship in 1964
    -Kareem won his first at UCLA in 1966
    -Kareem wrote in his book that Sam Gilbert “took care of him” from the moment he stepped on campus.

    Let’s go ahead an live in the fantasyland where Pappa Sam wasn’t there from the beginning. It’s has to be acknowledged that he was there from at least ’66.
    That would mean his first two championships were clean. High-five.

    2. Accusations that Reggie’s step-dad started living in that house the wanna be agent lived in his last year of college.
    -USC’s championships came the two years prior to that.

    So by the same rationale as Wooden’s first two, Pete Carroll has a couple clean NC’s.

    You want to take away Reggie’s junior year? Fine by me. I’ll give up a Pac-10 crown to erase the NC Game loss to Vince Young.

    As far as the “NO evidence” Wooden knew. Well why did he ask his players to stay away from Sam Gilbert?

    And back to fantasyland, let’s say that was never said. The knock on Carroll is that if he didn’t know about the house, he SHOULD have. If you go by that, John Wooden SHOULD have known.

    Your people want to try and erase everything accomplished in the Carroll years and leave Wooden squeaky clean for the same thing.

    But hey, why let hypocrisy interfere with your delusion, right?

  • Thurston

    Typical Southern Cal not embarrassed and won’t admit to any wrong doing just deflect, deflect, deflect. “Yeah, but what about Sam Gilbert?” There’s no evidence of jack diddly having to do with John Wooden and any sanctions when I look back at the NCAA record book. For Saint John’s years, I don’t see any asterisks or vacated championships, just a whole lot of nothing, so stay focused on the present. Now as a UCLA fan, when things are not right I actually get embarrassed…1980 -Larry Brown and some Sam guy, embarrassed; Athletes on Bob Toledo’s team parking on campus with handicapped placards – horrifying; People in the medical center selling body parts – terrible. When my favorite school looks bad and people are behaving unethically, I’m mad and embarrassed. At southern Cal they blame Sam Gilbert for something that there is no evidence of from 35 years before. Deflect on!

  • OJ Simpson is a disgrace

    Typical UCLA, using the “it’s too far in the past to talk about.” Johnny Wooden went from 1948 to 1964 without a single basketball title. His record was 285-125 (69.5%). The last four seasons before the tile UCLA went 70-40 (63.6%). Then all the sudden they go 30-0 in 1964? Coincidentally the time Sam Gilbert started hanging around.

    For Christ sake, look at that jump. Did he suddenly pull his head out of his arse and learn to coach or did Papa Sam hook him up?

    Here’s an article from yahoo sports, the same people that made the Reggie Bush investigation that everyone believes in so much in (even me):

    So as far as deflecting, hell no. it’s pretty hard to refute the evidence yahoo sports presented on Reggie Bush. So like I SAID ALREADY, take Reggie’s junior year. But ONLY if you’re going to be fair and take away everything John Wooden “accomplished” after AT LEAST 1966 when Kareem said his benefits started rolling in (you can look for it in Abdul-Jabbar’s book, I’m not doing all your homework for you).

    It’s like Brian Dohn used to say – No program’s closet is clean.

    So I don’t stick my head in the sand, USC has some dirty laundry. I’m not deflecting jack.

    How about you? are you actually going to be the one to deflect? Are you seriously going to claim John Wooden and UCLA are 100% clean?

  • BigDbruin


    Are you guys talking about…stuff that happen in the damn past..who cares….this is supposed to be about 2010 UCLA BBall…you idiots are talking about Kareem, and the colisiuem?????

    How should be the question!

    How is a top 5 program not able to recruit a freakin PG?

    How can this team be the most un-athletic bunch of kids assembled in the country?

    How did we not win a championship with Collison, Love,Westbrook and Mbah a Moute on the same team considering what all have done in the NBA?

    How hard is it to recruit players to Southern California?

    How did BH let Stanback and Gordon go? We could use them both now smart guy!!!!

    Can we focus!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I think Thurston has wet himself.

  • Encinitas Bruin

    All this talk of the past…

    Hey, my friend Joey stole some E-tickets from my friend Sam’s back pocket when we were at Disneyland in 1974. Perhaps I should facebook both these guys and hash it out.

    To quote Eric the clown from “The Fire” episode of Seinfeld: “You’re hung up on some clown from the 60’s man! (read: Sam Gilbert)

  • OJ Simpson is a disgrace

    And now Encinitas Bruin is deflecting.

    Well, if we’re going to stop acknowledging “accomplishments” of the past, time to take down anything honoring John Wooden’s dirty championships. Right?

    If you’re not going to recognize how Sam Gilbert built that program then just don’t reply to the posts pointing it out. Save yourself the embarrassment.

    Go hide under the bed with Thurston and UCLA78 and pretend Pappa Sam didn’t exist. That Kareem and Walton didn’t talk about it, that yahoo sports and the Los Angeles Times didn’t write any articles.

    I’ve already said it twice in this thread, I can acknowledge USC’s dirty laundry. You’ve every right to say they should vacate USC’s wins from that year Reggie’s step-dad took the house but ONLY if you step out of your glass house and say John Wooden’s should be as well.

    So either man up or go to another thread and pretend you didn’t read this.

  • Rick’s Bookie

    spedjones is a coward and a jackass.

  • Anonymous

    “Encenitas Bruin”…”go to another thread and pretend you didn’t read this.”